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Melrose Place 2.0

Guest Nathan.

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Jonah was seriously doing my head in the way he was effectively pining after Riley. Drew picked up on it immediately and I'm sure Ella did too but she didn't want to come across as being bothered about it because she's seriously falling for Jonah big time so it exposes a certain vulnerability in her character. Riley seemed to be the only one in denial about it.

I quite liked Ella charming the IT guy to gain access to his token fob. I also really liked her and David teaming up to break into Amanda's office so hopefully they've got enough info to find something to blackmail Amanda with or at least broker a deal to stop Amanda from trying to set Ella up for fraud.

Still can't warm to Lauren but at least I don't actively dislike her now like I did before. Surprisingly I'm glad she and David kind of made up and even though I don't agree with the way David obtained the money to buy his restaurant I'm glad he got a good review by the food critic.

As I just mentioned on the Flash Forward thread it looks like the final episode next week.

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I'm slowly getting through the episodes and I wasn't going to comment in here until the end but...

I just watched ep 10 and squeee-ed my heart out. The magazine with the picture of Riley in it was Diva mag (unless I read it wrong!), which over here in the UK is a lesbian/bi magazine. I wonder if it is a different magazine over in there states.

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Was that the series finale? For the most part it didn't seem like a season finale and it felt like they could have gone on for another couple of episodes - Although I have to say I absolutely loved the last scene.

I knew David stealing that ring would catch up with him eventually. I'm glad he and Lauren are back together but when Morgan saw them I kept thinking to myself - "You're so dead David". And now he's in it up to his neck. He's effectively forced to continue his criminal activities, probably until he lands in jail, gets his head kicked in again or something bad happens to Lauren.

At first I was glad Jonah and Ella got together a few episodes ago but through the course of their short lived relationship realised that he still wasn't over Riley and was quite displeased when he kissed his ex. So if you ask me I'm glad that he and Ella are over now (and even more so that Riley at least had the sense to reject him). I felt sorry for Ella as it was obvious now she was always playing second fiddle and really liked him - A lot more than he liked her. And he was one of the few people who exposed her vulnerable side but let's face it she deserves way better.

I'm glad she bounced back and outsmarted that b*tch Amanda and was victorious. :D Am I missing something? What was the actual significance of Amanda hallucinating and seeing Sydney? When Amanda double-crossed Ella (again) I wondered could Ella really be that stupid not to read the small print on the contract but I'm glad I was wrong. It's funny because the last scene when the Federal Agents came in and carted Amanda off kind of felt like Ella dethroned her. After being burnt by Jonah I actually think if there had been a second season Ella would have become worse and worse and been far more ruthless as a person, especially now she's in a position of power (and I would have liked to have seen Amanda in a jump suit). To reiterate what I mentioned above, I absolutely loved the smug expression on Ella's face at defeating her arch nemesis and thought it was a great way to end the episode (and the season for that matter).

I am disappointed that the show's been cancelled but not really surprised in all honesty. The main issue for me is that some of the characters were simply far too weak. Although clichéd, I thought Ella and David were two of the better ones. Both of them had decent storylines and made the others better in their scenes. I also really loved the interaction with both of them together. Lauren was a character I could never really warm too but still thought she was ok in terms of writing. Jonah was totally mediocre but I did really like him in scenes with Ella. Violet was another person I really liked but after the Sydney stuff was over with she had no real purpose. It's funny because although she appeared in flash backs, the writers got rid of the best character for me right at the start. I loved virtually all the Sydney scenes and thought it would have been far better if they'd kept her around as the resident landlord impacting on everybody's life's and making some of them hell. There could have been potential for some really good episodes. We could have actually seen properly the circumstances of her seducing David, Auggie and how her relationship with Ella deteriorated. Also there could have been some really good stuff with Violet. I also would have liked to have seen more of Vanessa. The rest of the other characters just weren't good enough. I felt far too indifferent and really couldn't get worked up about them either way. Although she was really attractive I thought Riley was particularly bad. Don't get me wrong a nice person, just not a very interesting one.

So that's three of my favourite shows - 90210, Flash Forward and Melrose Place - all finished within a week of each other. Well at least there's the world cup starting next week which should keep me going for a month.

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On my freeview box it said there were 20 episodes but that suddenly changed to 18 last week. Did they cut 2 episodes or have they just not shown them?

Nope, there was only 18 episodes in the season!

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Wah! Melrose Place is over :( Yes, some of the characters were weak, but you can't have a series with all strong characters, it wouldn't work, like life.

I think my favourite male was Drew [crusading and hot tempered]; female Lauren [dear Charlotte/ Stephanie] or Ella [not as shallow as I thought]. Least favourite male was Jonah [such a little boy]; female Riley [nice girl, but why didn't we see her in her teaching role? Not very authentic].

Well at least there's the world cup starting next week which should keep me going for a month.

My thoughts exactly!

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