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Photos Of You With H&A Stars

Guest bttb-rox!

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Have you met someone from Home and Away and had your photo taken with them? If the answer if yes, then this is the place to post your pics and share your experiences!

I would start off but I've never met anyone from the show, so I look foward to seeing some of your pictures and reading about your stories :D.

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:o How did you get a photo with Christie, Charlotte and David? We were told only photos of them :P I could have cried when Mel said that. I went last year and met Indiana and Charlotte and will post my photos up soon. But yeah seriously how did you get to have photos with them? SO NOT FAIR!! hahaha

;) we were a little lucky; we were at the end of the queue [towards the end anyway!] So by the time we neared the top, the gang had actually run out of fancards!! But then, they all went down into the crowd - David went down before the rest, because Kip & Tom had come out onto the stage, and there wasn't enough chairs to go around so he was walking up and down by the barrier, signing pages and photos and peoples arms etc! Him & Annie spent about 20 minutes with the fans chatting and doing photos and what not. Christie only posed for like 4 photos before legging it backstage - we just got lucky :)

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I saw / followed Angelo [Luke] for a while today - in westfield shopping centre, in Bondi Junction. he was out shopping with a girl that i gather is his girlfriend. he was wearing blue jeans, red tshirt and a white baseball cap.

he so knew i was following him - and at one point when he looked at me, he smiled [what a killer smile it is in real life!!] but i didn't manage to do anything more than stare at him stupidly LOL now I'm kicking myself for not going up to him!!

I've never been an Angelo fan [probably because he came between Aden and Belle] but whoa today, he was was looking hawt bigtime! ;)

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Symphony, I am soo jealous of you. First you meet Todd, then Christie, Charlotte and David and now Luke! Your are the luckiest person alive. I'm so moving to Australia :lol:

;) everyone should move to sydney :D

It's so easy to see them over here though; only the other day I read something about Conrad going to meditation classes once a week in Bondi - which is where I live!

And surprisingly, so far, I've found them all to be really down to earth too! Luke did attempt to talk to me, but I was just tongue-tied and couldn't manage anything more than "hihi" :lol:

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