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  1. I've been gone for a while and haven't watched Home and Away since 2011. Where could I find the yearly departures from 2011-13 and reasons for them? Looks like the site has changed a bit as well. Cheers!
  2. I'd really appreciate a John Palmer avatar.. something fun. Cheers! : )
  3. I googled her. Some nice screencaps, lol. I'm liking her character so far. PS! How old is the actress? No info on IMDb.
  4. Romeo reminds me of Noah.
  5. I haven't seen Control yet..But I really want to see it; my brothers have seen it and they think it's an awesome movie. Such a waste of a life =[ Didn't he die at 23 or something?

  6. Yeah. It was a decent movie in my opinion. If you want to see a good biographical movie.. go see Control! : )

  7. That's really cool, its really hard to find any Cash fans around my age lol! Did you watch 'walk the line' I thought it was a great movie and Pheonix sang great ;) I love Alf! I think he's adorable. He's better than annoying at times Morag and nosy & always annoyinng Colleen haha.

  8. Hey. Yea, I like his songs. PS! It's Alf dressed as Johnny Cash from last years halloween party.

  9. I love the Johnny Cash song that you put on your profile ;) Are you a big Johnny fan? He's the best. =]

  10. When he first arrived in the Bay, he reminded me of Vinnie. After his breakdown and shooting Jack, he started reminding me of Jesse. And those two were best mates. Just wanted to say that.
  11. Level


    It was too disturbing for me. Too "Popular" (also created by Ryan Murphy). I hated that show.. but I love Nip Tuck.
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