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Trey Palmer - Luke Bracey

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Trey has stepped over the line from abusee to abuser, he did so almost straightaway, but then so did Kane and Aden and arguably Ric and they were accepted eventually.I doubt it’ll happen here though.He does come across as someone who’s “damaged” rather than bad because he enjoys being that way.As a guest, he'll probably just get packed off to the psychiatric ward and instead of being let out in three weeks like he would if he was someone important he'll never be seen again.He does remind me a lot of Woody(although not as much as Simon Jefferies did...)and it's a bit annoying that they've turned Jai into Nick Smith(or worse, Henry Hunter)to make it work.

Don't really want him to stick around anyway.Nice Trey isn't very interesting and Nasty Trey just isn't sustainable.

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^ I have always really liked Trey. I find him really layered and complex and my heart aches for him and all his struggles in life. Today was so painful seeing how hurt and damaged he is. It's such a tragic storyline, the whole Trey arc.

Hilary, you're a woman after my own heart, I couldn't agree with you more.

In episode 4901, the look on his face when he was yelling at them was absolutely heart breaking - it really and truly was. Actually did bring tears to my eyes, which has been known to happen in H&A now and then but fairly rare but my goodness.

The writers definitely deserve a round of applause for the scenes leading up to it - Trey trying it on with Nic, scratching her off the list etc. Absolutely soul destroying, and Luke did a brilliant job!

Totally memorable scenes.

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I have enjoyed Lukes performance from day 1, i don't understand why people decide whether the actor is good or bad based on their character.

I think he's great and i hope to see more of him

I've never understood that myself either - and tend to bring it up as a question in Character Discussion posts because it just doesn't seem to make sense to me! :o

Back to Luke, the episode in the hospital, with his mother - I didn't feel like I was getting the right emotions brought across. I mean, here's a son, down on his knees [literally] begging his mother not to turn him into the cops, and while she really showed the sense of feeling 'lost' and not knowing her own son, for Trey - it just didn't seem to carry across his utter desperation at possibly getting caught, his need for her to understand.

I mean, obviously the boy has temporarily gone insane [as they all seem to do time to time at the bay] but ... this scene did disappoint me.

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^ Possibly down to just a teensy little bit of lack of experience on Luke's part. I get what you mean Moya, but I can overlook it because it's Trey :P

I really like his mother's vacant stare around the hospital reception area. To me it highlighted how calm and peaceful it all was and she imagining the carnage on the bus and how frantic the hospital workers would be once bodies started to arrive. She really seemed to be battling with whether or not she should tell people what Trey had done. It was nicely played.

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Trey :wub:

Luke preformance the last episodes has been amazing. think about it, he manage to potray a insane character and still make me feel sorry for him, its not many actors that can do that. escpescially not that young ones.

i have always thought Trey was a intresting character, and i really hope we will see more of him in the future. even if i have a feeling that after the police find him, we wont :(

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I really like Trey's character, he's the best teenage 'villain' we've seen in a while, in my opinion. I'm pleased to see they haven't gone down the 'bad boy turns good' route we've seen so often. I'm a few weeks behind in the UK, so looking forward to seeing him turn into a maniac. :D

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