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One Too Many Faces....Should Life Be So Difficult?

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Thankyou for you commetns. Always enjoy reading them. Heres the next chapter

Chapter 11:

This is a slow chapter, full of fluff and just everyday life. Working up to the good bits. Enjoy x

It was morning. Belle and Aden were in the ocean, having a morning swim. This was there thing, it was the first time Belle realised that she really liked Aden, and that made it even more special.

Splashing each other with the cool water droplets of the turquoise sea, they laughed and screamed, having fun with each other. The drama of the last couple of weeks made them forget about being young and having fun, so they enjoyed the moment while it lasted.

Walking back up the shore to their bags, they grabbed their towels and dried themselves.

“What time is it?” asked Aden

“Um, 8 ’o’clock. Oh god, your going to be late fore school!” she exclaimed

“Its fine, I don’t take as long as you do to get ready. I’m just naturally gorgeous” he joked, grinning at Belle

“Oi cheeky” she jokingly punched him in the chest, only for him to grabbed her hand and draw her close to him, planting a gentle kiss on her lips.

Once dry they both walked up towards the diner.

“I’ll see you later then?” said Belle

“Yeah, meet me at mine at lunch?”

“Ok” and she kissed him on he cheek before walking in to the diner for her shift


It was a slow day at work. Belle was greeted by some familiar faces during the day. Geoff, Annie, Jai, Ruby and Nicole all came in at lunch, which is when she was expecting Aden to come in.

“Hey Belle, can we get 5 OJ’s please?” asked Geoff politely

“Yeah sure. Have you seen Aden at school? He was meant to be meeting me here at lunch, which well, is almost over now” she said, hoping for him to walk through the door

“Yeah, I think I heard Bartlett saying he had a detention. Something about missing an essay deadline…” he trailed off at the end, unsure what he was saying

“Oh right. Thanks anyway” she helped Geoff carry the juice’s to the table and then carried on her job.


Throwing his keys and bag onto the kitchen table, Aden slumped into the sofa in Romans house. It was quite late, school had finished an hour and a half ago, but he had been caught not finishing his essay, so had a detention. It had been his first detention in ages. For some reason, since starting work, moving in with Roman and Nicole and dating Belle, he had become quite the good student, well…not perfect, but good enough for Aden! He knew that a detention was a bad thing, and he should have finished his history essay, but he had so many other things on his mind, he wasn’t in any place to concentrate on school.

The main thing on his mind was his Dad and brother.

His Dad, Larry, was planning on seeing him at the prison. Sean was due to come out soon, which made Aden feel extremely nervous. He was sent down for a chain of serious assaults, which also included Ric Dalby, whom he almost killed.

He hadn’t told anybody about this. It had been ages since he had talked to his family, or even seen them. He stayed in touch with his Dad, on the odd occasion that he might see him every so often. They weren’t close, due to their mothers death and many things that had happened during his childhood, things to hard to even think about. He was quite secluded about his family life. Many people knew the reason why he left home in the first place and moved in with Roman, but no body knew about his other past.

Pressing the menu button on his phone, he scrolled down until the highlighted name was DAD.

He pondered for a minute. He was keen to know what’s been happening, but he hadn’t spoken to his Dad in a while, so it would be a bit out of the blue. Involved in his thoughts, he didn’t at first here the knocking on the front door. Once back in reality, he put his phone down and answered it.

“Hey, where were you at lunch? Geoff said you got a detention?” Belle walked in, kissing him on the cheek as she did so

“Yeah sorry about that. Forgot some history essay” he replied, sitting down with her where he had previously been sitting

“Its fine. Another time, although you really should concentrate on school more, I thought you was ok at school?” she asked

“Yeah, its just recently I haven’t had the time, or the determination. Sorry”

“Its not my education. Its yours” she said, getting up from her seat “Want a drink?”

“Oh no thanks.” he remained seated, still looking at his phone.

“You know, I could also help you with your homework, I did actually pass year 12 the first time you know” she came back in the room, holding a glass of juice and grinning like a Cheshire cat

“Well when I do ask for your help, believe me I will be desperate” Aden smiled back and they jokingly teased each other

“So how has your day been so far?” Belle said, starting a more serious conversation

“Usual. Nothing new” he lied “yours?”

“Oh, same, the usual. Work” she noticed Aden not paying attention to her and continuously staring at his phone

“Expecting a phone call?” she said


“Well Ive never seen anybody stare at a phone so much” she smiled

“Oh right. No not expecting one”

Belle sensed and new he was lying. She had got to know his moods ever since they started dating. She was fairly good at it now “Aden, you are such a bad lier”

Aden shifted awkwardly, prompting Belle to ask further questions “Whats wrong?”



He turned towards her “I spoke to Dad”

“Oh. What happened?” Belle was all ears, and appreciated it when Aden opened up to her

“He said that he was going to see Sean in prison. His release is soon”

“And what did you say?” she said again

“Not much. He asked if I wanted to come. I said I’d think about it. I don’t know what to do. He’s my brother, but I just bring myself to look at him”

Belle held his hand and began her quest to reassure Aden of the good things in life

“It wouldn’t harm to go. Even though a lot has happened, they are your family. And no matter what, I’m always going to be here for you”

Aden couldn’t help but smile. Belle always made sense in the end “Thanks. Our amazing you know that?”

“I know. Remember that” she smiled back.

He kissed her on the cheek and picked up his phone. Watching him, Belle saw him ring his Dad. Going out into the kitchen, she thought it was best to leave him talk to Larry on his own.

“Hello” Said Larry

“ Hi Dad” was Aden’s reply

“ Aden mate. How are you?”

“Im good thanks. And you?”

“Yeah, things are going ok. Been off the grog for a week now. I just want you to know, Im doing this for you Aden. I miss having you here at home. Doesn’t feel the same”

“That’s good Dad. But you need to do this for yourself too. Not just me”

“I know. And I am. Honestly”

There was an awkward silence

“When are you going to see Sean?”

“Tomorrow afternoon. Have you got an answer?” Larry sounded hopeful

“…Yeah. Id like to come if the offer is still open”

“Always mate. Its going to be good to see you both again. Like a proper family

The word family always made Aden feel sick. He hadn’t had the normal family that most children had. His was sort of dysfunctional.

“Ill see you tomorrow. At mine at about 12ish?”

“Yeah, that’s perfect”

“Ok. Well I’ll see you then” and Aden hung up


Hope you liked it. I wasn’t sure about Aden’s brothers. I don’t know much about him, but I looked on wikipedia and it said Sean beat up Ric thought it was suitable to include him. If anybody has information on him, please tell me. Its is much appreciated. Also I would like to know the background on Justin Jefferies (his other brother) so any information on him would be good too! : )

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That was a great chapter! I loved Aden contemplating his life! And the idea to bring Sean into it is a really good idea!

On the official site it says that Justin left home five years ago, but that's all we know i think, except that he might have been a trouble maker, similar to Aden because Larry once said that Aden went off the rails like his brother(s). Anyway i hope that helps!

Wonderful update! I can't wait for more, please update soon!!! :D

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Thank you for your help with Justin/Sean. Appreciated

Just a short chapter. Enjoy. More detail and drama in the next. I promise x

Chapter 12:

Belle came back into the room. Aden was sitting on the chair, and Belle sat down there next to him.

“So…what happened?” she asked

“ I’m meeting him tomorrow lunch to go visit Sean” was the reply

“ Are you sure your ready for this?”

“Got to do it some day. Why not tomorrow?” Aden said still nervous about his arrangement

“Ok. If your sure” she leant in to give him a hug.

“Do you think this is the right thing. I haven’t seen Sean in years. What will I say?” Aden’s forehead crinkled

“ Its up to you whether it is the right thing or not. Only you can decided that. But you wouldn’t have arranged to meet him if you felt like it was the wrong thing! And well, when you see him, you’ll just know what to say. Trust me”

The reassurance made Aden smile “Your truly amazing, you know that? I don’t know what Id do without you”

“Probably be a complete mess. I have an amazing affect on people” she joked

“Oh, really. Well don’t be to big headed” he replied


It was the following day. 11:05am and Aden had just finished getting ready for today. He was wearing casual clothes, not wanting to make a too formal impression, but not too scruffy. He had decided to wear a plain white top and his dark denim jeans.

Grabbing his jacket and phone he opened the door, to see Nicole about to walk in.

“Hi. No need to open the door for me, but thanks anyway” she glided through the door in her usual diva way.

“Your welcome” Aden said flatly

“What’s wrong? I mean, I noticed you getting out early this morning? And you didn’t stay at Belles. Trouble in paradise is there? She was smirking, and noticed the look on Aden’s face and stopped “I’m only joking you know. Seriously, what’s up?”

“Nothing you’d be interested in” he sighed

“Try me” she straightened her posture, letting Aden know she was interested

“ Im going with my Dad to the prison…to see my brother Sean”

“Oh. Are you ready for this? It’s a big step” Nicoles sympathy made Aden feel a little uneasy, but he was quite glad that she seemed to care about him

“Yeah. It’ll be fine. Thanks” he walked out, leaving Nicole by herself


Belle was having breakfast a text message came through on her phone. She flipped the lid up and read it.

Now leaving. I’ll ring you when I get home. Aden xxx

She smiled at the kisses, but worry began to fill her up inside.

She was happy Aden was seeing his family. Maybe it was what he needed, to make him feel happier, and get along with them better. But there was something not right about it, and she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

Tasha was sitting in the same room as Belle. She was holding baby Ella and feeding her quietly, her suckling on the end of the bottle.

Belles sigh caught her attention.

“Are you ok? You’ve been quiet all morning” she asked Belle

“Yeah” she replied unconvincingly

“I don’t believe that for one minute. What’s wrong? Aden?” her guess was correct. And soon enough Belle was explaining what she was feeling. After spilling the beans, and hearing what she was thinking, she felt quite stupid. Why was she getting so upset and worried over something that wasn’t yet apparent.

“Honestly. I think you should let Aden deal with this his own way. If something is wrong, he’ll tell you when he’s ready. Don’t get upset over something that could be nothing”

Tasha’s words made Belles smile creep back on her face. She was right.


Aden met his Dad outside the prison. Larry was standing by his car, looking surprisingly well. When Aden saw this, it made him feel better because he knew that his Dad really had stopped drinking (for now) and hadn’t lied.

“Hey Dad” he wasn’t sure whether to give him a hug or hand shake. So he did neither. Just smiled

“ Aden. Its so good to see you. Your looking well”

“You too. How’s it going, the drink and everything?”

“ Yeah. I’ve been going strong. No slip ups just yet”

“Good to hear”

They paused, unsure what small talk to have next

“Listen. I appreciate you coming. I know it must have been difficult for you. You’ve got a new life now, but I hope things work out for us and hopefully, we can see each other again sometime” Larry was feeling very sorry for the hurt he had put Aden through.

“Me too”

They both walked side by side into the prison gates, wondering what to expect with Sean…

I know you’ll probably hate me leaving you like this, but I want to have the next chapter all about the visit, so thought it will be best to leave it there =) Hope you liked


Aden finally comes face to face with his brother, who he hasn’t seen in years

Plus! Another old face comes back to the bay, haunting everyone who lives there…

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Ok here it is. Chapter 14 will be the closing chapter to this part of the fic. I will then do a short section about different peoples past life, before and during summer bay. Sort of flash back sections. Then I will come back to the main fic as the drama unfolds! Hope you like

Chapter 13:

Aden sat on the uncomfortable metal chair. Hi s Dad sat next to him, and they waited, watching as the prisoners and guards made there way into the visiting area.

Aden wasn’t sure what to expect. He wondered what his brother was like now. The way he looked. Would he recognise him? He remembered how much he used to look like him. They both were tall and blond. Was he still like that?

Larry stood, and Aden new that this was it. His eye caught someone. Sean. He was still tall, still blond, but now had a bit of a beard. He hadn’t changed that much, apart from the beard and looking older.

“Son, how’ve you been?” Larry leaned in to give Sean a handshake, but the guard stopped him, for security reasons.

“I’ve been good. Glad to finally be getting out of here” He looked at Aden, who was standing with his hand in his pocket in silence.

“No hello for your brother?” Sean waited for his response

“Hey” was his reply

They all sat back down

“Your looking well, I can see this place hasn’t got the better of you” Larry was trying to break the tension

“Well Im a Jeffries Dad, nothing can get the better of us” He looked again at Aden “Look at you. You’ve grown heaps, not like the little brother I used to play fight with”

There was an awkward silence…

“Yeah well, things change. People change” Aden said frostily

“Hope Dad not been giving you a hard time at home with the chores and all” Sean said, trying to make a joke

Larry butted in “Actually, Aden doesn’t live with me anymore. He moved out”

“Since when! How can you possibly afford a house by yourself?” questioned Sean, amused by his brothers independence

“ He’s not on his own. He’s moved in with his boss Roman. I started drinking again…don’t mock him. Its my fault”

Sean was still amused “O right. Well, Ill be back soon Dad. Home wont be empty much longer. So Aden, what’s been happening with you? How’s school?”

“Its going ok. Just studying for my HSC’s” Aden tried harder to make an effort

“ Nothing else happening?” sean asked

“No not really”

“Go on Aden, tell him about Belle” Larry nudged his arm, making Aden blush

“Belle? I take It this isn’t the name of a new pet?” Sean said sniggering

“ Theres nothing to say really” Aden tried to change the subject as he was deeply embarrassed

“Don’t lie. Hes dating a very nice beautiful girl. You’ll really like her when you meet her. She’s helped Aden through a lot these past months” Larry wasn’t getting the hint that Aden was trying to do

“Ooooh! A girlfriend ay? Well, I’ll be loking forward to seeing her” Sean said

Fed up with the digs he was receiving, Aden leaned in and squared up to Sean’s face and whipered in a low, angry voice “ Yeah well that’s not going to happen. I want nothing to do with you when you get out. Just stay out of my life” and he stormed out of the visiting area, ignoring the calls from his Dad.

Aden furiously dialled Belle’s number on his phone. He was so angry at his brother, he didn’t notice his Dad hobbling behind him, trying to catch up with him.

The firm grip on his shoulder made Aden shrug it away. He already knew what his Dad was going to say and he didn’t want to hear it.

“Aden please stop this” Larry begged. Aden turned around.

“Dad, I tried. But I cant stay in the same room as him. I’m just done with him in my life. came and saw him. Now I’m leaving” he turned round again and started walking away.


Belle’s phone lit up. She saw ADEN across the screen, and immediately new something was wrong. She knew what time the visit was and he was out way to early.


“Hey” said Aden miserably

“Your out early. What happened?”

“He’s not changed one bit. He’s the same Sean from years ago. I cant deal with it anymore”

“Why what happened?” Belle said

“Just the usual mocking jokes about me. About us. Exactly what he used to do”

“What did he say!” Belle fumed

“You know what. I don’t even want to talk about him again. He’s out of my life for good now. I’ll see you in a bit” and he hung up.


Belle was waiting at Romans house for Aden. She knew he’d need her when he came back so asked Roman if she could wait for him. Sitting in the kitchen, she heard the door knob turn and walked into the lunge to see who it was.

“Hey. What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to make sure you were ok” was her reply

“Thanks, but there’s no need. I kind of want to be on my own if that’s ok” Aden was tired after his day. All he wanted was to be on his own, to sort out his thoughts.

“Sure. But will you ring me later?” Belle was very understanding

“Yeah” he said back, and reached for her hand, pulling her in for a quick kiss.


Irene was working in the diner alongside Roman and Leah that day. Nicole, Geoff, Annie, Ruby and Jai were sat at one table discussing various things. Morag and Alf were at another opposite Ric, Matilda and Drew’s table. Everyone was engrossed in there gossip session for the time being. Nicole acting like Little Miss Princess, while Alf listened to Morag moan about Coleen. Alf of them unaware of the mysterious creature outside.

He walked closely around the building, his hand trailing on the bumpy surface of the wall. From far back, it looked like he was fairly big in size, but if he was zoomed in, it was clear that he was accompanied by a companion. What looked like a female, she was cradled closely to his side. Her daemon eyes glared into the diner doors. As if all of a sudden, they both crashed there way into the diner. Screams and chaos took place almost instantly.

“Good bye summer bay!” was the last scream to be heard, with the flicker of a lighter, the place went up into flames…


Who will survive the attack on summer bay?

I can reveal that someone is seriously injured

Another has a life threatening condition

And finally…who are these attackers, will they die? And why does Roman become deeply terrified…

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