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Complicated Desires, Forbidden Meetings (by matticus01) - comments


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ok.................... i know i havent updated for a bit but i just want to say...as my excuse that........

I just spent the last two days reading through Rachel's old fic 'Anywhere but here'.............. and let me just say for the record...

Every chapter she either had me in tears, laughter or anger...

every chapter was perfectly written out and amazingly perfect... :D

Much to her display that some chapters sucked...I thought otherwise they were all brilliant and by the end of the fic you could really tell that she had come along way with her writing so i hope that one day,,,my writing will be as good as Rach's...

Now...I promise you guys I will update 2moro because my new computer is all set up and i have the net :rolleyes:

So I'm writing the chapter now, even though its 1.30 am here and if i dont get it done then i'll post when i get up in the morning....love you all and i think that Rach.................If your reading this fic 'then i hope you like it' because i just wish my writing could be as believable as your is :unsure:

thats all....FOR NOW :lol:

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Thank you for the information on the cat o' nine tails. That's gotta be painful. :angry:

You write your chapters at 1.30 am. You're crazy! :P

Poor Martha! :( The way Jack takes care of her is so sweet. :wub:

They almost kissed. :wub:

Oh no, her father is coming! Jack, hide her!

More please.

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Here it finally is guys and im sooooo sorry it took so long but i hope you like it....

It's a rather boring chappy but crucial to the story okies...

This Chappy is dedicated soley to 'Caitie'...........just coz she likes Mattie and Luc :D

Chapter 6

They kept there intense gaze on each other and just as Jack tilted his head a fraction and was just about to meet his lips with hers they both heard footsteps coming from the stairs. Martha quickly pulled away and looked up just in time to see a boy and girl of no more than fifteen walking down the stairs, clutching each others hands tightly.

“Morning Jack, how you feeling Martha?” the blonde boy asked as he got to the bottom of the stairs with the girl next to him.

“Mornin Luc!” Jack replied as Martha looked on wondering who he was and then last night came flooding back to her.

“I’m…I’m ok thanks!” Martha replied, she could feel herself blushing in embarrassment because she couldn’t remember who he was for a moment.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed Martha, its ok if you can’t remember me or Mattie!” Lucas replied as the brown/blonde girl waved to Martha who smiled back.

“I’m sorry, I do remember you, only vaguely though!” Martha replied as she kept her gaze on Lucas and Matilda, all the while feeling a pair of eyes sternly on her. She gave them a small smile before turning back to Jack who instantly looked down at the ground.

Awww you dedicated it to me!!!Thankyou!!!! :D

It was a great chapter!!

I hope Marthas Dad doesn't find her!!!

Update soon!!!!!!!!!!!

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Martha's dad's so evil, don't like him one bit at all, Martha should get an AVO out against him, he's out of control.

Love the Holden's, there the complete opposite to Martha's family the way they've taken Martha in even though their families are enimies.

Can't wait to see where your going with this story, loving reading it. Awesome job.

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Thanks for the information about the "cat of nine tails". That sounds so... painful. Martha's dad is pure evil :angry:

I feel sorry for Martha :( But at least she has Jack who can take care of her :wub:

I sense a kiss in the air :wink:

Oh no! Martha's dad's coming! Quick, Jack! Hide Martha!

More please!

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:o Martha could die if they don't stop the bleeding! :o How could a father hurt his daughter like that? He belongs in jail! :angry:

Hope Kate can help Martha. *prays*

Chapter 8:

Can the Holden's stop the bleeding on Martha's back?

Jack makes a deadly decision and goes to the MacKenzie house!

dont all shoot me yet! :)

Is Jack suicidal? Why would he even consider going to Martha's house? He should stay by her side.

I hope we won't have to shoot you. <_<

More please.

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