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  1. A large Grand Marnier and 2 mince pies with cream (pies are home made)
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    lynd, I'm gonna send you a pm
  3. 5 degrees celsius and sunny...a lovely crisp winters day.
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    Of course angst is good...it means you appreciate the fluff that much more *Joins Zetti in her dash for cover*
  5. I also like the way Nic's character is developing, I'm looking forward to the new season I hope her relationship with Geoff continues, I love the contrast in their character. p.s. Cerise...you're not closeted any more...you just opened the door
  6. This is an excellent point! When you're on the outside looking in, the bigger picture is almost inveriabley clearer than when you're living the situation. Emotions are messy and illogical, psychology might follow broad patterns but in it's detail is individual. How you react in different situations is shaped by personality and past experiences...I think Aden and Belle need some time to work though the nightmares they've both been through.
  7. The triangle with Angelo isn't cool at all, but it does deal (in a manner of speaking anyway) with a situation that many people get into. Whilst the circumstances, background and reasons may vary widely, a lot of people cheat on partners (especially young people but it can happen at any age). This is an example of H&A dealing with a real issue, I think it's a good thing
  8. How on earth did a Bruce Willis film put you in the mood for sin city? Or is there a Bruce Willis film called Sin City? Bruce Willis is in the Frank Miller/Robert Rodriguez movie Sin City. He features in it as Hartigan. The only Sin Cities I could think of was something very different.
  9. How on earth did a Bruce Willis film put you in the mood for sin city? :o Or is there a Bruce Willis film called Sin City?
  10. Geoff is a great example of what can happen if a person's up-bringing is too strict! He was/is totally unprepared for the realities of the modern world and this can come across as being judgmental and sanctimonious, when the reality is that there are many issues that are just way outside what he is equipped to understand. Watching him evolve as a person is interesting - his struggle with breaking his own code of ethics on the island and the decisions he made afterwards for example - has been written such that it parallels well with someone who has been brought up in a strict Christian environment. I hope he does maintain his no sex before marriage belief (even though he's broken it once) - it contrasts well with the way Belle's character has been written and this contrast, within the context of their near sibling relationship, allows for two different viewpoints to be explored. Who knows? Maybe HAA can send the message that whilst sex isn't something to be ashamed of, it isn't the most important factor in a relationship and having the strength to try and stick to your principles (even if you have messed up in the past) is something you can be proud of. I like Geoff :D:D:D:D:D
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