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    singing, acting, soccer (but I'm not sporty lol) writing, Alex Rider Series, they're awesome!! Billy Elliot movie and the musical they're awesome!! (haven't seen the movie but love the songs lol!) writing stories and heaps of other stuff!!

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  1. awesome!!! wonder which rangers they are...?? pkease update soon!! :)
  2. loved all the new updates!! they were great!!! update soon!!!
  3. the situations bad... but the stories good!!! Very unexpected turn bringing drew out of jail! Hmmm...wonder what Melodys gonna do??? And where's Mattie and Lucas in all of this? lol na it's still fantastic without Mattie and Lucas (which I didn't even know was possible...) please update soon!!! :)
  4. we can form a gang, i'm sure there are others who will be happy to join... Count me in! And me!!!! Adelle forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me too!!! and me!!! And me! see look how many people we have on our side we just need a name.. Melody slept with a teacher and is now pregnant! Jeez Mel, keep it in your pants Update soon! that phone call has me intrgued... YAY!!!I was going to join their little group...which probably isn't quite so little now... so update soon!!! :)
  5. great update!!! it was awesome!!! Jess is a bit of a byotch...lol aww Lucas and Mattie are so sweet!! Haha go Aden!!! Update soon!!! :)
  6. omgomgomgomgomg!!! CLIFFHANGER!!! you're so mean... nah not really.... please update soon though!!! :)
  7. I can't believe Lucas would do that!!! Still he was protecting Mattie...aww that's soo sweet!!! anyway *clears throat* hope they don't hate Lucas too much.. updates soon!!
  8. omgomgomg!!! Love this fic it's awesome!! Please update soon!!!
  9. omgomgomg!!! cliffhanger!!!! Update soon!!!! :)
  10. this fic is awesome!! I agree with Maccaz, he is defiantly involved. Please update soon :)
  11. this is awesome!! Wonder who kidnapped her?? Update soon!!
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