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  1. This is brilliant - I am so confused but cannot wait for another update. I really really want to know it all and right now. Its very intriguing and a brilliant read.
  2. Seriously you think its Ok to stop there please I need more like now Excellent I loved it
  3. I have read this from the very beginning. It is brilliant and very different from the other fics about Aden and Belle. So sorry to hear about your friend-hope you are OK. Love this fic. Don't know if I still dislike Imogen and Sean now but can't bear the thought of Belle giving the twins away. Looking forward to your next update
  4. This an utterly brilliant fic that I have only just found and read from beginning to end. I have cried and chuckled my way through this. Update soon, i cant wait. Absolutely fabulous
  5. OMG Amazing update I totally loved it and almost cried in a public place too BRILLIANT
  6. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O Please pleaseplease let him be alive pretty please Apart from the ending I loved it
  7. This is brilliant, I am hooked update soon I want to know why
  8. oh my Im crying at the letter to Santa. Beau is just the best ever so cute, really hope he is in remission *fingers crossed* loved it cant wait for more
  9. Brilliant update I loved every single letter of it. Fab and I loved the tiger in the jungle reference brilliant
  10. Awww NOOOOOO poor wee Beau. That ending was heart breaking and Morag better get it all sorted out pronto I want the fluff of Belle and Aden in together
  11. I am loving this fic-just what I need to read rather than all the angst and stuff on TV. Looking forward to more
  12. LOVED IT... just one thing though You can't possibly leave it there I want to know what Geoff is going to do....
  13. BRilliant update I loved it all and racy fluff - very much appreciated It was definately worth the wait
  14. Awwww Louise - another fabulous fic. Absolutely loved it-brilliant
  15. This is really good-Im hooked, cant wait for more
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