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What's your favourite season finale of Home&Away?

I've only seen the season finales from 2001-2007, and I think my favourite is the 2005 finale. Although both the 2006 and the 2004 finales are good, I just love the 2005 finale. I also think 2001 is a great finale.

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I think 2006. 2005 was a good finale, but it revealed too much and the promos leading up to it, ruined the surprise <_< And I didn’t really like this years finale, and I can’t really remember any other, and I take that as a bad sign :P So 2006 was the best one in my opinion.

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^Yeah I guess you could say that, but then again they haven't based all their season finales on cliffhangers. The only continuing storyline from 2004 to 2005 over the season finale was Dalby in the City, but that wasn't really a clffhanger (or even an attempt) either, and they didn't pick that up until several weeks into the 2005 season. I actually thing the 2005 season picked up six weeks after where the 2004 finale left off, but still I think it was a good season finale :wink:

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I don't know about all of them, but here's the ones I know:

2001 - Leah gives birth to VJ and Vinnie is arrested right afterwards. I also think this is the episode where Gypsy gives birth to Lily (?) and Will proposes.

2002 - There's some Angie/Shelley/Rhys stuff I don't remember and Leah gets a call about Vinnie being dead.

2003 - Sutherlands trapped in a mine shaft

2004 - The opening of Noah's, Pippa's christening. No cliffhanger, just end montage showing Flynn and Sally with Pippa, Jesse and Josie going home together, Kane and Kirsty, Dalby in the city, Beth telling Alf she's no longer Beth Sutherland, and Hayley falling asleep dreaming that Noah comes in and kisses her.

2005 - Tasha choose The Believers over Robbie and her friends, Leah finds out she's pregnant after Dan has left, Flynn tells Sally he wants to take the morphine after collapsing at baby Noah's christening, Scott and Hayley leaves the Bay, Kim does drugs again and we see that Zoe is still alive.

2006 - Sally is stabbed by Rocco after Colleen's Christmas play.

2007 -

The new Summer Bay Stalker is revealed, Rachel is held hostage, Sally and Pippa are being watched by a mysterious man writing "Milco" in the sang

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