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2000 was great year with cast and storylines.

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I think one of best years of home and away was 2000 hes way.

Good points

2000. Had Eight most longest serving characters with Irene Ailsa Colleen Leah Sally Sam Alf Donald.

Leah Arrive

Colleen is finaly back as Regular what should happed years ago.

Had Sally weeding with lots of past characters back.

Had Pippa say goodbye to Summer Bay house.

Sam left after nine years.

Ailsa finds her daughter and more about her history

Mud slide

New Dinner

Great addions

Bad points

Ailsa Death

Pippa not coming back for good

Chelia not saying

Ken Death

Sally being dump at altar

Judith leaving

So what do you think of year 2000 and what do you like about it and dont like about it.

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2000. Had Eight most longest serving characters with Irene Ailsa Colleen Leah Sally Sam Alf Donald.

I can understand why you've counted Colleen (although longest serving is a bit of a push), but Leah? She'd only just arrived - surely if you're going to rate the 2000 season, you should rate it as you would have if the subsequent 8/9 years hadn't happened - so you wouldn't know Leah was going to become a long-serving character.

I think I missed the bit when Sally got a load of past characters back to help with her gardening, but that might have been good.

I'd also count Sam leaving & the New Diner as low points, whilst Sam had begun to annoy the hell out of me, that was mainly the exit storyline and his relationship with Hayley - I'd have liked him to stay. As for the New Diner, destroying 12 years of history, as with the Stewart house was pointless - I could see why they did it - as part of Ailsa's exit storyline and leaving Alf having lost everything - his home, his business and his wife, but the absolute disregard to two important parts of the show was ridiculous. Had they replaced them with something decent, I could understand but the awful Beachside Diner and apartment... The best parts about the Bayside Diner's destruction were the references to Bobby and Ailsa's reaction.

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This was an amazing year!

It's one of my favorites, after 2005.

It was really sad when Ailsa died and I felt so sorry for poor Alf.

And yea Colleen should have been a regular from the beginning, H&A is not the same without her. She's one of the best.

I really wished they could show some old H&A again.

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Oh my God! The storylines of 2000 were absolutely legend. I miss everything about it - the style of the credits, the Robertson Brothers, the long theme tune, the characters, everything!!!

It really sucked that Sam's age group just started falling apart that year when he left and then Peta and Edward left. From there, that age group took until the end of 2005 to completely go down the toilet with its originals, just leaving newcomer Jack to welcome Charlie and Angelo into that age group. Now it's just Charlie, Angelo and Hugo standing for that group. I miss Sam, Mitch, Peta, Edward, Will, Gypsy, Dani, Brodie and Noah loads!!!

I also miss Jude, Charlotte, Jade, Nick, Duncan, Seb, Ailsa, Shauna, Pippa, Sally, etc, loads.

All the living characters who I've just mentioned should return at some point as either guests or regulars.

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