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    - Listening to music, don't have one genre that I like in particular....just a bit of variety which is always good.<br />- Passioniate AFL fan and even bigger Bomber fan<br />- Hamish and Andy Fanatic...need to get a fix everyday..that obsessive!!<br />- Love to cook....Cakes and desserts in particular....Nothing better than having people eating your food and wanting more, I find that is the best compliment to receive.<br />- Love TV!! Comedys in particular but also dramas and especially home and away.
  1. I know! Our pride and joy! lol... but he definately deserves it! x

  2. He sure did look stunning!! The suit and the hair....awwww!!

    This may sound silly but I felt proud of him when he was standing up there accepting his award, I was thinking aww look at our Todd!!! :)

  3. I know! Didn't he look stunning?! His hair slicked back and all! Oh my God, my heart stopped beating when his name was called lol! Soooooooo Happy! x

  4. WOOOHOOO!!! GO TODD!!!!! :)

  5. You have me hooked already!!!!! Fantastic start! Can't wait for more!
  6. Oooo that is tough!! Fingers crossed!! Will definately be watching not only to see if Todd wins but to see him in a suit...mmmm YUMMY!!! :)

  7. Hmm, he's up against Mark Priestly (All Saints), Gyton Grantley (Underbelly), Ian Smith (Neighbours) and Erik Thompson (Packed to the Rafters). Tough competitors, so I hope he can pull it off! I've got my TV Week all ready for tomorrow night! lmao :) x

  8. Yeah I did have a great day thanks!! I just noticed your 'vote for Todd' I havent really got into the logies noms this year so who is he up against??

  9. No worries, hope you had a great day! x

  10. Thanks for bday msg Taniya!! I will try!! :)


  11. Happy Birthday! =D Hope you have a smashin' day xoxo

  12. Thanks for the bday msg!! x

  13. This fic is fantastic!! I love how it is Drew's POV! I loved the end line.... Can't wait for more!
  14. Aden makes my heart melt, he is so cute!!! He is so the perfect boyfriend!! So many updates since I had last been on, they all have been fantastic. I love how you wrote everyones reactions, they were very realistic and believable. Hopefully Jai will come around soon, but I can understand his reaction completely. And Belle being peeved with Aden's abilitiy to stop Meg from crying was hilarious, Aden is definately going to be the favourite Uncle. Oh and Aden buying the baby stuff was so sweet!! You are doing a fabulous job....Can't wait for more!!
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