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Call It In The Air

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Story Title: Call It In The Air

Story description: Drama/Romance. Aden/Nicole/Belle love triangle. (with bits of Geoff). Kitsty/Aden/Larry family secrets. Subplot: Miles/Kirsty relationship

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Aden, Kirsty, Nicole, Larry, Belle

BTTB rating: Rated T

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Is story being proof read: Nope

Any warnings: Some references to abuse and rape likely. Some swearing, violence and sexual scenes likely to occur

Summary:2nd in Series to The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (but can be read independantly too) Aden has come out of hospital after donating a kidney to save Oliver Phillips, who, unbeknownst to him is his nephew (kirsty, being his half sister). Larry has sworn Kirsty to secrecy, fearing it will ruin his already rocky relationship with Aden (following the revelation that Larry knew about the abuse by his grandfather and due to his drinking and neglect as a father).

Kirsty is looking after Ollie who has also come out of hospital, knowing both about Aden's abuse and that they are related, she is torn on whether to tell Aden the truth about everything or whether to keep quiet.

After Aden's encounters with both Nicole and Belle last series, what lies in store now he is out of hospital?

Subplot: Can Kirsty and Mile's relationship survive the truth of her past?

I was going to take a break before starting the 2nd series, but I just couldn't help meself! Hope you all enjoy it!

Chapter 1

“I’m just saying there’d be no harm in you taking another week off. No-one’s going to hang you up for it” Larry hovered about behind his son, watching him agitatedly as he packed his school bag on the living room sofa.

“I’m sure Bartlett might have something to say about it” Aden commented cynically.

“He wouldn’t, not after what you’ve done”

“Oh you don’t know Bartlett” Aden sneered, reflecting on how much he disliked the man. He zipped his bag up, slinging it over his shoulder and turning away from the sofa to find his dad standing directly behind him

“Let me speak to him then, I’ll put him in his place”

“You’re doing it again” Aden told him.

“Sorry, I can’t help it” Larry stepped away, holding his hands together to stop Aden from seeing the shakes go through him again.

“You did alright for the last 12 years.” Aden sneered bitterly at him, noticing the movement his hands made.

“Aden I…” Larry began, looking up at his son with hurt in his eyes.

“Forget it dad, I was out of line. I didn’t mean it” Aden said automatically, the effect his words had had ruined the moment, and he mentally kicked himself, realising he couldn’t take it back now.

“But you’re right though” His father protested.

“Look, I’m just nervous, about school and I’m taking it out on you, I didn’t mean it” Aden responded wearily, his backpack slipping off of his shoulder as they slackened.

“I guess this living together thing is going to take a bit more work” His dad offered kindly.

“Yeah I guess so” Aden looked at the ceiling, avoiding the history that clung to the walls. He could hear the voices, their voices, yelling at each other across the room;

“No I want to talk!” He said it forcefully, but a childlike forcefulness. His father kept fighting against him, trying to push him off

“JUST TALK TO ME!” he screamed it into his father’s face.

His father shoved him backwards, holding him against the wall sternly “What would you like to talk about Aden?” He snapped, all attempts at patience had flown out the window “You drinking my whiskey? You being late to school? You failing your HSC the first time? Your little stunt with the newspaper? The phone call I got from Mr Bartlett this morning? Or you being thrown off the football team for bullying?” His father was in full swing now “You’re a disgrace to this family Aden!” He said the words quietly, menacingly into his sons hurt face. He waited for a reaction, when none was received he released his grip, and walked away.

Aden breathed deeply a few minutes, fighting himself to not think of the hate in his father’s eyes “This family?” He said shakily. “This family dad?” His voice started to rise again. “It’s this family that’s a disgrace dad!” His father’s eyes stared him down with aggression, threatening him into silence. But he ignored it “You gave up on this family the moment mum died!”


Aden ignored him again, lost in his own words, watching them spill out into the world, one demon at a time “You drank yourself away from us! YOU IGNORED US!” Tears lined his eyes now

“That is not true I have always been here. I watched every game you’ve ever played!” He stated firmly

“Yeah, football! Dad! Where were you when Justin ran away? Where were you when Sean went to prison? Where were you at night when Grandad –

“SHUT UP” His father bellowed, cutting him off

“You know I really am sorry about what happened. I just -”

“Dad” Aden snapped abruptly, he couldn’t listen to what he had to say. “Please” he added, pushing his anger back down. He knew he had chosen to come back to live here, with the intention of fixing their problems. Back then, he had been so angry that his father wouldn’t talk to him; that he kept trying to ignore the past. Now it was him that couldn’t face it. Now he was here, and it was just him and his dad alone, without the threat of a serious operation looming over them, without his dad drinking or denying the problem, and for some reason he couldn’t explain he just couldn’t bring himself to talk about it.

“Sorry, I just think we should talk about it” Larry urged, stepping closer to him again.

“Yeah I know, just, not now”

“It’s important we don’t avoid this Aden”

“Dad, I know” he told him, trying to stop him talking again “I just, I need to concentrate on school right now”

Larry sighed “Are you sure you’re not concentrating on school because you’re trying to avoid this?” he asked him, knowing full well the answer.

Aden looked past him, towards the door; his escape route. His shoulders broadened back out in defence, and he shifted his backpack back up onto them. “I have to go” he told him shortly, brushing past him and out the door.


Aden breathed the outside air, greedily inhaling it. The inside of the house was suffocating, and he let the wind lead him down the path, towards the school.

“Hey! I was just going to knock for you”

Aden looked up to face the voice that called out in front of him to see Nicole skipping towards him. “Hey” he said casually, breathing the air back out as he stopped and waited for her to catch up

“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed or something?” She quizzed him sceptically, looking him over.

“No” Aden drawled “That was what I stayed in hospital for.” He informed her patronisingly.

“Have you never heard of a recuperating period?” She patronised back at him

“It’s almost like you want me to be ill or something” he shot at her “What are you doing knocking for me anyway?” He asked her, his feet beginning to walk down the path again.

She followed him “To see how you were”

“You and Roman came to see me last night. Not much changes in 12 hours” he informed her, smirking at her.

“I was passing on my way to school” She defended, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Nicole, I walk past Roman’s house to get to school, coming to see me would make you walk back on yourself” He pointed out, using his finger to gesture between the two houses.

She frowned at him “Well excuse me for showing I care!” She huffed at him

Aden sighed, scratching his forehead. He had been getting signals from her for the past few weeks, ever since he’d woken up in hospital. She’d brought him flowers and magazines and even offered to sneak him in some alcohol which he’d laughed at. Then when he’d finally got home she had called, and visited, and sent a card…. It was all too much for just a concerned friend.

“Look Nicole” he said, turning to face her in the middle of the pavement.

“Hmmmm?” She said, tiptoeing to try and get level with him. He was so much taller than her though that her efforts were futile.

“You know that you and me…” he began awkwardly

“Yeah?” She said hopefully, stepping closer to him.

“Well, about what happened just before I went in to hospital….” He tried to change track, but the words were still just as difficult to pry from his mouth.

“Well you know I didn’t mean it right?” he asked her nervously as her face moved closer towards his, he got the impression she didn’t know that at all. He thought back to there last encounter, before everything else had happened.

“Well it’s pretty simple, you either want me or you don’t, so which is it?” she stood, judging him.

He frowned at her “Just forget it” he replied roughly, turning to leave.

“Why don’t you just answer the question?” She demanded, stepping closer towards him, blocking his path.

He looked at her, everything about her so familiar to himself, the way she held her ground, the way she was always on the defensive, ready to strike. He looked into her eyes, her need to be wanted shone back at him as brightly as his own.

“Well…?” She whispered into his ear, he felt her soft cheek brush against his own, and longed to be close to someone.

“Yes” he whispered into her soft blonde hair, inhaling her scent.

Nicole watched his nervous demeanour as he stood there, his cheeks reddening, his words mumbled and off key. She thought back to before he’d been in hospital, when he’d kissed her, and she’d felt so lonely she’d fallen into him, trying to lose herself in his embrace. She watched him shift about, not meeting her gaze. He was shy. That was all it was, she’d pushed him too hard, but he was apologising. He still wanted her.

She moved a hand up and let it slide across his cheek seductively, lifting a leg up behind her so her toe pointed into the sky as she leant towards his body. “That’s ok honey, I can be a bit forwards sometimes. You don’t have to be embarrassed…” she slid her tongue across her bottom lip as she pulled his face towards hers with her hand.

He grabbed her wrist gently with his hand, pushing her away from him “No, Nicole not about that” he told her irritably, the memory torturing his mind;

He felt her press herself down upon him, and forced himself to accept it. ‘This is a good thing’ he told himself. It’s a natural thing. He felt her hand press down on his chest, rubbing against his skin. He tried to stay focus but his mind kept wandering back into the tiny recesses. As her hands reached down and ran a finger underneath the lining of his jeans he felt his body tense up. He couldn’t breathe any longer, he needed to get away. To get out from under her. He pushed her off of him, gently at first. When she didn’t respond he pushed a little harder, this time she broke away from him, breathing heavily.

“What? What’s wrong?” She asked him, brushing her hair out of her face.

“I can’t do this” he choked at her, as he scrabbled up and ran away.

He shook it away. “I mean what I said at school…” this was even more awkward than before, he thought to himself.

Nicole’s eyes deadened towards him as realisation struck her. She placed her foot back on the ground. He felt guilt-ridden, watching her. They had had so much fun these past few weeks; her regular visits had made being at home with his dad easier, they had taken the pressure off. Sure Annie had come to visit him as well, but their relationship was different, Annie was more serious. Nicole was fun, and the closest thing he had to calling a friend, but that was all. He could never imagine being close to her, being intimate with her, or with anyone, for that matter. “Nicole, wait” he called out softly

“Get lost Jeffries” She yelled out behind her as she marched down the path.

“Nicole, come on, I thought we were mates” he pleaded, trying to get her to look at him as he jogged along beside her in a bid to keep the pace.

“Like I’d want to be friends with you” She shot at him as she strode along, facing forwards.

“Come on you don’t mean that, you had the hots for me a minute ago” He smirked, trying to get her laughing.

She stopped dead in her tracks “Please Jeffries, I just felt sorry for you” she yelled at him

“Right-o princess” he agreed sarcastically, folding his arms mockingly at her.

Venom filled up inside her mouth, and she couldn’t stop herself from spitting it into his face “I was trying to do you a favour seeing as it’s so painfully obvious you’re still a virgin! But you know what? Even when it’s offered to you on a plate you haven’t got the nerve to take it. Your pathetic” she sneered, she watched him, gauging his reaction to her words, waiting to feel some relief from the damage they might cause.

He felt his breath catch in his throat, the accuracy of her words cutting him short. He could feel his anger beginning to flare up and take him over. He watched himself as he leant towards her menacingly, lowering himself so their faces were inches apart “You know what? At least I’m not some grubby little skank who’ll just throw myself at anyone.” Her body seemed to shrink in front of him as he spoke. He knew he was hurting her, but he couldn’t control himself “That’s right. You’re so desperate Nic, I mean it’s really pathetic that you can’t just accept I’m not into you” he sneered into her face. He hated the pained look in her eyes, but it only seemed to make him angrier, it was like a vicious cycle he was trapped in.

He watched the tears fill into her eyes slowly as she gazed up at him. There was more than just hurt in her eyes, they looked broken. Heart broken. “Nicole…” he said softly, breaking out of the anger that had swept him away.

She pushed him away from her “Get lost Aden” she told him, her voice was quieter than he’d ever heard it. There was no exaggeration or added drama to it. If anything there was too little. It was eerie, and made him feel cold. He watched as she ran away from him down the path, and sighed. This was going to be a bad day, he just knew it.

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Firstly - I'm SO glad that you updated now instead of taking a break! This fic looks like it's going to be every bit as brilliant as the last [not that I have any doubt about that]

Secondly- Poor Aden! He really doesn't know what he wants, does he? The trouble with his dad, and then Nicole [who I do feel the slightest bit sorry for... not so much though]. I loved their little spat. It was so realistic.

Thirdly - I'm glad that you cleared that bit up about the last fic! I did wonder what he meant by that. Thank God that he didn't mean it!

More soooon please!


ETA: First comment! :D Yay!

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OMG! I'm so glad you started so quickly!!!!!!! That chapter was amazing!!!! Poor Aden, i loved that that Nicole had been trying to get with him. I loved Aden's reactions to her, the timing of him gettting angry was just perfect! I like how he interacted with his Dad and i love the idea that now he doesn't have his Dad's drinking to hide behind anymore! I can't wait to read more!!!!!!! Seriously, absolutely brilliant!!!!!!

Update soon?!?!?!?!?!? :D

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I like the others are so HAPPY you posted the sequel so soon!!!!

I love how you have the flash backs.....and Nicole and Aden argument was very realistic!!!!

I was suprised Aden moved back in with his Dad...but I feel it will not be all smooth sailing...

Awesome start to the sequel, can't wait for more!!!

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Sorry guys, this isn't an update as such. However I did decide to muck around with windows movie maker to make a teaser trailer for the fan fic. So here it is!


Sorry its a bit blurry, I have no idea how to make it clearer if anyone does lemme know)

Oh and Zetti I'm always glad to have new fans, don't be sorry, thats what I put the flashbacks in for!

Will update soon!

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