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Complicated Desires, Forbidden Meetings (by matticus01) - comments


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The girl is Martha!

Martha's a very bad girl. :wink: Sneaking out when her parents aren't home... :rolleyes:

She's a heavy sleeper, isn't she? She didn't hear the maid clean her room.

Martha smiled but that smile soon faded when she knew that they could never be, for if Jack Holden ever found out it was his arch enemies princess who had fallen for him, this war would end in disaster.

She knows who Jack is but he doesn't. Wonder what Jack's reaction will be when he finds out. :unsure:

Love the DeadSexy nickname. :P

More please.

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Ah, so the girl was Martha. She's a very bad girl, isn't she? Sneaking around in the middle of the night, acting like a slut :P

She reminds me of me when it comes to sleeping. She's a heavy sleeper, so am I. I never hear if something is going on unless I'm almost awake :lol:

Wonder how Martha found out that DeadSexy (:lol:) was Jack, but Jack hasn't been able to figure out that WonderGirl is Martha. Wonder what will happen when he does :unsure:

If Jack and Martha love each other, but the families are enemies and refuses them to be together, then let the war begin :ph34r:

More please!

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