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Photos Of You With H&A Stars

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Well guys, I'm just back from a day of filming at Palm Beach so be prepared for many stories!

Today, we saw Josh [Miles], VJ [don't know his name], Ada [Leah], Ray [Alf], Esther [Charlie] Todd [Aden], and Jess [belle] filming down at the beach!

It was an amazing day; they had started by the time that I got there, at 10.15am, and they didn't finish until 5.30pm, taking only a 30 minute break from 2.30 to 3pm.

Ada & VJ filmed the first scene; unfortunately Ada left as soon as her filming was done, so we didn't get to get a shot with her. Then Josh & VJ filmed a scene on the beach; Josh managed to avoid all the fans all day long! The beach was packed with Irish fans [about 100!] yet, I think only like 3 people managed to get a photo with him; thought this was very bad form of him, but I had previously heard that he had a reputation for avoiding his fans so - there you go! :blink:

Then, Esther came down to film a scene with Josh - that scene was awesome because they said if anyone wanted to be an extra in the scene, they just had to stand by the police tape, and while the camera was panning up, it might catch the other cops talking to us! There was this cop walking up and down, pretending to talk to the 'concerned crowd' [won't say anything else as it'd be a spoiler!] and he stopped right next to us - so fingers crossed!!

After Esther's scene, she came over and ducked under the barrier and spent about 20 minutes having her picture taken with fans, she was lovely - I ended up chatting to her for a few minutes, saying how good she was to do this, and then moved onto the show, and stuff.

Then Ray put in an appearance so we all LEGGED it up to him; after watching them do a scene with him, he came over, and had his photo taken with all the fans; I still can't believe I met him hehe, he's awesome.

Then they had their 30 minute break, and myself & Eva were hanging around the filming tent, 'cause a cameraman had told us who was arriving next, and then a car pulled up and TODD AND JESS got out, we were like aaahhh omg look at them!

Two fans got a photo with them, and then the producer took them away for scene rehearsal; it was cool watching their scene, they work together brilliantly face to face too :D Unfortunately, they then told us [Todd said] that they were going to the diner to do a scene and photos would come after - but Jess wasn't actually in that scene, so she went home and we never got a photo with her! :( Maybe next week...

Hung around for about 30-45 minutes while Todd filmed his scene, and then a huge queue formed for him afterwards; this is what made my day! We were waiting to one side, and he kept looking over at me, and then after about 10 minutes, he held up a hand to pause the photos and said to me,

"Do I know you?"

Turns out he recognised seeing me outside his screenwise acting classes :)

Photos are to follow; they're currently uploading :)


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Aw, sounds like you've had an awesome time! I can't believe that Todd actually recognised you! Am very jealous! And that you got all those shots and everything!

Hope you have more enjoyable times like these! :D Thanks for sharing it with us!


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Hopefully these will work; please let me know if you can see them!

Me, Esther & Eva;


Me, Ray & Eva;


Me & Todd again;


let me know if they work; i'll add more :)

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These work and I love the pic of you with Alf and and the one with Todd :) Lucky :D

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Some more, as promised; none of these include the spoilers :)















please do not repost these or use them anywhere without my permission.

more coming...

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Wrestling match;


How adorable is this one;


SUCH a Todd smile!


Esther looking out to sea;


That's all I have uploaded there atm, I'll prob put up more tomorrow :)

again, please do not use these anywhere, or edit them in anyway, without first asking my permission :)

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