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  1. I do love her whenever we see her. Off topic; Whats happened to nurse Julie? Shes anoter recurring guest role that you just love.
  2. They rock as a couple, lovely to see them both so happy.
  3. Who would of throught so many of us would be shipping these two? I bloody love em together.
  4. Yippee this game has life again! Brax and Charlie left oh please. Brax 62 Charlie 73
  5. I love Marilyn regardless but yeah she has been bugging me recently a little bit but isn't that what the writers/prodcuers whoever do with old characters that they bring back, manage to ruin a lot of them?!?! AHHH.
  6. Why on earth have I not commented in this thread yet??? HOTTEST GUY EVER. I actually could just look at him all day. PHWOAR!!!
  7. Us Brits would love it, but gayness doesn't go down well in Oz. I would love to see a gay relationship and with these 2 yes please they are hot!
  8. I miss her too. They need Amanda or someone like her back in the bay.
  9. I find him the hottest of the 3 but what I don't like is that he is guest cast and the other 2 are regulars, anyone care to share some light on this matter?
  10. OMG I am loving the Xavier love right now. He has been a firm favourite of my for awhile now, and I'm glad to see more coming round to him. He is improving and improving. And getting hotter and hotter, I am liking his growth of chest hair, hahaha.
  11. I love Bianca, and completely agree with everything you just said Changelo shipper...
  12. Start and end intro are lush, shame there isn't any credits. I just typed up on a word document who I think would be paired up with who if there was 2011 credits. Could I start a thread or a thread be started by a mod where we can list our credits of who would be with who. And if some people have the right programs could even create there credits and show us all.
  13. Alf - 3 Angelo - 15 Charlie - 59 Irene - 8 Marilyn - 7 Miles - 19 Nicole – 5 Romeo - 5 Sid - 3 It sucks that this game isnt constant and lots aren't involved. I see it as a game that should be fast paced, and show us a reflection on who is popular on a regular basis!
  14. Alf - 6 Angelo - 11 Charlie - 49 Irene - 6 Marilyn - 8 Miles - 28 Nicole – 6 Romeo - 6 Sid - 5
  15. Alf - 6 Angelo - 8 April – 3 Charlie - 34 Colleen - 4 Indigo - 2 Irene - 5 Marilyn - 8 Miles - 21 Nicole – 6 Rachel - 5 Romeo - 6 Sid - 6 Tony - 4 VJ - 2 Xavier - 4
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