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One Too Many Faces....Should Life Be So Difficult?

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Thanks for still reading. I hope its keeping you hooked. I’ve decided to add some more characters in, but Im leaving them unknown for the dramatic storyline which happens. Also, the last two spoilers that I wrote on the end of the last chapter are going to be postponed until the next chapter. This one was longer than I planned.

Chapter Five:

The next day, the residents of Summer Bay were still coming to terms with the previous nights events. Irene had stayed at the hospital with Belle, and Ric and Tony had stayed with Matilda.

Roman and Nicole were in the kitchen having breakfast. There great tension between them, Roman still very angry about Nicole’s role in the accident.

They had both came home late last night. Nicole was questioned by the police and released for the time being.

“Roman, I know you don’t want to speak to me right now. I don’t blame you. I have done a terrible thing and I should be punished. But please, I need you to speak to me and support me. I don’t think I can get through this without you. Dad, I love you” Nicole’s apologetic voice caught Romans attention

“Nic, I’m sorry for ignoring you. Of course I’ll be here for you. You’re my daughter and I’m your father”. He got up and kissed her on the forehead before washing up his bowl.


Aden lay on his bed in his bedroom. He hadn’t slept a wink that night. All he could think about was Belle. He just wanted to go to the hospital and be with her all the time. Hold her hand and speak to her, telling her he’s going to be there for her no matter what.

He knew that he couldn’t. Belle was adamant that no body is to know about them. She wants to wait until she’s ready to tell people (mainly Irene).

Twelve minutes had passed and his mobile phone was ringing. He looked at the screen and it read NICOLE. He pressed ‘reject’. Aden wasn’t in the mood to talk to her.


Belle began to stir, forcing Irene to get Rachel.

“Belle, Belle, can you hear me?” Rachel opened one of Belles eyes, shining a light into it hoping for a reaction.

Belle coughed and soon enough, she was wide eyed and looking around to where she was.

“ Where am I? Irene…”She held her hand out, hoping for Irene to take hold of it. Irene did and spoke to her soothingly, keeping her calm and unstressed

“Its ok Belle, Im here. Your in hospital, you were in a car accident”

“Belle, its Rachel Armstrong. Can you remember what happened?”

Belle shook her head, hoping for Rachel to explain everything.

“Ok Belle, you were involved in a car accident last night. You were with Mattie, remember?”

Belle began to scan back and flash backs began to emerge.

“I can remember me driving and Mattie sat next to me. We were driving the long way back home because the normal route was blocked.” Belle began “There was a car driving towards us, swerving everywhere and then…” Belle stopped, remembering the impact of being thrown straight forward into the windscreen.

“Its ok darl, take your time” Irene reassured

“I cant remember anything else. Sorry”

“Its ok Belle, you’ve done very well for remembering what you’ve just told us” Rachel said “now Belle. You’ve had quite a bruising and had some serious injuries. We managed to stop the internal bleeding and everything there is looking ok…” Rachel paused.

Belle, sensing that Rachel wasn’t telling her everything spoke.

“What is it Rachel?”

“You suffered some deep cut to the right side of your face. They’ve been cleaned and bandaged for now, but until we take another look, we wont know the full extent on whether they will be permanent or not”

Tears formed in Belles eyes, but she tried hard to hold them back.

“Can I see please” Belle said

“ Sure, I’ll get you a mirror” Rachel replied, walking away and returning shortly holding a square shaped mirror.

“Belle, are you sure you want to do this now. You’ve just come round” Irene said

“I want to know Irene” Belle took the mirror from Rachel, and then sat still while Rachel and one of the nurses began to remove the bandages.

When all the bandages lay in front of her on a bed table. Belle raised the mirror to her face and stared into it.

Her right side was covered with red blotches. A cut above her eyebrow which was at least 5cm long. Another below her nose, and one more on her cheek.

Irene squeezed her hand. Letting her know it was ok.

Rachel inspected the cuts, while Belle sat there. Silent.

After what seemed like ages to Belle, Rachel finally stopped prodding her face.

“Well Belle, you’re a very lucky girl. The cuts aren’t as bad as we first thought. They seem to be healing very nicely and once the bruising goes down, you’ll be back to your old self.

Belle and Irene’s face was covered in a look of relief.

“You’ll need to keep the cuts covered to stop infection. But I cant see why they wont be gone within a week or two” Rachel smiled. The best thing about being a doctor, was telling her patients good news.

“Thank you” Belle sobbed. She was so happy.

Irene had left to call Amanda, updating her on the news.

Belle was in her hospital room on her own, when she thought about Aden. She moved to the edge of her bed, to the cabinet where all her things were being stored. Opening the door, she reached for her phone. Guilty of having to use it in the hospital, she needed to speak to him.


Aden was just sitting in the kitchen, staring blankly at the bowl of cereal in front of him. His phone vibrated softly, breaking him from his trance. He look at the name and was shocked to read BELLE.

“Hello, Belle?” Aden jumped up while answering

“Hey, its me” Belle whispered

Aden sighed “Its so good to hear your voice. I’ve been so worried”

“Im ok. Just really miss you. I need to see you”

“I miss you too. I haven’t slept at all. Just wanted to come and hug you letting you know I am here for you”

“I could do with a hug from you right now. Irene’s phoning Amanda at the moment. I was going to ask her to go home and get me some things. Was wondering whether you could come see me then?”

“Yeah, Id love too Are you ok? The doctors were really worried about you last night” Aden asked

“I’ll explain when you get here” Belle replied

“Ok” Aden was slightly worried by this response “I’ll be there as soon as I can”

“Ok, good. See you soon then. I better go before someone catches me on my mobile

“See you” and Belle hung up.

Next Time:

What will happen to Nicole?

Who’s the stranger lurking round the corner, and what secret does he/she bring?

A break up, but will it be Ric and Mattie again? Aden and Belle? Or another summer bay couple?

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I cannot believe i was actually considering not reading this because i am reading so many Adelle fics at the moment it's hard to keep up!

This is only one of THE BEST ones on the board!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the premise you've taken with it, and the action and cliffhangers are working so well! I seriously love it so pleases please please update soon!!!!!! :D

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Thank you ‘wrongturntaken’ and ‘zzazzb‘! I feel so happy after reading your comments. Therefore this chapter is dedicated to you both =)

Chapter Six:

Aden arrived at the hospital just in time, as he saw Irene driving out of the car park. He walked through the entrance and went to the reception desk

“Hi, I here to see Belle Taylor”

“Ok, she’s this way”

The nurse took Aden to Belle’s room. Belle was lying down in her bed, listening to Geoff’s ipod which Irene had brought in for her.

Belle looked up as she hear footsteps approach her. She took the headphones out of her ears, placing them to the side moved her self into an upright sitting position.

“Hey” she said

“Hi” Aden replied. He was looking at her, in the hospital room attached to drips and monitors. Her beautiful face covered by freshly white bandages and her hair tied back into a rough pony tail.

“Its not as bad as it look” Belle said, aware of Aden staring at her

“Sorry, I dint mean to stare, you just…”

“Look terrible. I know, but that’s what I need to talk to you about”

“I was going to say pretty well, considering you almost died last night” Aden sat down on the chair beside her bed, and held her hand.

“Rachel said my cuts on my face wont scar, should be healed within 2 weeks. And no more internal bleeding, so shouldn’t be in here that long” Belle explained

“That’s brilliant” Aden’s face was covered with his warm smile, that always made Belle tingle and feel special.

“Aden. Can you tell me what happened please. Irene said that you and Nicole were there. She said you phoned for an ambulance..”

“Yeah, I did. I turned the wrong way walking home. I saw Nicole coming down the road and your car. You just collided. Belle Nicole was drunk. She’s been charged with drink driving .

There was silence between them for a moment.

“ So she did this to me and Mattie!” Belle raged, her eyes piercing with fury

“Yeah, but calm down. Your both ok now, and she isn’t going to get away with it” Aden said, trying to calm Belle’s temper

“Yeah, your right. How is Mattie, is she home yet?” questioned Belle

“I saw Tony talking to Rachel earlier. He said that she would be coming home this afternoon” Aden said

“ Oh that’s good. When you leave, could you maybe go and ask her to come see me please?”

“Yeah sure. Hang on, getting rid of me already are you?” Quipped Aden

“Well Irene will be due back soon. Besides, I’ll see you again soon”

“And when will that be?

“I don’t know yet. Ill ring you ok?” she said

“Sure ok” Aden leaned in to kiss her on the head

“Bye” Belle waved


Roman and Nicole entered the police station. Nicole sat down, while Roman began talking to Jack.

“So, how does it look?” asked Roman, referring to Nicole being charged

“Not good. She willingly got drunk, and chose to drive home. We’ll just have to wait till court”

Jack began to explain the situation of the court to Roman and Nicole.

“So, she’ll lose her licence and wait until 6 weeks time for the court hearing” Jack said

“Sure, thanks mate” Roman replied.


2 and a half weeks had passed and Belle had been out of hospital for a week now. The cuts and swelling of Belles face had healed very well. All that was visible was the faint outline of the cut above her eyebrow. She had already began to get back to her normal life of working at the diner. Irene and Roman told her it was too quick, but she insisted that she was ok and needed to get on with her life.

Belle was already running late for work that morning. She raced into the kitchen, grabbing her keys on the way. Picked up her mobile and was about to leave the house when Drew stood in the doorway.

“Taylor, hey, how are you?” He asked

“Hey Drew, I’m ok thanks”

“ I was going to visit you in hospital, but when Leah said that you were on the mends, I didn’t think you needed any more people fussing. Besides, you wouldn’t have wanted to see me anyway I’m guessing”

“Why would you think that?”

“Well, we aren’t exactly close anymore” Drew said

“Doesn’t mean we cant be friends. After everything that’s happened, there’s not much point in holding grudges”

“ True. So, how are you. Really?”

“I’m ok. Lucky to be here really. Lucky to have my life back to normal” Belle said confidently

“Good. What about your face? If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine” Drew said curiously

“Its fine. There’s nothing to say really. I’m just lucky that my cuts weren’t deep enough to scar”

“Well, your looking good Taylor”

“Thanks” there was an awkward pause, and Belle suddenly realised that she was now more late for work than before

“Oh, I’m late. Sorry I have to go” she said, Drew moved from the door, and Belle shut it behind them.

Drew walked with Belle to the pier diner. He was filling her in on what was happening back in the city with Amanda and Peter.

Walking into the diner, Belle noticed that Ric and Mattie were sititng at one of the tables, laughing and smiling with each other. Since the accident, Matilda and Ric both realised how much they loved each other and got back to together.

“Hey guys” said Belle

“Hey” Ric replied and Mattie replied

Drew sat down with them, while Belle walked into the kitchen applying her apron a the same time.

Irene and Aden was in there.

“Hey, sorry I’m late. I lost track of time” Belle said

“ That’s fine, you’re here now so could you help Aden with the lunches please” Irene then walked out into the diner

“ Hey there” Aden turned round talking to Belle. He tried to sneak in for a kiss but Belle moved away, worried someone might come in a see them.

“So how are you?” asked Aden

“Good thanks, yourself?”

“Better no I’ve seen you” he smiled “What are you doing after work?”

“Um, nothing yet, why?” Belle asked

“I was thinking we need some time together. Haven’t been with you properly in ages”

“ I know. I’m sorry. Sure, sounds good” Belle smiled back and both of them finished preparing the meals.


Both Belle and Aden finished work the same time that night. When they left the diner it was beginning to get dark outside.

“So, what were your plans for us to do then?” Belle said

“I don’t know. A walk, followed by a sleepover?”

“Oh very smooth Aden” Belle couldn’t help but smile

“ So, I take that as a yes?”

Belle couldn’t resist and replied “Fine”

They both walked down the hill to the beach, unaware of the mysterious shadow following them. A figure was hiding behind the building wall near by and was watching them. He was wearing a black hooded jumper, black jeans and dark coloured trainers.

He watched closely at Belle and Aden. His eyes followed there every movements like a hawk eyeing its prey.

Belle and Aden had finished there walk and heading back to her house. Aden had to go round the back and climb through Belles window as Irene, Geoff and Annie were home.

When inside, Belle could here an unfamiliar voice in the lounge area. She decided to see who it was, leaving Aden in her bedroom.

“Hey Geoff, who’s here?” Belle asked

“Some girl fore Irene. I think I heard her name was Tasha?”

“Tash!” Belle went into the kitchen and saw Tasha standing there, bags and suitcases around her, and baby Ella in her arms.

“Omg, Tasha, hi, what are you doing here?” Belle was shocked to see her.

“She’s, going to be staying with us for a bit. Her and Robbie have..well…broken up” Irene answered, helping Tasha out who’s tears were still trickling down her face.

“Right kids, its late and I think you should go to bed now. Tasha and Ella will be staying down here on the sofa for tonight.

Belle was aware of what Irene was trying to do. She obeyed and went back into her room.

“Who was it?” Aden asked after Belle shut the door again

“Oh, no one you know” She said as she sat on the bed next to Aden

Aden didn’t answer back, just put his arm around her and held her tightly.

They was enjoying each others company for a couple of minutes, when suddenly Belle’s window was smashed, and a brick tumbled along her floor.

Enjoy. A long slow chapter but hope its enjoyable for you x

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