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  1. Hey chika!! Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day! Have fun on your first time clubbing...legally at least lol

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Best wishes, Reilly x

  3. heyoo

    yay :) i have another friend ! wooahh i see you like britney spears lol i love her haha :P!!

  4. What Jenlee said in Aug :P Feeling that way myself.

  5. Yeah, I'm pretty good actually. What about you?

  6. Hiya

    sorry only just saw your comment! haha yeah im absolutely fine with you adding me.. the more friends the better! how are you anyway?


  7. Hey, I think I added you a while back... just making sure you're ok with it. Chat soon, Reilly

  8. Aww that was great! loved the remote stuff Im glad Drews finally gone and we can get back to the fluff *hint hint*
  9. Wow Aden is amazing!! What a beautiful ending for such a amazing fan fic!! The island looks lush!!!
  10. My mum went ice cream crazy at the supermarket so we have multiple packets of trumpets and jelly tip ice creams So you can probably guess what im eating atm hehe
  11. oh what i would do for a can of coke i amm so thirsty and all there is to drink is milk sigh
  12. Im not eating anything atm But im having serious cheesecake cravings!! OMG i could eat the whole thing *drool*
  13. Heyy

    thanks for the add :)

    i really love your fics (esp unlucky) there awesome!! when i read them i can pretend adelle are still together lol oh if only it was reality owel i dont think we have long to wait now


  14. Im pretty sure the one i found is her, because there's a pic of her and two other girls and it cant be fake because the last time she logged in was 2006 when no one would of known who she was so its defiantly not fake she's probably just forgotten about it/ doesnt use myspace anymore
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