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An Irish Summer

Guest Symphony

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Story Title: An Irish Summer

Main Characters: Aden, Belle, Geoff, Nicole

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance & Comedy

Does story include spoilers: Nope.

Any warnings: Nope

Summary: Sequel to An Australian Summer. Belle & Aden set off on their long trip to Ireland; a present that Aden bought Belle.

Chapter 1

Freaksake Belle, what the heck have you got in here? The couch from the living room? Aden moaned consistantly as he attempted to drag Belle's luggage behind him, which seemed to weigh the earth.

Furrowing her brow at him, Belle sighed, reaching down dramatically for the case herself. Let me take it Aden, if you're going to create such a fuss.

But he changed tactics immediately. No no, I'll manage it. Just don't blame me if I break my wrist trying to carry it, he muttered under his breath.

To be fair, he was also wheeling his own large case in his other hand, but nevertheless, she threw her hands in the air in exasperation.

Aden you insisted on wheeling it, so don't take it out on me. Go on, give it to me, if it's really so much hassle for you!

He shied away from her, muttering sulkily, oh this holiday is going to be great fun if you're in a mood all the time.

Belle glared at him, and turned to the desk looking flustered as she tried to summon up good manners. There was no need to take her temper with her boyfriend out on the desk clerk.

Hi, we'd like to check in please.

Aw, and shur, didn't I be thinking twas yourself coming up to ask me for my number, came the joking reply and she stared, having not noticed the guy behind the desk proplerly.

He was, she saw immediately, the complete opposite of Aden. Blonde hair that fell in a smooth sleek fringe over his eyes, well definied cheek bones and dimples carved deep into either cheek. But perhaps it was the thick Irish accent, which made him hard to unbelievably hard to understand that set the final level of difference between them.

I, ah - she stuttered, suddenly realising that he was grinning at her, waiting for an answer.

Ah shur, don't be frettin yourself to an early grave, I was only jokin' withcha. Shur, I suppose that's yer fella and all glowerin at me there. Shur, don't be like that, he transferred his cheeky grin to Aden. I'm only havin' the craic with ya. Shur yez can check in here alright. That's usually why people queue up to talk to me alright.

Belle's eyes boggled at this lengthy flow of response. He noticed her expression and looked rueful, patting the top of the counter.

Crikey, stone the crows, I can see you're not impressed mate so let's leave the Irishness by the wayside, eh? he switched to a flawless Australian accent and they both gaped at him soundlessly.

He shrugged, and as he did so, Belle noticed that his name-tag said John O'Keefe. They like us to lay on the Irish accent, he explained, swapping back to his own though this time it wasn't as thick as it had bene the first time that he spoke to them. Anyway. Pop your case up there luv' on the scales, and givvus a gander at yer tickets.

Belle blinked, still taken aback at the quick turn of events but she lifted her case up obediently, struggling slightly at the weight of it.

John glanced at the scales and widened his eyes dramatically. Begod and begorra, are yez moving a whole fam'ly to the emerald isle atall, atall! Shur, you've enough bagged up there to feed Mongolia for a month!

Unable to help herself, Belle giggled. His way of speaking was entirely foreign to her ears, and highly humorous.

Sorry, she apologised, rolling her eyes. He, she jerked her head at Aden, said the same thing this morning. Though not in quite so many words, she added with a laugh, finding him utterly delightful.

Ah shur, those Aussie lads, they haven't got the gift of the gab. So yez are flyin' to Cark I see, shur you'll hafta go pay a visit to th'aul Blarney Stone.

Yeah, she brightened, half turning to try and include Aden in the conversation. We read about that place, it's definitely on our list of places to go in Cork.

He nodded, taking down their passports and stamping red ink onto both, checking them off against the computer as he did so.

Ah shur, twouldn't be a trip to Cark without t'aul Blarney Stone. And shur, yez hafta go down to Cobh too. T'was where the Titanic last saw, dontcha know. 'Tis loads ta do in Cark, shur I'm from there meself.

You are? Belle was fascinated.

Yeah, look that's all fine and dandy, Aden broke in, having had enough at last. Whenever you're ready - we do want to catch our flight, mate. He picked up his suitcase and put it on the scales, forgetting the intended temptation to smirk at Belle because his was far below the allocated maximum weight.

John shot Belle a sly wink. Ah shur, aren't you in a fine hurry like a gaggle of geese. Whist, hold yer horses, the plane ain't goin' anywhere yet. But he finished up with their tickets and printed out their bording passes, circling the important information before handing it back to them.

There yez go, all done, he grinned at them both, tagging Belle's suitcase, and then Aden's. Be seeing yez later, he bid them farewell.

I hope not! Aden grumbled as they left, and Belle turned a shining face on him.

Oh cut it out Mr. Grumpy-boots, she teased him good naturedly, catching his hand and threading her own fingers through his. I can't believe we're finally going!

I can't believe the way he talked. They'd better not all be sounding like that, he threatened, but couldn't hold back a smile at Belle's obvious excitement.

Oh shush you, she nudged him playfully, stepping onto the escalator. You bought the tickets, and chose the country, remember, Belle reminded him.

Getting on behind her, Aden looked at his girlfriend in silence for a moment, taking in every precious detail of her face as she twisted to face him, and he impulsively locked his arms around her waist. I know, and you're right babe, this is going to be the holiday of a lifetime, he grinned at her, bringing her down to him for a kiss.

YOOHOO, ADEN, BELLE, OVER HERE! Excited screams broke through their intimate moment and the pair broke apart rapidly, recognising the voice immediately.

Staring into each other's eyes, their confusion was mirrored and returned.

What the.... Aden started, and his voice failed him as they came to the top of the escalator and his searching eyes found the origins of the voice.

... to be continued!

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I couldn't help but read that with an Irish accent! :lol:

They're on there way to Cork! awwwww..... however, i have a feeling a certain Princess will be trailing behind em every step of the way?! haha

Brillaint, loved how this has been started! Looking forward to reading more

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Ahhh i love the Irish accent it's my fave accent throughout the world! lol

and i love how you put it into the dialogue...ive just tried reading it aloud in the worst Irish accent mankind has ever heard! ha! but it was fun!...

i'm liking where you're going with this... update soon pleaseeee =]

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Aww, to be shur...I'm glad you've started this, m'dear, and me accent is getting more Long John Silver than Irish the longer I speak.Nice bit of comedy and I really want to know who that was at the end. Looks like they're gonna be having company...

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LOL thanks for all the comments; RR1, Tessalove, HAA Girl, jdoddy, Mizzybee & laurzy. Glad you're all enjoying the first chapter of this; John will be returning quite a bit, as a new character, so ya'll can enjoy messing around with 'irishy accents' a bit more ;-)

On a side note, Mizzybee, I think you should record yourself reading it aloud and post that up :D :D


Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw, and his grip tightened compulsively around Belle's weight as he stared in horror at what stood before them.

This is not happening, he muttered darkly under his breath, and Belle, as captivated as Aden was, couldn't help herself as she burst out laughing. His eyes narrowed, glaring as they manouvered their way through the other travellers.

THERE YOU ARE, an irritatingly female voice continued, and he narrowed his eyes. She was waving something in the air at him. We decided to come with you guys, how awesome is that. C'mon, we've been checked in for ages and I'm dying to get into duty free to go shopping, Nicole beamed at them.

What the, why are ... did you know about this! Aden turned on Belle who looked equally as surprised as him.

No, I didn't know a thing, Geoff you sneaky brat, she smiled at the boy that was the closest she'd ever known to a brother. How did you manage to keep this from me?

He shifted uncomfortably, with an apologetic expression marring his features for a second. I'm sorry, he apologised, sneaking a glance at Nicole who was positively hopping from one foot to the other. When Nic heard about your trip, she got quite taken with the idea...

So you decided to gatecrash our holiday? Aden broke in, and he was fuming, red anger staining his cheeks an angry hue. Crying out loud Nicole, who the h*ll do you think you are!

Oh calm yourself, Nicole couldn't keep the smile off her face. It's not as if it's a honeymoon you're going on Aden. And hey, what better way to travel than with friends.

Aden did not look even remotely impressed by this, in fact, his anger only intensified. Well you can go your own way, he snapped at her, moving away from them. C'mon Belle, let's go!

Torn between a choice of laughing or crying, Belle was swayed, but shot Nicole and Geoff a look before she followed her boyfriend. This was a surprise...

Are you mad, Belle? Geoff asked anxiously, and she smiled at him, noticing how his eyes were crinkled in worry.

Thinking it over, she shrugged, taking a step away and turning to look at them over her shoulder. Well it's a bit of a surprise, she admitted with a rueful expression, but hey, the more the merrier. She chuckled lightly, waving as she prepared to leave.

Funny you should say that! Geoff laughed nervously, and she stopped in her tracks.

Geoff! Nicole sounded scandalised at her boyfriends slip-up. Shut it, you idiot!

What? Why? Belle was immediately suspicious, watching them warily, and Geoff grimaced. I have to tell her Nic, he sounded helpless, and his blonde girlfriend crossed her arms over her chest sulkily.

Tell me what?? Belle eyed them both with suspicion, and Geoff stepped towards her, leaning down to whisper something in her ear.

As he spoke, her eyes grew wider and wider, but when he was finished, and stepped back again, looking even more nervous now, Belle threw back her head and let out a peal of laughter that sounded, to his ears, like bells ringing.

Are you serious? she managed between guffaws, and his expression cleared from worried to wary.

You're not mad? he felt the need to verify.

Mad? she shook her head, wiping at her eyes as tears began to fall from them. Oh Geoff, that's madness in itself. Just wait 'til Aden knows... I've gotta go, I'll catch you guys later!

Still laughing, she whirled and ran to catch up with Aden who was standing by the metal detector looking highly unamused.

You're happy to see we've got company, he sulked at her and Belle thwacked him lightly on the arm.

Oh chill out, they'll be good fun, she chided, taking off her shoulder bag and jacket, and placing them in the plastic tray.

Are they copying our entire itinerary? Aden grumbled, following suit.

Belle stepped through the scanner, receiving a nod of approval from the waiting security guard, and went to retrieve her belongings. I don't know, she answered over her shoulder, Didn't get a chance to as-

The end of her reply was cut off when an alarmingly loud bell suddenly began to shriek, and the lights on top of the metal detector flashed red rapidly.

Sir, if you could just step over here, the security guard took hold of Aden's arm and indicated him to the side.

Aden! Belle was caught up in a flurry of giggles as her boyfriend froze, looking horrified that the metal detector was acting against him. She was soon joined by Nicole and Geoff, both of whom had come through without any hassle, and Nicole laughed as well, shrugging on her coat again.

Typical Jeffries, she rubbed Geoff's arm lightly and he slipped it around her waist. You'd never cause any trouble like that, her voice cooed and she leaned up to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Belle drew her eyes away, smiling to herself as she watched Aden being ordered to lift his arms and spread his legs. He'd hate the attention, she knew that.

NO. Aden stared sullenly at the security guard, who looked askance.

Excuse me sir?

I said no. I won't, he emphasized, and Belle, catching the tail end of this, rushed over.

Aden, what's going on? she asked worriedly.

Excuse me ma'am, I'm going to need you to step away please. This is a security matter.

Aden? she ignored the request, staring at him with her jaw dropped. What are you doing, are you-

He wants to search me! Aden hissed back at her, staring at her with agonised eyes.

Confusion tumbled through her thoughts for a moment, and then suddenly it all made sense, and understanding softened her eyes.

Oh Aden, she breathed, laying a hand gently on his arm. It's just security, it'll be fine, Belle reassured him confidently. You've probably just got some loose change in your pocket or -

Ma'am! The security guard swiped her hand from Aden's arm, and another came to his side, intimidating and arrogant. You need to step away from the suspect.

Suspect! Belle cried out in response, becoming infuriated. What do you mean suspect! He hasn't done anything wrong.

He's refusing to co-operate with a standardised search, the second security guy informed her matter-of-factly. We can only assume that he has something to hide.

No, you don't understand, Belle answered agitatedly, and then Geoff was at her side, looking worried.

Belle what's going on? Nicole asked from behind Geoff, and Aden stiffened at the melee that was beginning to break out around them.

He's refusing to co-

She won't leave the suspec-

They're saying that Aden's done somet-

You have no reason to-

They all began talking at once, babbling against each other, and it seemed like there was no end to it until finally a newly familiar voice spoke over them all and asked, what seems to be the problem here?

Belle gasped, turning to see John O'Keefe from the check-in desk looming over them all. He's alarmingly tall, she noticed at once, seeing that he towered over even Aden, who was 6ft.

John, she gasped, glad to see a familiar face. They're calling Aden a suspect, and he hasn't even done anything!

The two security guards paused, and looked at John, then at Belle, then back again.

Do you know her, John? one asked in slow measures.

John cast his eye over the upset Belle, and sullen Aden. He didn't know them from Adam, but there was something about her that intrigued him, leading him to find it hard that she would be embezzled with a law-breaker.

Did you empty your pockets, mate? he asked at last, ignoring the question proffered to him and turning his attention on Aden.

Aden looked confused at first, then affronted when he realised exactly who it was that was talking to him, but he saw it for the chance to escape that it was and offered John the ghost of a smile. Yeah, I did. It's all in the tray over there, he nodded at the scanner platform.

How about a belt? Metal in your shoes? Any piercings not visible? John continued firing questions at Aden.

Light dawned in his eyes, and his hands scrabbled at his waist, plucking uncomfortably at the jeans that Belle had insisted he wear. He felt far more comfortable, and at home in his usual boardies but apparently it was cold in Ireland, even during the summer.

Yeah, I've - ah, a belt here, he continued at his waist but all of a sudden one of the security guards let out a bellow and they both leapt forwards, seizing his hands and holding them high up in the air.

He's going for a gun! one cried out pathetically, wrenching his wrist up above his head, and Belle cried out, jumping forwards.

Leave him alone you jerks! she reached out to his waist before either of them could stop her and tugged up his t-shirt. See, there's no gun!

There, revealed to their eyes, lay a sturdy black belt with a large metal shield at the loop. To others' eyes, it was just a regular surfboard, but on the rear, where the belt tucked snugly against the jeans crotch, Belle knew there was an inscription which read,

don't let your jeans fall down in Ireland, you'll freeze your ass off.

She herself had had it done for him.

Oh! one of the guards boggled his eyes and looked unsure, catching the eye of the other one for advice as to what to do. He looked equally as inept and John sighed, stepping forwards and tapping one of them on the shoulder.

Right, well how about you release him, and we take him back through the scanner, this time with the belt in the tray, he suggested though it was more and order than a thought.

They both nodded immediately, releasing Aden's wrists and grabbing him by the shoulder instead. When both marched back to the scanner, he had no choice but to go with them though his face was set like thunder. Belle watched them, worry etched all over her face.

Back through the dectector, they did as John had advised and this time there was no hassle. Aden walked through without any bells ringing or lights flashing, and his belt came out safely the other side.

Ah, well, good to have that solved, one guard spoke up anxiously, and the other immediately leapt in in agreement. Indeed, indeed, yes, he answered rubbing his hands together. Maybe next time you'll co-operate a little more, eh, and Aden shot him a hostile look but didn't say anything.

Instead, he turned to replace his belt, and, watching intently, Belle thought she saw his hands shake a little but she made no move towards him, knowing he would want the least amount of attention now. EVen a little gaggle of travelers had gathered around them, watching the show eagerly. They now dispersed, disappointed not to see an arrest, or even the insinuated gun.

Thanks, John, she turned to their saviour with a thankful grin. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't stepped in.

No problem, he shrugged good-naturedly. They can be a little heavy handed sometimes, but it's only their job. You might want to tell him to do as they say next time though, it can side-step all this hassle.

Yeah.. Belle stared past his shoulder to where Aden stood, propping his knapsack up on one shoulder. It's complicated.

I know. John was understanding, and Belle didn't think to question him. Anyway I'd better get going, he indicated the waiting area, to get set up for my next flight. See ya later.

Thanks again, she called after him as he loped away, a giant amongst minions.

Now he's all man! Nicole stared after him admirinigly and Geoff looked affronted.

Gee thanks Nic, and what am I - a scrawny twig? he shot back sarcastically.

She smiled, cat-like, and rubbed him on the shoulder. Well, you do like twigs, she pointed out laughingly, teasing him about the gift he had given her from the farm before and Geoff frowned disapprovingly.

You're never going to let me forget that are you! he accused her, irritation beginning to set into his face, and Belle jabbed them both with a fore finger.

Cut it out you too, she warned. This is supposed to be a holiday remember, and if you two are going to bicker all day long, you can go it your own. They relented, chastised, and then Nicole grabbed Geoff's hand, towing him after her.

Don't worry, I'm with you aren't I, Belle heard her voice trailing off. But there's no harm in looking at the menu ... I just won't order...

Smiling lightly, Belle shook her head. Nicole was really one of a kind, but somehow, she and Geoff gelled, even though nobody else could quite understand how their relationship worked. It takes all kinds.

Hey, you ready? she slipped to Aden's side, creeping her hand into his and pulled him close for a side hug.

Yeah, he sounded annoyed and didn't look at her. She knew what was going through his mind though, and stepped in front of him, stopping him from stalking away.

Hey, hey, look at me. Cupping her hands on either side of his face, she moved his head until he had no choice but to look straight into her liquid brown eyes.

It's ok, Belle said softly, as sincerely as she could. I know what happened back there, but it's ok, she stressed the last word. they were just doing their job.

Aden shifted uncomfortably, stealing a glance over his shoulder at the guard who was now searching another beeper. I know, I know, he sighed heavily, propping his hands on her waist. It's just ... he hesitated, searching for the right word, and Belle placed a finger on his lips.

Forget it, she ordered, stepping back and taking both his hands to pull him with her. It doesn't matter. C'mon, you're right, let's get outta here.

Walking backwards, Aden came with her, though the ordeal still weighed heavily on his mind.

Over on the other side of the duty free, they heard Nicole squeal, ooh look Geoff, Britney Spears perfume! I just love that, and it's down 50% off. Oh I simply must get it!

Belle looked up at Aden, brows raised, and despite his bad mood, he grinned and hugged her to him. I guess I got off light, having you as a girlfriend, he teased, and she prodded him in the side, rolling her eyes.

Oh no Aden, didn't I tell you, Belle answered sweetly, my favourite foundation brand has a sale - 35% off. So it's only $149 for their smallest tube, you simply must buy it for me! she mocked Nicole gently, laughingly, and he grumbled at her, dragging her away from the make-up.

We are not going shopping before we set foot in Ireland, or else, he threatened, and she went willingly, steering him away from Nicole and Geoff.

C'mon, let's go look at the board, see if our gate number is up.

Sauntering towards it, hand in hand, Belle's eyes scanned the departures time, seeking out their own flight when suddenly Aden groaned, and stopped in his tracks. No way, he glared angrily at the board and Belle jumped, trying desperately to see what he had seen.

What is it? Is our flight delayed? I can't see it, she said in dismay, and he shook his head angrily, a hard look in his eyes.

No, it's worse than that, far worse, and as he spoke, Belle's heart sank. There could only be one thing worse than a delayed flight.

... to be continued.

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