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  1. Dotty gives me the creeps big time, Inside Soap compared her to Wednesday Addams which I thought was perfect!
  2. I bought three different soap magazines today (yes i'm that sad! ) and next week is pretty quiet on the Ronnie and Danielle front but the week after theres loads.
  3. Ooh that would be brilliant! The way that Marissa talked about her boss and warned everyone off shows she's scared of him and knowing what Archie can be like it could definately be him and I would love to see Peggy's face!
  4. Could Archie have some kind of dramatic death exit? Is Larry Lamb a cast member or just a recurring guest? I can't think of any other Mitchell that would be on their way out. Then again it could be anyone on the square really, they tend to send the whole cast to funerals.
  5. As frustrated as I am, I could see where Danielle was coming from the other day. Being rejected by Ronnie is bad enough but being rejected even after she's revealed who she would be even worse so she's been looking for the perfect opportunity, Danielle was definately looking like she was going to share the information but with Ronnie saying that having her baby was the biggest mistake of her life that has then pushed Danielle back to square one. I don't actually see Danielle ever telling Ronnie, I think the truth is going to come out in some other way.
  6. It was fantastic, especially the actress who plays Jean. The only thing about tonights episode that wasn't fantastic was how frustrating the Danielle and Ronnie storyline is becoming. The reveal better be good if they're going to make us wait this long for it!
  7. I think it makes it more twisted the way that it Whitney's head she is part of a love triangle, it certainly made Bianca's words all the more powerful. What I found about tonights episode was that it didn't feel like actors acting, it seemed so real, Shona McGarty and Patsy Palmer was outstanding. A little off topic but I did like the way all of the Branning's, who are of course Bianca's family, were round for the party there really hasn't been enough of a connection between them so far.
  8. I'm a massive fan of Belle and have been since she arrived. She has flaws and weaknesses which I feel make the character believable. What we've seen recently in Australian pace episodes is the return of her fiesty side with the development site and her determination to help people which I don't believe Aden does anything to stifle. Her relationship with Aden, in my opinion, has always been believable and far better than her other pairings with Ric, Lucas, Drew and Angelo. I do feel sympathy for Angelo, I like his character just not necessarily in a relationship with Belle, I find the Aden and Belle relationship so romantic (at the risk of sounding very girly). I think todays episode especially highlighted the bond between them which to a lot of viewers is amazing to watch. When the actors and the characters have such genuine and exciting chemistry it really is nice to watch, there is always going to be plenty of angst in a soap but the romance is an essential part. Couples like Aden and Belle, Jack and Martha, Tony and Rachel etc will always have massive fan bases because as a fan you become invested in the relationship. Saying all of that, I also get why people don't like Aden and Belle as a couple whereas the frustration for a fan is fun and exciting, the frustration for someone who doesn't like the pairing and the 'on-off' relationship must get annoying.
  9. I was so glad they finally revelaled that! I've been thinking it for a little while now but my friend didn't believe me so when she opened up the locket I did a little victory dance
  10. Wow! It was so different to anything i've read before but really brilliant and original which I loved. Superb.
  11. I can't believe it's over! This has truely been one of my favourite ever fictions and I think you're a very talented writer. Leah really does deserve her own storyline and your fiction has proved that she is still an exciting and interesting character who doesn't deserve to be shoved in the background. The ending was perfect, I love how the whole community was involved in the party and how everyone came and had a good time, your writing is so visual and when I read these scenes I can see them playing out which always puts a huge smile on my face. I look forward to any future fictions you write and will definately be reading them.
  12. I really enjoy the Poulos family popping in and Leah's party sounds brilliant. Excellent as always
  13. Those chapters were so lovely, Leah finally allowing herself to be happy Why can't you be an actual scriptwriter! Ada would love you "I have a brilliant story at last!"
  14. Yay yay yay! So glad that they've finally realised that he isn't with Jazz and she isn't lusting after Miles
  15. Love them all, great cropping and colouring
  16. Jazz and Tony are together yay! Ceri is a hero saving VJ
  17. Excellent updates again, i've said this before but i'll say it again you write the characters so well, especially Leah. You convey so well Leah's feelings and frustrations sometimes it can seem just like i'm watching an episode when I read your fiction (if that makes any sense at all ).
  18. I don't have internet for a couple of days and I come back to loads of fantastic updates! Really well done
  19. I really love your writing, this fiction is brilliant
  20. That really was fantastic, I love how mature Aden.
  21. Three fantastic chapters, I really love the growing bond between Ceri and Leah. As for the pictures of who Ceri looks like, they're very similar to how I saw him in my mind!
  22. This is really fantastic, once I started reading I couldn't stop. It's so nice to see a fiction dedicated to Leah, she's a fantastic character who's criminally underused. I love Ceri and the dynamic between him and Leah and I also like the other characters you've used- bringing back Jazz, Hugh and Lucas and also bringing in the current teens. I liked how you had Aden apologise to Tam, and love Rachel and Hugh together with their kids. Every character is well developed and you've written dialogue how the characters would say it, the characters are all true and natural and not forced. Put simply, I adore the fiction and will be reading every part you post.
  23. I don't think you're being a brat, I felt a bit annoyed that I didn't get anything written on my Todd card as every Neighbours fancard i've ever got has always had loads written on it. But then again, imagine just how many people are writing to him at the moment. At least we have a lovely picture of Todd.
  24. Wow wow wow!! I love the colouring, the cast ones were brilliant, especially the one of Miles. Really fantastic.
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