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  1. Aw, that was so awesome, especially when Amanda gave Belle the shoe box Cant wait to read more soon
  2. Awww, that was so cute Couldnt help laughing at Belle in labour, especially when she threatened to kill Aden Cant wait for the next chapter
  3. Aw, that was a sweet chapter Loved how Mattie called the baby a bean Wonder what Amanda is up too, Cant wait to find out
  4. Aw, Aden was so sweet Please let Belle be okay Loved Nicole in this chapter
  5. Aw, that was so cute, loved the fluff LOL at Belle's reaction to Aden's name suggestions, especially the Disney princesses
  6. Aw, that was so cute Glad Aden got released early, that means he will be there for the birth Please update soon
  7. Aw, that was so cute LOL at Belle throwing away all of the coffee, and then Geoff and Annie's reaction Please update soon
  8. Zoie Belle Jeffries, so cute That last chapter was perfect, just perfect. You wrote it superbly I cant believe the fic is over though, I will miss reading it Possibly a sequel or a new story soon ?, writing talent like yours should not go to waste
  9. No, poor Belle You cant kill her Wonder how Angelo will react Great writing as always, please update soon
  10. Awesome chapter as always, loved it Loved how Mattie found out about the pregnancy
  11. Lol I didn't mean to inspire such anger! Angelo was nagging her and she just wanted to get him off the phone before Aden came back. She wasn't going to say it but he wore her down! LOL, I know, but Belle loves Aden
  12. Belle , why did she have to go and say that Wonder what she will do now Aden has escaped ?
  13. That chapter was awsome Loved the fiesty side of Belle, especially when she was threatening Nicole
  14. You wrote those last 2 chapters so well, just wow Glad the baby is okay I cant believe this fic is coming to an end, I will miss reading it
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