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  1. Currently watching The Secret Garden...loved this movie heaps when I was a kid!
  2. Does anybody know the episode number for when Aden + Cassie and others had the car crash? Or the one for when Mattie, Lucas, Belle and Ric were playing strip poker? Thanks
  3. We've recently completed photography of all the Summer Bay High locations (the ones still standing anyway), along with a reshoot of the correct part of Macquarie Uni, so I'm hoping to get these up on the site in the near future. Ah! Awesome! Thanks very much!
  4. Resident Evil...creepy but good entertainment value!
  5. Hey, it says that Macquarie Uni was used to film Summer Bay High locations in the mid 90's...I was just wondering where they filmed the high school these days? Thanks
  6. Hey guys, haven't written anything in ages, but I've been toying with this idea for a while now. So please tell me what you think! Story Title: If I Know You Type of story: Short/medium fic Main Characters: Aden, Eliza BTTB rating: T/A Genre: Angst, Family Spoilers: No Is this story being proof read: No Warnings: Talk of sexual abuse Summary: On a holiday, Aden ends up in hospital with food poisoning. While recovering, he runs in to the one person in his family he never thought he would see again: his mother. It is a bittersweet reunion for Aden and Eliza as they discuss love, life and death. Inspired by The Presets song 'If I Know You'.
  7. I think Elijah is going to be really good for Leah, but hopefully they don't rush this relationship. Leah has had enough past husbands methinks! Whenever I see Jay, I think "MUFASAAAAA!"
  8. I am so glad Justin is finally here...I have been waiting for him for too long! I think that Matt and Todd are great as brothers, they have cast them very well! Can't wait to see how their relationship will develop, and how he will effect Aden and Nicole's relationship, because I have a feeling he will! Hope he sticks around for a while yet!
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  10. Dave from The Umbilical Brothers was on classic All Saints today, as the dogman! This made me really happy! Plus I knew that guy that played that guy that was threatening the ambo that wasn't Scott (yeah clear description there )...he was the owner of a theatre company I used to do drama at...he was awesome! Anyway, enough of my squee-ing.
  11. ^ That's what I was kind of hinting at, so I'm glad you got it! Again, I express my thanks to everyone's comments!
  12. Yeah, so I was just slightly late, but what a perfect ending! And Geoff turning up felt right. Overall, it was an excellent fic, I really liked how you wrote the characters...can't wait to read more by you!
  13. Okay, I've just caught up with this entire fic, and I think it's wonderful! Aden and Nicole together actually make a really good couple- or at least how you write them! I like Sean's character...it just made Aden and Nicole stronger! And the baby...too cute! Great fic!
  14. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate your kind comments
  15. I'm kind of getting annoyed with how the writers are portraying Aden this year. His abuse stuff seems to have faded away, just like what happened with Cassie. They did a great job of exploring it last year, and now we've been given nothing. It would have been great to have seen him talking to Joey, telling him something about what happened to him, or at least say something when Roman was leaving like "Thankyou for helping me to deal with my father"...I don't care what he says...I just want a line, to at least acknowledge that they still remember that all important storyline! Bring back one of his brothers I say! That would make me happy.
  16. So it was Lily playing the hippie girl...I thought the actor really suited the role! I am loving classic All Saints atm...it's interesting to see where they got to today.
  17. Hey guys, I haven't been around for ages...life has been crazy busy lately...I've started uni this year and I'm moving out of home in a week and a bit with my boy, so I have had no time for the internet of late! I hope I can come back here and start posting again soon.
  18. Hey guys, I haven't been around for ages...life has been crazy busy lately...
  19. Madagascar 2- pretty funny for a kids movie. Seven- very creepy but good.
  20. Blood Diamond- fantastic movie. I'm turning into my mother though...I cried at the end!
  21. Aww, this fic is too sad. Wonder how Roman's going to deal with the guilt of being annoyed at his daughter for being late. I like how it's been written, though. Keep it going.
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