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Trey Palmer - Luke Bracey

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I actually HATE this character now after watching ep 4900. He totally freaks me out and i just really dont like him at all!

Its pretty obvious that im a Nicole fan but i love her even more after this. She was only trying to be nice and be a friend and he's flipped out cos she rejected him! hmmmf! im a bit angry but next weeks episodes look sooooooooo good! lol =]

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^ I have always really liked Trey. I find him really layered and complex and my heart aches for him and all his struggles in life. Today was so painful seeing how hurt and damaged he is. It's such a tragic storyline, the whole Trey arc.

I see where you're coming from, and theres no doubt he is an interesting character...and the storyline is awesome but tonight he just infuriated me and i needed to have a bit of a rant about him lol im sure there are kids around the world just like him who have problems because of bullying and wotnot....so i can sympathise in that way....but he just gets to me how evil he is, and im a massive nicole fan so he's not exactly making me love him at the moment lol =]

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He's a good actor and as long as his dad John Palmer is in the bay there's always a place for him


that is if he's leaving of course.

No, Trey is an interesting character. It wouldn't be the case if he'd turned good like many others.

I felt sorry for him on trek, Nicole'd better left him home, he's psychotic just staring at who knows what and everybody kept on bulling him, i'm not happy with Jai when it comes to Trey but if it was the otherway around i would hate it even more.

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With Trey, it has gone beyond him being good guy-bad guy, he has become crazy guy, and no longer a victim, but an abuser of others himself instead.

I can't see him being a character that can say, ooops sorry, and just stay in the show, and become some reformed bad guy, a line has been crossed, and a price will have to be paid.

I can't see how Trey, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer will continue on in the show longterm, I would think the three will leave the show.

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