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Because Life Doesn't Just Stop

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Story Title: Because Life Doesn't Just Stop

Type of story: Long Fiction

Main Characters: Aden, Belle, Abby (Character inroduced in previous fan fiction, Belle's half-sister), Angelo and Amanda.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance, Drama, General

Does story include spoilers: Yes, refers to storylines which have been shown in Australia

Any warnings: None

Summary: Set five years on from 'History Seems to Repeat Itself' despite the happy ending the events of Olympic week still happened, Aden had his breakdown and tried to murder Larry, Belle and Aden break up. Beginning a romance with Angelo, Belle decides to leave Summer Bay and take Lily to the city to be close to Amanda requesting Aden have no contact with them ever again. At the point we rejoin the story Belle and Angelo are engaged, Abby is living with them in the city whilst studying at university whilst Aden has remained in Summer Bay. What will happen when Aden comes back into Belle's life?

A short chapter to begin with, feedback is appreciated.

“Ok now adjust that light for me…. Yeah that’s perfect!” Belle called to her assistant, snapping away at the model in front of her.

Pausing to scroll through her shots Belle took in the lean muscular body of the model, the light framing his face and the angle which captured so perfectly his strong arms… A perfect photo.

“I think we’ve got it” Belle called smiling, her assistant Beth came running over to look.

“Oh yes, management is going to love that one” Beth grinned

“I’m going to get it printed off, thanks Adam” Belle smiled at the model who was finally able to move from the position he’d been standing in all afternoon, Belle noticed Beth swoon as Adam gave her a cheeky wink and grinned. She loved her job.

Belle had been working at Modelesque the top modelling agency in the city for two years now, as chief in house photographer she was earning great money and having fun at the same time. Printing off the photo all she could think of now was getting home to Lily.

As she opened the door to her apartment she saw Lily running towards her and prepared to scoop her up into her arms. Holding her daughter close she was overwhelmed with love, she looked at her every detail, taking in every precious feature. It was the eyes that made her pull away; she had her father’s eyes.

“Has she been good?” Belle asked Abby who was sat at the kitchen table surrounded by books

“An angel, she let me get on with my assignment no hassle” Abby smiled looking up from her laptop

“Is Angelo home yet?” Belle enquired, poking around in the fridge for food

“Nope, he called to say he’s on a job that could take longer than he first thought” Abby relayed

“Ah so dinner for three?” Belle smiled

“Make that dinner for one, me and the kid have already eaten” Abby grinned

“Oh great!” Belle sighed

“I made some lasagne for you as well! It just needs heating up which I can do for you” Abby offered

“Did I mention you’re my favourite sister in the whole wide world?” Belle laughed picking up a pile of mail from the counter.

Bill, bill, a flyer for a parade, a small package for Angelo and finally a letter… The handwriting made her heart begin to race throwing down the rest of the mail she walked off towards her room.

“Hey where are you going, lasagnes nearly done…? Ooh a parade!” Abby squealed picking up the discarded leaflet

Belle slammed the door behind her and sat on the bed, her hand shook as she opened the envelope, and pulling out the letter she felt sick.

Dear Belle,

I know I promised no contact. It was a promise I intended to keep, not because I didn’t love you and Lily but because I knew you needed to get away from me and I know I let you down.

Not a day goes by when I’m not thinking of the two of you, sometimes I miss you so much it physically hurts.

The reason I am writing is a simple request for photos of Lily, I’ve been given some from Irene over the years but even she hasn’t had any contact from you in months now so I thought perhaps I’d ask directly.

Please Belle.

All my love



A tear fell from Belle’s eye smudging the final kiss. Searching the letter she found what she wanted, a phone number grabbing the phone she dialled the number relieved that it went straight to messages.

“You’ve called the home of Aden and Geoff… And Nicole! I can’t believe you guys are doing this without me... Shut up Nic… Yeah so leave a message after the tone”

“This is a message for Aden; meet me tomorrow 5 ‘o’ clock at the café just outside of Summer Bay, the one we went to… You’ll remember it” Belle requested, her hands shaking even more, tomorrow she would face the man she hadn’t seen in five years.

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You have just made my day. I can't tell you how excited I am that you chose to do a sequel.

From Aden and Belle's fantastic relationship to Belle and Amanda's lovely mother/daughter relationship, that was in the previous one I know I am going to love this sequel to it already.

I like that you have broken them up and we will get to see them work their way back to each other again because I was wondering when I saw this where you could possibly goes with now that Aden and Belle are happy and have a kid together.

Aden breaks my heart, wanting to just have a chance to see what his daughter looks like. I am so happy Belle is going to see him. That's going to be good.

While I am not a Nicole fan I actually found her funny in that whole answering machine thing. It figures you would find a way to make me like her.

I hate that I never got a chance to review your last story as it was already finished by the time I became a memeber on this site and I felt like I would just be repeating what everyone else said. I remember finding that story and sitting down and reading it in one go, it was so good evey time I said to myself this is it I'm going to take break something would happen in the story and I'd be pulled in again.

Please update soon.

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Wow those are some lovely comments. enjoy the ride i'm so glad you liked the last one, it's taken me such a long time to come up with a sequel I must have written the start of about three different ones but in the end this is the one that felt right.

So I say we order take out” Aden announced

“That’s only because it’s your turn to cook!” Geoff laughed

“After the spaghetti disaster Geoff you should be glad he wants to order take out” Nicole smiled

Aden smiled and reached for the phone, spotting a message on the answering machine he hit ‘play’.

“This is a message for…”

His instant reaction was to turn it straight off, Geoff and Nicole looked at each other confused.

“Ok… I kind of wanted to know what the message was” Nicole groaned raising an eyebrow

Geoff looked to Aden and saw the shock on his face, it took a few seconds to register but he too realised who the voice on the message was.

“Nic lets go in the kitchen” Geoff muttered pulling Nicole away, who simply looked confused.

Once his two housemates had left the room finally Aden could press the ‘play’ button. Listening to the message three times it still didn’t feel real, hearing her voice, he thought he was over her, but those feelings came flooding back.

Aden only looked up when he heard the small knock on the door, looking up he saw Geoff pop his head round. Aden smiled in acknowledgement and Geoff came and sat down.

“You ok?” Geoff asked

“It was…” Aden started

“I know” Geoff smiled weakly

“How do I go there tomorrow and face her when she doesn’t even like me” Aden asked

“Peoples opinions can change, I never used to like you” Geoff laughed

“Yeah well feeling was mutual mate” Aden chuckled pushing Geoff

“Listen, you’ll be fine. You need to show her who you are now, not who you were” Geoff explained

“Ok well if the man love session in here has finished I would love to order some Chinese food” Nicole laughed

“Shut up Nic!” The boys replied in unison


“So the thing is Miles I don’t have a class last period so if I could get away early…” Aden started

“Of course. Listen I wanted to tell you the funding for the new sports equipment has finally come in” Miles smiled

“That’s fantastic” Aden grinned

“Well it’s all thanks to your pitch to the department, they loved you” Miles explained

Walking along the corridor they were interrupted by a group of teenage girls

“Hi Mr Jefferies” they giggled admiring Summer Bay High’s P.E teacher

“Don’t say hi to me girls then!” Miles laughed

“Hi Principal Copeland” the girls sighed reluctantly

“Why don’t I have that effect on them” Miles laughed flexing a non-existent muscle


Aden changed out of his sports gear and into a shirt and tie, he wanted to impress. Getting into his car he sat trying to calm himself, opening his wallet he

stroked the picture of Lily he had.

Driving along he passed the sign saying he’d left Summer Bay, a couple of minutes later and he spotted the place…

“This is… Nice?” Belle questioned looking at the run down café

“It’s different” Aden smiled

“It’s ancient” Belle sighed

“Ah well wait till you get inside” Aden announced taking Belle’s hand and pulling her inside

It was inside that she realised why Aden had brought her here, the walls were covered in photographs; landscapes, people, and buildings. Black and White and Colour Belle could hardly believe her eyes.

“The owners been taking photos for years, he started covering the walls and people that have passed through have joined in, putting up their own photos” Aden explained as Belle’s eyes travelled round the café in wonder

Pulling her to a table, Belle still couldn’t find the words. Aden with a smile reached into his bag and pulled out a photo of the pair of them Belle had taken at the beach, taking out a pin he pinned it to the wall next to the table.

“We’re part of the history now” Aden noted.

She had already arrived; she sat at their table looking at the photograph on the wall. Walking over he sat opposite, but she still didn’t look. Eventually began to turn her head, astonished at what she saw. If possible he was even better looking, his hair a little longer than before, older, more mature her heart leaped.

“Belle” Aden greeted

“Aden” Belle replied

Their eyes locked, neither could say a word. A waitress came over and took their orders but their coffees sat untouched for what seemed like a lifetime. Belle eventually reached into her bag and pulled out an envelope, pushing it across the table Aden reached out and slowly opened it. Pulling out the pile of photos he took in every image, his daughter, smiling, laughing, and living a life without him he placed the photos back into the envelope and sighed.

Belle squirmed uncomfortable at how she was feeling, until eventually it became too much she stood up and made to leave.

“I can’t do this, I thought I could but I can’t.” Was all she could say as she fled towards the door.

Fishing for money from his pocket he left the cash on the table before running after her, Belle was stood leaning against her car trying to catch her breath.

“Aden just leave me alone” she cried

“I can’t” was all he said moving over towards her, taking her face in his hands he kissed her like he’d dreamed of kissing her for five years, five years of loving, five years of wanting. Belle kissed back, hungry, she stopped herself from thinking, it was a kiss that seemed to last forever and it was only when she pulled away that finally Belle realised what she had done.

“I’m engaged, I can’t do this” Belle sobbed

“I love you” Aden begged tears rolling down his face

“I love Angelo” Belle stated bluntly, getting into her car it hurt her to break his heart all over again but it was for the best, she was sure.

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