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One Too Many Faces....Should Life Be So Difficult?

Guest xmorrisonsx

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Story Title: **Fic Form** - One to many faces...Should life be so difficult

Type of story: long fic/short fic (undecided)

Main Characters: Mainly Adelle, also Irene, Geoff, Rachel, Mattie, Drew, Tasha

BTTB rating: G, T

Genre: Drama/General

Does story include spoilers: Uk maybe

Any warnings: Not yet, i will notify if yes

Summary: Aden adn Belle story mainly about their secret relationship as I thought it should have been played out more. Old favourites return and new dramas begin."

This is my first ever fic. Tell me if you love or if you dont. I appreciate ideas for feedback.

Chapter One:

The birds shadows glowed across the golden sun, as it rose over the crystal clear sea. The residents of Irenes beach only just began to stir when the noise of the kettle boiling whistled through the air.

Belle began to toss and turn and finally rised from her bed. She had only just managed to ajust her eyes to the morning sunlight, when a gentle tap on the window painted an unforced smile across her face. She pulled herself out from the bed covers and walked dazily to her dressing table and grabbed a bursh. While pulling her bursh through the knots formed in her hair, the curtains moved hastily and a tall tanned male climbed through. Aden gretted Belle with a cheeky smile, and a passionate kiss on her shoulder, while hugging her from behind.

"Morning beautiful" He said while still hugging Belle with everything he had

"He yourself, you know you have made a habit lately of climbing through my window and everytime almost knocking down my photo frame" Belle answered pointing across the room to her photo that stood on her bed side cabinet.

"Sorry, but its hard to remain a secret when I have to be Mr.Action Man almost everytime i want to see you" He replied

"Urmm, excuse me....Mr Action Man?" Belle questioned trying to hold back her laughter

"Yeah, climbing through a window to my damsel in distress!" Aden winked and laughed as Belle stood there, arms crossed, stirnly lookig at Aden, but easily trying not to smile.

"Ha ha, that your que to go funny boy" And with that last word, Belle grabbed his arm and pulled him back to her window.

"Ok ok fine. I'll go, but not without a goodbye kiss?" And he leaned in towards Belle, held his hand on her face, and kissed her intensely for a few seconds until Belle hurried him out of the window.

"See you at work then shall I?

"Yeah... ok... now go! And she pushed him away gently and smiled to herself when she knew she was safely on her own.

People, I hope you liked it. Its was a slow first chapter but Im only building it all up. Tell me what you think x x x

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Thank you everyone who has read my story so far. Its made me more determined to do more. So here’s the next chapter. Enjoy x

Chapter Two:

Belle walked into the diner clutching her phone in one hand and her eyes were fixed onto the screen. She wasn’t aware of how busy it was and didn’t realise that she was about to walk into Irene.

“God love, watch where your going please. Its busy enough in here without you bumping into people potentially causing accident” Irene huffed, looking sternly at Belle.

“Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going” Belle said apologetically

“You young ones and your phones these days. Anyone important?”

“Just Mattie. She’s still upset over her split with Ric”

“Yeah, give her my best”

“Will do” and Belle walked into the kitchen.

She put her phone back into her pocket and dropped her bag onto the side unit. Roman was standing at the front of the kitchen, chopping some sort of food (she couldn’t quite see from where she was).

“Here” Roman quipped, forcing two plates into her hands “Take these to table 3 please. Oh…I appreciate you coming in as well”

“No worries, not like I had much planned”

After Belle gave the plates of lasagne to table 3, she re entered the kitchen, put on her apron and began to prepare some salad. A couple hours had went by when Belle realised what time it was. With Roman busy preparing food, and Irene serving the customers, Belle didn’t realise that it was time for her break.

“Ok, Im off for my break, do you need anything else?” Belle asked

“No thanks, you’ve been a great help already. Besides its quieten down a bit now so you can have the rest of the day off if you want?” Roman said, with a look of relief on his face when he noticed that there was only a few tables occupied.

“Ok then. See you tomorrow” and Belle grabbed her things and walked out of the Pier Diner.

She had only just left the building when in front of her in the distance she noticed Aden.

Her story with Aden was, well…lets say interesting. They had completely started off on the wrong foot. They met when Belle went to Summer Bay High. He was know for his reputation (and not a good one). When Belle left and began working at the Diner, Aden did. She couldn’t stand being in the same room as him, but as time went on, they began to be civil…and finally to what she thought was friends. It wasn’t until she saw a different side to Aden, a more sensitive and emotional side to him, that she started to grow increasingly attracted to him. She tried to avoid these feelings but it was no good as wherever she went, somehow he would be there nagging her. Finally, after what only she could assume was a good chat up line, they kissed and so began the beginning of Aden and Belle. She was very fond of Aden, as he was her, but she decided to play it safe and keep their relationship a secret. At least until she was ready to tell everyone. He didn’t exactly have many friends in the bay.

“I was just coming to see you” Aden smirked while staring at Belle

“ Well, I’m of for the day so I guess I’ll speak to you later?”

“Well that’s lucky, because Roman called and said that I’m not needed today. Looks like you’ll be speaking to you now” Aden leaned forward, hoping for a gentle kiss in return, but all he got was a wisp of air as Belle turned around to walk the other way.

“That’s not very polite” Aden said, sounding a little offended “didn’t your mother teach you manners?”

Belle stopped her walk and turned back to look at Aden. She walked slowly towards him, looking cautiously around as she did.

“Aden. Look. I’m sorry for being rude, and rushing you off this morning. But I think we should be more careful and take things slowly, ok? I’ve had my fair share of relationships and none of them has been easy, and I cant rush into this one” Belle’s serious face had spread across her face, and Aden realised that his ’bad boy’ charm was time to stop for the rest of this conversation.

“I agree with taking it slow, but does it really have to be this hard? I mean, I hardly see you, and when I do its only for a couple of minutes and then your off again” Aden’s voice tone went down towards the end of that sentence

“Yeah, I know” There was an awkward silence. “Well, we’re both free now so…beach?” Belle smile twinkled as much as her eyes, and Aden couldn’t resist.

“Well, I mean, how could I resist this gorgeous girl standing in front of me. And how could you resist moi”

Aden’s charm was beginning to grow on Belle, and she held his hand and squeezed it tightly. Her way of letting him no she accepted.

Aden and Belle paced along the beach, looking for a good spot to sit and rest. When they finally did, Aden took of his shirt before sitting down.

“What do you think your doing?” Belle asked, looking at the tanned chest before her

“don’t worry sweetheart, just thought you might want to go for a swim?

“Hmm, well seeing as you have been on good behaviour this afternoon. Race you”

Belle began to run down the beach after Aden, but stopped suddenly. Looking across at the other side of the beach, Belle noticed a dark figure walking along. She stared for a couple of minutes, until he approached her. His hair, face and body was exactly how she remembered.

“Hello Taylor, long time no see”

Read. Comment. Hope you like x

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Thanks again for the support. I instantly wrote this chapter after chapter two. Found myself not being able to stop =) Just a short chapter of drelle/ adelle stuff. Hope you like reading it as much as I like to read yours!

Chapter Three:

Belle’s heart was pounding so loudly that her ears were ringing. She was completely stunned at who she was looking at. When she finally got over the shook of this familiar face, she managed to release her lips and whisper a polite…”Hey Drew”

Drew. Her ex. It was the hardest break up of her life so far. She loved him so much, but unfortunately things didn’t work out. It took her ages to get over him, and now he had showed up.

“You look…wow, just wow!” Drew said, admiring Belle “Your hair looks good”

Belle wondered whether to reply nicely with a ‘thanks’ or cut to what was really on her mind.

“Um…I’m sorry, but what are you doing here?” Belle finally spoke

“ Just like I remember. Haven’t lost your bitter touch have you? Well, if you must no, Amanda and Peter have gone away, so I thought I’d stay with Leah and catch up with Ric”

“ Oh right”

And awkward silence was happening. Neither Belle or Drew new what to say.

“ Well, I said I wouldn’t be long to Leah, so I guess I’ll see you around” and Drew walked away along the beach.

Belle stood motionless for a while. Had this just happened? It wasn’t until the cold breeze nipped her ear, that she remembered Aden. She turned her head towards the water and there stood Aden, looking back at her.

He had seen everything.

Belle quickly walked to him, worrying about what he was thinking. Aden was also walking quickly out of the water, but not to her. He avoided her direction and jogged to the spot where he left his shirt. Belle followed.

“Aden, I’m sorry”

“ What for? I mean, its Drew and you. That’s all its every been about hasn’t it” His temper was forcing Belle to feel extremely guilty.

“Aden, its not like that. You know it isn’t. We just bumped into each other, I couldn’t exactly not say anything”

“ Well you seemed to completely forget about me” Aden ignored Belles touch on the arm and walked towards the exit of the beach. Belle followed adamant for him to listen to her side of the story.

“Aden, why are you getting so upset? Nothing happened. I literally said 2 sentences to him. Just stop and talk will you…” She grabbed his arm and held it firmly, letting him know she was sorry and wanted everything to be fine between them.

Aden sighed. “ I’m sorry, but you got to understand, from where I was standing, I had no idea. And he is your ex”

“Exactly and ex. I don’t feel the way I felt for him anymore. I’m with you and nothings going to change that. In fact, I was thinking that, well, if things keep going ok, of maybe telling people about us”

Aden didn’t say anything. He just kissed her passionately. That was all he needed to say.

Hope you like x

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