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  1. So I've had so much fun catching up on the last 10 or so chapters, fantastic work!! Can't wait for more
  2. You know what, I'm loving the angst!! You write it so well, can't wait to see how they make up Update soon!
  3. Thank you!! I had an awesome day :)

  4. Happy Birthday chickie!! Hope you have a great day :D

  5. Just caught up on the last 3 or so chapters I hope Aden doesn't flip out at Belle!! Hopefully Justin isnt going to cause too much trouble... Update soon!!
  6. Belle what are you doing?!?!?! Loved the fluff and it looks like a bit of drama to come Drama is goood too, can't wait!! Update soon
  7. Awww that was so cute I'm glad they still have that cheeky banter going, good stuff Update soon!
  8. Awww I was hoping you would tell us the sex of the baby in this chapter, but no keeping us in suspence! The baby's heart beat was adorable, as was Belle's cravings! Orange and rassberry isn't that weird of a mix, I'd prob eat it! Update when you can
  9. Wow, the last couple of chapters have been awesome!! Belle pretending to climb through Aden's window was so cute. And your racy fluff is seriously the best Nicole is so funny, glad Geoff played a part in it too I'm so glad Belle said no, they only just got back together, so marriage is a little too soon! I loved how you included Aden admitting that part of the reason he was proposing was that he was afraid of her leaving again. So can't wait for more
  10. Racy fluff That was great!! I wonder where Aden is taking Belle?? Update soon
  11. I have loved this fic from the beggining and I loved the ending. Really sweet Enjoy the hols
  12. What happened!!! This is great!! Please continue
  13. Loved this chapter! The dresses are gorgeous and the convo between Nicole and Belle explained a lot, I'm glad Belle isn't forcing Aden to choose Cannot wait for the next chapter
  14. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww That was adorable!! Husband and Wife Update soon!!!!
  15. lmao As if they wouldn't!! And plus, its purple, what's not to love
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