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  1. This is brilliant - I am so confused but cannot wait for another update. I really really want to know it all and right now. Its very intriguing and a brilliant read.
  2. Seriously you think its Ok to stop there please I need more like now Excellent I loved it
  3. I have read this from the very beginning. It is brilliant and very different from the other fics about Aden and Belle. So sorry to hear about your friend-hope you are OK. Love this fic. Don't know if I still dislike Imogen and Sean now but can't bear the thought of Belle giving the twins away. Looking forward to your next update
  4. This an utterly brilliant fic that I have only just found and read from beginning to end. I have cried and chuckled my way through this. Update soon, i cant wait. Absolutely fabulous
  5. OMG Amazing update I totally loved it and almost cried in a public place too BRILLIANT
  6. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O Please pleaseplease let him be alive pretty please Apart from the ending I loved it
  7. This is brilliant, I am hooked update soon I want to know why
  8. oh my Im crying at the letter to Santa. Beau is just the best ever so cute, really hope he is in remission *fingers crossed* loved it cant wait for more
  9. Brilliant update I loved every single letter of it. Fab and I loved the tiger in the jungle reference brilliant
  10. Awww NOOOOOO poor wee Beau. That ending was heart breaking and Morag better get it all sorted out pronto I want the fluff of Belle and Aden in together
  11. I am loving this fic-just what I need to read rather than all the angst and stuff on TV. Looking forward to more
  12. LOVED IT... just one thing though You can't possibly leave it there I want to know what Geoff is going to do....
  13. BRilliant update I loved it all and racy fluff - very much appreciated It was definately worth the wait
  14. Awwww Louise - another fabulous fic. Absolutely loved it-brilliant
  15. This is really good-Im hooked, cant wait for more
  16. Wow what an amazing chapter. The last scene with Aden and Nicole in Belles bedroom was amazing. You are so talented I love this fic too. Looking forward to more
  17. Glad you are back. Loved the update and sooo cute, the final phrase leaves a lovely image. Can't wait for the next update
  18. I really liked this and sad its finished so soon. Thank you
  19. Aden is free which is good-I thought you were sending him back to jail. Looking forward to seeing what happens next
  20. PLease don't let them lose both Beau and the baby that is just too cruel for words Loved the drama any fluff anytime soon????
  21. I may not comment on every chapter but I can assure you that I AM reading every chapter I know this is soapland but I think I would have liked it to have been just a little more difficult for him to get out but its just my opinion and Im liking this, so, more please..
  22. I want to read all the chapters, love this and looking forward to more
  23. i like this fic but it was a bit too easy for Aden to get out of prison however I really hope that Belle is found and Dom is dealt with properly. Looking forward to seeing where you take this
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