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One Too Many Faces....Should Life Be So Difficult?

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Here it is. Enjoy

Chapter 10:

Dom wobbled heavily on his feet, sipping constantly the bottle of alcohol he was holding. He stumbled across the gravelled ground, tripping every so often as his vision got blurrier and blurrier.


The sky got darker and darker, and the moon moved across the sky. Belle was still with Aden. Roman had offered for her to stay for dinner that night, as she politely she accepted. Sitting down ready to eat, Belle noticed the glares she was getting from Nicole. She decided it was best to ignore them, not wanting to make a fuss.

“ So, I’m probably boring you with all my talk, how’s things going with you lot?” Roman said

“ Nothing much, the usual” said Aden

“Well I think that’s a lie! I mean, its not every day you have secret relationships” enraged Nicole. Belle and Aden just looked at each other, slightly confused

“Leave it Nic!” was Romans reply in a stern, deep voice.

“Whatever” and she stormed out of the kitchen in another of her princess strops

“Sorry guys, she’s just in one of her moods again. Don’t take any notice” Roman applied

“Its fine, honestly” Said Belle, knowing what Nicole was like.

Belle’s phone began to vibrate in her pocket, she reached in and pressed the answer button

“Hello…Yeah, ok…I’ll be right there”

“Who was that?” asked Aden

“Irene, they’ve found Dom, he’s in the hospital with alcohol poisoning”

“Are you serious?” Aden was in complete shock

“I have to go” said Belle

“Well I’m coming with you” Aden protested

“No Aden, its fine, Irene and Drew are going to be there. Il be ok”

“Tough, Im coming with you. You don’t know what he’s capable of, hospital or no!” Aden grabbed his keys, which were quickly taken away from him by Roman

“Your not going to drive in this state, Ill take you both” Roman said


Aden, Belle and Roman arrived at the hospital quite quickly. Doctors buzzed passed as casualties were wheeled in on wheelchairs or trolleys.

They saw Rachel, and went right up to her to ask what was happening

“Hey Rach, how is he?” asked Belle, quite sincerely

“He’s had his stomach pumped, and looks like he’s stable. We’re just going to keep a good eye on him. The police have been informed by the way Belle…about the brick”

“Ok, thanks” Belle saw Drew from the corner of her eye, talking to a police officer. She was feeling quite anxious as to what her and Drew were going to say to the police. And even more nervous about Dom, when he wakes up.

“Hey, Drew” Belle tapped him on the shoulder. He turned round and noticed Aden standing next to her, holding her hand tightly

“Hang on a minute. I get a phonecall about Dom, but I have to find out this way about you to!” The raised tone in his voice made Belle reajust her position with Aden and losing her hand grip

“I think I’ll let you to talk” said Aden, as he sensed the awkwardness

“So, are you going to explain?” asked Drew

“There’s nothing to explain. Its none of your business” Belle’s temper raised as she sensed Drew still thought her had control over her

“Well, this is Aden Jefferies we’re talking about! Aden! You seriously must be deluded, or has he miraculously become a human being?”

“Seeing as its none of your business, I don’t have to explain my self to you. But if your so interested in my personal life, Aden has changed a massive amount since you were last here and so have I” she said

“So he has changed into a perfect gentleman now has he?” Sarcasm stretched through Drew’s voice

“Drew, you and me ended ages ago, I think its time you actually get over it and become more interested in your own life, seeing as you’ve practically done nothing with it so far” Belle said, turning her back to him and smiling to herself. She was happy to be standing up for herself, and her relationship as it was a hard thing to do when so many people judge.


Dom began to come round, and realising where he was, he caused quite a stir for the hospital staff. Trying to leave, he pulled out the drips and equipment he was attached to only to be pinned back down by Rachel and some of the nurses.

“Let me go, I need to get out of here!” He yelled

“Sorry but we cant let you do that Dom” Rachel tried to calm him down, telling him about what happened and how he wasn’t going to go to the police just yet as he was still under observation, but all he wanted was one thing.

“I need to see Belle” he whispered

“Ok, I’ll ask her Dom, but she might say no” Rachel left Belle with a police officer, in the room He had to be monitored by the police in case he tried to escape and hurt someone again.

“Belle, he’s asking to see you” said Rachel, slightly worried about what her reply might be.

Belle hesitantly thought about this for a minute until she replied “Ok”

“Belle, are you out of your mind girly!!” cried Irene

“Its ok, he cant do anything, besides I need to end this once and for all” she walked slowly and cautiously into the room, looking at the police officer standing in there aswell, glad he was there to protect her

“Belle, I new you’d come” was Dom’s welcome to her

“ How are you feeling?” She sat down, still quite a distance from his bed, but tried to make him feel less like a criminal and more like a sick person

“I’m ok, you can come closer, I’m not going to hurt you” Dom held out his hand, and sensing Belles refusal brought it back close to his side

“I’ve missed you” he said

“Dom, you need to understand, I don’t love you, I never will. Please can you get over me and get on with your life. Don’t waste it” Belle pleaded

“Your not a waste of my life Belle. I love you and always will, and someday I know you’ll love me back”

“Dom, if you truly love someone, you don’t throw bricks through there windows and scare them”

“I didn’t mean to scare you, I just wanted you to know I was back for you and that no one else can have you. I’ve followed you round you know, I know your not with Drew anymore so you must love me as well!” Belle was horrified at the thought of being watched all this time, and scared at how much Dom believed she was in love with him

“I don’t love you and I never will. You have to leave me alone and stay out of my life forever” and she pushed back her chair and walked towards the door.

His eyes narrowed and his fore head wrinkled. Dom pounded form his bed, and grabbing a scalpel that had been placed on the medicine tray, he lashed towards Belle. The officer quickly retaliated and pinning him to the ground, called for back up. Belle raced from the room into Aden’s arms, where he held her closely looking at the anger and revenge in Dom’s eyes

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Ok so Im working on the next chapter. Ive done so far about a page and a half.

Im thinking its going ok, but I have school coursework to catch up on so maybe a bit later posting it. Hopefully be up by tomorrow sometime

I really hope that you arent getting bored because I really dont want that!

Please tell me if you dont like parts/suggestions on what you would like to happen and I promise to think about and include them

x x x

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