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I'll Never Give Up!

Guest Channy!!!

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Story Title: I'll Never Give Up!

Type of story: Longish story

Starring: Jack Holden, Martha MacKenzie, Tasha Andrews, Kym Hyde, Tony Holden, Alf Stewart and others.

BTTB rating: A SC L V, N

Genre: Romance, Drama

Does story include spoilers: not really maybe a few

For following Fan Fic is rated A rated, It uses sexual references, mild course language, violence and nudity

OUTLINE: So I decided to end my last fiction Meant To Be? Where it was, as I thought it was a happy ending. Here is a new ficiton I've begun writing.

Here's the outline:

Martha is the girl everyone wants to be, she’s the most popular girl in school who could have any guy she wants. But many know that Martha is in no way happy and that her life is far from perfect. She is heading nowhere (except to rehab or a early grave) fast and they have no idea how to help her. Jack’s the new guy also with a painful past, he instantly notices Martha and sees through her picture perfect exterior, he’s drawn to her and vows to help her get through at all costs. There is no doubt that Jack will change Martha’s life perhaps for the better, but will the effect he has over her ultimately save her from herself?


The lights flashed on and lit her up, she danced slowly and seductively wrapping her hand around the shiny silver poll she swung around it and posed with her back against the poll. Her body was tanned and covered in tiny diamonte sparkles, her eyes were highlighted with too much black eyeliner and mascara and foundation covered the bags beneath her eyes. Posing there in the middle of the stage people could easily mistake her for a confident 21 year old lady, but she was neither. She was an emotional 17 year old girl who had had a tough life, but on this stage she could hide behind her sexy grown up exterior and be whoever the guys watching her dance wanted her to be, on the stage she was no longer valnureable.

The music quickened and so did her dance moves moving her hips to the beat and using the poll to swing on the guys cheered. She was the star of the show, but the feeling of security she got when she danced was slowly fading as the song played on. The song was soon over and she struck her closing pose her leg wrapped around the poll and looking seductive she stared out into the audience. That’s when her eyes met a familiar pair of chocolate brown eyes, she swollowed hard and turned away, she was ashamed and she ran from the stage.

“Martha!” the tall dark haired guy called after her.

‘Oh no she thought to herself, Jack had just seen her dance.’


6 Months earlier

Martha walked down the hallway at school, her head was spinning but she held it high, she knew that people were watching her walk by she could feel their eyes on her, this shouldn’ bother her, ever since she’d hit puberty she’d been watched, but it did bother her. She reached her locker, and fiddled with the lock, ‘god’ she thought to herself she couldn’t see the numbers clearly enough to put in her code.

“What are you doing Macca?” Tasha asked, Tasha was her best friend she was tall and blonde and extremely pretty.

“Nothing Tash, just trying to remember what we have. You know you look really pretty today Tash, that shirt is really cute.” Martha said

“Martha.” Tasha looked worried.

“Don’t look at me like that Tash, I haven’t had that much.” She turned away from her friend.

“You shouldn’t have to have any, your at school Mac.” She placed her hand on her friends shoulder, Martha shook it off.

“Exactly my point!” People looked over at Martha, it was obvious she’d said it a little to loud, without noticing.

“Huff” Martha sighed placing her hand on her forehead and resting against the locker as her head span.

“Are you alright?” Tasha whispered.

“Fine. Just can you get my books out of my locker please? You know my code.” Martha asked

“Yea sure.” Tasha opened Martha’s locker and was shocked to see how many bottles were in there, Johnny Walker, Bundy Rum, there were at least 4 bottles. She shook her head moved one of the bottles from where it was sitting on top of Martha’s book and took the book out, she closed the locker door, what was she going to do about her best friend?


“Miss Mackenzie” Ms Curtis the teacher said loudly.

“Mac,” Kym, Tasha’s blonde surfer boyfriend prodded Martha.

“Yea,” Martha came back to reality and sat up, she’d passed out on the desk.

“Is my lesson boring you Miss MacKenzie?” Ms Curtis asked

“Ahh, no not really I’m just really tired.” Martha lied.

“Well how about you meet me here at 3:30 this afternoon and you can catch up, on what you’ve missed while you’ve been napping.” Ms Curtis ordered.

“Whatever.” Martha answered it was obvious she didn’t really give a crap, there was no way she was going to show up anyway.

“Now where were we? Natural selection in fish.” Ms Curtis shook her head at Martha and went on with her lesson, Martha had once been a great student, she may have been one of the smartest 16 year olds the teacher taught, but that was a few months ago.


It was now lunchtime Martha sat at the Diner, with Tasha, Kym and the rest of their group.

“So there’s a party at the beach tonight after 9, you better be there.” Ric who was one of the bad boys announced accross the table directing it at Martha.

“Yea righteo.” Martha nodded her head at him.

“Any excuse to get drunk is great.” Mattie one of Martha’s closest friends said and smiled at Rick.

“Who needs an excuse.” Martha whispered loudly enough for half of the table to hear. Tasha flashed Kym a worried look, Kym looked back at her as if to say I don’t know what we can do.

“So who wants to skip last period with me?” Martha asked the table.

“We have a history test last period Mac.” Tasha said.

“Yea I know, who needs history anyway, the past is the past, learning about it isn’t going to change anything.” Martha stated there was a little sting in her voice as if talking about the past hurt.

“That’s not the point it goes towards your end of year results.” Said Kym

“Meh,” Martha really didn’t care. “Well if no one is going to skip it with me, I’ll just head upstairs.”

She stood up and headed away from the group, the guys watched her walk her short skirt almost showing her undies, her shirt hemmed to show a few inches of tanned flat stomach.

“Mac!” Tasha yelled after Martha.

“Don’t!” Martha yelled back before disappearing behind the Diner counter and up the stairs into her flat.


Martha chucked her designer bag on the table which was covered with empty bottles and take away food boxes. She ripped off her school shirt threw it on the couch with the rest of her clothes, and she pulled on a almost see through white shirt. Looking at her flat it was obvious it belonged to a teenage girl and an adult hadn’t been in there for a while.

She walked into the kitchen opened the fridge door and grabbed out a can of Smirnoff Black, drinking it she headed towards her bedroom, to find a skirt. As she pulled the black short skirt on she knocked a picture off her bed side table, she picked it up and looked at the people in the photo.

A dark haired woman who looked like an older version of Martha,a dark hair guy who had Martha’s eyes stood arm in arm, the woman wore a pretty white wedding dress, they looked so happy in the photo. Next to the bride was an older man with kind eyes, he wore an old straw hat that clashed with his suit but somehow suited him, holding her father the grooms hand was a younger Martha, she wore a pretty smile and was obviously extremely happy, next to her was her older brother Macca.

Looking at the photo brought a tear to Martha’s eye which she wiped away quickly, she felt weak when she cried. She felt so alone looking at the picture, she missed her parents so much although she’d never admit it to anyone, they had died a month ago in a horror car smash. Her grand father had left the bay to go on a fishing trip around Australia he needed time away from the town which he’d raised his daughter in, her brother hadn’t showed his face since the day of the car crash, where he was now no one knew. That left Martha alone in the apartment which they used to rent out, it was her inheritance along with quite a sum of money, it had turned out her parents had been quite well off. They’d left alot to there treasured youngest child, which in a way made their passing so much more painful for Martha.

Next to that photo was a picture of her and Tasha, they were in grade 7, they were young and happy. This photo also upset Martha, she knew that she was distant from her best friend and that Tasha knew she was unhappy but didn’t know how to help, this upsetted Tasha. As much as Tasha and Kym tried to understand what she was feeling they couldn’t no one could, that’s why she drank it helped ease the pain, for Martha the bottle was a friendly companion in a lonely world.

Martha lay on the bed looking at the pictures and drifted off to sleep.


Martha woke from her sleep or had she passed out? She couldn’t remember the apartment was now getting dark, her phone showed that she had 7 missed calls, she didn’t need to check to know that they were from a worried Tasha. Martha texted Tasha that she was sorry she’d missed her calls, she’d see her at the beach party.

Martha walked out of the bedroom she needed a drink she felt far to sober for her liking, she looked at the empty bottles around her apartment and shook her head. She couldn’t help but feel guilty, but another drink wouldn’t hurt would it? She skulled her rum and coke and headed into the bathroom to take a shower.


Martha looked at herself in the mirror she played with her hair making sure it was in place, she wore a wrap around skirt and her bikini top was visible under her white shirt. She put on some eye liner and mascara and she checked that her skin was flawless, she was finally happy with how she looked she had an image to uphold.

She checked her phone to see what the time was, 9:45pm it was late enough to head to the party, she poured herself a Johnny Walker and coke, she couldn’t remember what number drink this was but she placed the remainder of the bottle in her bag. Steadying herself she walked down the side stairs out of her apartment, she could see the bon fire in the distance in a less public part of the beach where they would be less likely to get busted by the cops.

The music was blaring as Martha got closer to the party, someone had backed their car up to the fire and the cars subs were blasting out techno tunes. Tasha and Kym spotted Martha and walked up to her,

“Hey you wanna dance Mac?” Tasha asked, she had clearly had something to drink.

“Yea ok.” Martha agreed she took Tasha’s hand and followed her towards a flat part of sand where many were dancing already.

“Martha you made it.” Some random guy walked up to her, she knew his face he played footy with Kym.

“Hey, yeap I’m here!” Martha replied

“Do you know me?” The guy asked

“umm.. you play footy.”

“Yea I do, Josh!” He held out his hand. Martha took the guys hand and shook it, she looked him over he was quite a looker. “Do you want to dance?” Josh asked

“Yea sure” Martha still had the guys hand and she lead him towards where Kym and Tasha were dancing, she wrapped her hands around the guys neck and danced sexily with him, it wasn’t long before they were making out.

Tasha looked over at Martha and Josh,

“Here we go again.” She whispered in Kym’s ear.

“Well if it helps her forget then let her have fun.” Kym whispered back.

“Yea, but how much is too much fun and how long is she going to be able to go on like this before her body can’t take anymore?” Tasha asked.

Kym didn’t know the answer so he simply kissed Tasha hoping this would take her mind off her best friend.


A tall well built dark haired 17 year old guy looked over the bon fire party, he watched the teenagers party and knew that come Monday he’d be able to put names to the strangers. He’d thought that the town would be boring, that he wouldn’t fit in, but this lifestyle looked fun and he now looked forward to his first day of school.


Preview: How will Jack’s first day of school go?

Please comment and let me know what you think. :)

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Great start.

Poor Martha! :( I feel sorry for her.

She shouldn't drink. Drinking never solved any problem.

All members of her family died or left. Her grandfather shouldn't have let her alone. He might be hurting but so is his granddaughter. She needs someone who takes care of her.

Luckily, she is going to meet Jack. :)

Please update soon.

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Nice looooong chapter :)

I think I can speak for everyone here when I say, we like long chapters :P

Great start. I was gutted when you said you'd finished the other one, but Im less gutted now knowing youve started another one :D

Sorry, Im rambling lol

Poor Martha :(

I like how you've gone back in time as well!

Please update soon :)

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I love it

The storyline is great!

I feel sorry for Martha :( She’s so lonely, but she shouldn’t be drinking. Drinking has never solved anything -_-

But now Jack can save her :wub:

More please!

Yea.. I wanted that to be sought of an underlying message in the fic that drinking doesn't solve your problems only makes them worse.

Anyways thanks for the comment here's an update!


Monday dawned, Martha walked down the hallway at school, she was running at least 20 minutes late for first period, but this was not unusual for a Monday. She saw a dark haired guy walking in front of her, he looked about her age and from behind he looked hot. She followed him slowly and was somewhat excited when the guy opened the door to her biology classroom. Martha stood at the door out of sight, but where she could see the guy get introduced to the class.

“Everyone this is Jack Holden.” Ms Curlin announced to the class, Jack gave a small acknowledgement to the class before sitting in one of two spares seats at the back of the classroom. ‘Err he sat in my seat’ Martha thought to herself, before taking a quick swig from the flask in her bag, putting it away she walked through the door.

“Glad you could join us Miss Mackenzie”

“Oh I know you are Miss, this class wouldn’t be the same without me.” Martha said with a fake smile.

“Sit down.” The teacher directed.

Martha walked to the back and sat in the vacant seat next to Jack the new guy.

“You’re in my seat.” Martha whispered to Jack.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” Jack replied

“I didn’t say it was nice to meet you, I said you are in my seat.” Martha said with a smirk.

“I know. But it is nice to meet you.” Jack said with a smile

Martha laughed.

“Is there something funny Miss Mackenzie?” Ms Curlin asked

“Oh no, Miss nothing.” Martha replied and opened her book so the teacher would think she was ready to do work.

Martha looked over at Jack he had really nice chocolate brown eyes and a dazzling smile, he seemed a little cocky but that went with guys who looked like that.

“I’m Martha Mackenzie.” Martha whispered

“Jack Holden.” Jack replied he held his hand out; Martha shook his hand and got tingles like butterflies at his touch.

“Nice to meet you too.” She smiled at Jack, “Where are you from?” She asked.

“Miss Mackenzie, will you be quite, I am trying to teach the class about the cardiovascular system of a rat.” Ms Curlin said she was annoyed.

“OH I’m sorry Miss I’m sure that is an important thing for me to know for my future. If a rat has a heart attack I will be able to save its life, it’s a highly important thing for me to learn.” Martha said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

“That’s it Martha go see the head of department and tell him WHY you refuse to learn in my class, NOW!” Ms Curlin lost her cool completely.

“Sure, no problem.” Martha stood up from her seat. “Guess I’ll see you around Holden.” She said to Jack before walking out of the classroom.

She headed towards her locker, stuff going to see the head of department she knew what they’d say anyway. ‘Martha I think you should see the guidance counsellor, this is his name I’ll book you an appointment.’ She didn’t want to see some know it all counsellors to tell her that she needed to stop drinking and get on with her life, it wasn’t going to happen, and she was fine.

Jack watched Martha walk out of the classroom, there was no doubt she was extremely attractive, perhaps one of the hottest girls he’d ever met. She was obviously extremely popular also from the way everyone in the room had watched her every move and laughed at her sarcasm. But there was something about this girl that was different to all the other pretty popular girls he’d met at his many schools, something that was deeper than her picture perfect exterior. Maybe it was the smell of alcohol on her breath when she talked or something he had seen when he had looked into her eyes, or a feeling he’d got when she’d touched his hand, but something told Jack that this girl needed his help. It was right then, right after their first meeting that Jack vowed that he would help Martha with whatever was wrong.


Martha and Tasha sat at their table at the Diner it was lunchtime,

“So the new guy?” Tasha asked with a smile.

“Yea. He’s alright, cocky but nice. What’s that smile for?”

“Well what were you talking about when you got kicked out of bio class?” Tasha asked

“Not much, I told him he was in my seat.” Martha replied

“Oh,” Tasha thought she’d get some juicy gossip about the new guy.

Martha looked up from her cup of coffee that she’d spiked like usual, as Kym and Jack walked in followed by the rest of the gang.

“Looks like Kyms taken him under his wing.” Tasha stated

“Yea, that was a given.”

Kym sat next to Tasha and gave her a greeting kiss. Jack pulled up a chair next to Martha, Martha watched him sit out of the corner of her eye and was surprised that she was glad that he sat next to her. ‘Hmm.’ What was going on with her today, she liked guys but never actually ‘LIKED’ them enough to want a certain one around her all the time.

“Told you I would see you around.” Martha said with a smile.

“Yea,” Jack agreed. “So how was the head of department?” Jack asked with a cheeky grin.

“I didn’t go. Like I need another person to tell me I need to get on with my life....” Martha stopped herself, why was she telling him this? She never talked about anything like that with anyone let alone a guy she’d only just met.

Jack noticed that Martha looked a little shocked at what she had just said and decided to not ask her why the Head of Department would tell her that, well he wouldn’t ask het yet.

“So babe, what are we going to get to eat?” Kym asked Tasha.

“Umm.. lasagne.” Tasha replied, Kym stood up and headed to the counter.

“What about you?” Jack asked Martha.

“Huh?” Martha didn’t know what he was asking.

“What do you want to eat? I’m getting up anyway so I may aswell save us both gettin up.” Jack explained.

“OH.. I’m not hungry, I’m not a big lunch eater, but you can grab me another coffee please I’m finished this one.” Martha said. Jack stood up and began walking over, Martha grabbed his arm. “White with one. You forgot to ask me what kind of coffee.” Martha said with a polite smile.

“He’s cute” Tasha whispered to Martha while the guys were ordering.

“Yea he is.” Martha replied watching Jack and Kym talk as they were waiting for their change.

Five minutes later and Leah brought the orders over to their table, she handed Jack the coffee who passed it to Martha. Martha attempted to spike her coffee without Jack or anyone noticing but failed. Jack looked over at Martha, he raised one eyebrow at her.

“What? Nothing like a bit of a drink to make the day go faster.” Martha said trying to make light of the situation.

“If you say so.” Jack said “It won’t help though.” He added

“What do you mean?” Martha asked. “It does make the day go faster.”

“Yea it might do that, but it won’t help get rid of whatever you are trying to bury.” Jack stated, but from the expression on Martha’s face he realised that he’d stepped over the line too soon.

“How would you know why I’m drinking you don’t even know me.” With that Martha got up and walked up the stairs to her apartment.

Tasha looked over at Jack, as if to say ‘what was that about?’, Jack shrugged his shoulders trying to pretend like he didn’t know, Tasha stood and went after Martha. He knew he’d hit a sore spot and somehow he was going to have to find out what that spot was, so he could help.


Kym, Jack, Tasha and the rest of the boys walked boystily towards the HPE department, Martha had decided to skip HPE.

“Our HPE teacher who was also our football coach has just finished his Summerbay teaching contract we are meeting the replacement today.” Kym explained to Jack

“Oh, yea about that, my dad is the replacement.” Jack answered, Kym looked somewhat surprised.

“Oh ok, well I hope he’s a good coach otherwise the town might give you a tough time, the people love their footy.” Kym stated

“Yea well I think he’s a pretty good coach but you’ll have to see.” Jack agreed.

They waited on the field for the arrival of their new coach Tony Holden, as they waited Jack debated in his head whether to ask Kym and Tasha about Martha, he decided it wouldn’t hurt.

“So Martha’s hot, what’s the deal with her?” Jack asked, trying to keep it blokey and casual.

“Yea she sure is, but she’s also a great chick, her and Tasha” He nudged Tasha who stood next to him “Have been best friends for well as long as I’ve known them, she’s like a little sister to me.” Kym answered.

“She seems.. umm I dunno how to say this.” Jack paused trying to find the right words.

“Damaged.” There was no need Kym said it.

“Yea, I guess you could say that.” Jack replied

“Mhm, Martha has had a tough time lately, hell I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to go through what she has had to over the past few months.” Kym said shakily as if talking about it upset him a bit, Tasha looked away.

“Oh, what happened? You don’t have to tell me.. I just I want to know what I can and can’t say around her.” Jack tried not to sound too interested.

“It’s kinda a long story.” Kym paused he wasn’t sure if this was a story he should tell the new guy. “Hmm. Well I guess you’ll find out anyway, the whole town know’s. So you may aswell hear the truth firsthand from her best friend. Tash you’re so much better at telling this than me, because you know her so well can you please.” Kym looked at his girlfriend pleadingly.

Tasha looked at Jack, she knew that Jack would ask about Martha sometime but her story was one that was hard to tell no matter how many times she’d told it, she took a deep breath.

“Martha grew up in Summer Bay, her parents and her Grandfather Alf were pretty much the heart and soul of this town. Martha and her parents were really close, they had a great relationship. They owned a large house over the other side of town, it’s where Alf raised her mum and in turn where Martha grew up. Martha and I met in grade 3, everyone loved Martha, she was the girl that people wanted to be around because she was fun and care free and she knew every nook and cranny of this town, we would spend almost everyday climbing the rocks or building a new cubby house. Martha, Kym and I became friends when he came to town at the end of grade 7, she’d always been popular, but then she hit puberty, well soon she was more than just popular she was idolized, every girl wanted to be her and every guy wanted to date her. Martha never let this sudden rise in attention get to her head she remained down to earth, outgoing and friendly to everyone, she was good at school and the teachers loved her.” Tasha paused and looked at Kym, who urged her to go on.

“A month ago Martha’s parents were coming home from the airport they’d picked up her brother, he was going to spend the next few months back in Summer Bay. They were in an horror car accident with a drunk driver, Macca her brother hung around for a day or two to give his statement and then took off, he didn’t even stay for the funeral. Martha lost her parents, where her brother is no one knows, her Grand father stayed in town for a few days after the funeral but couldn’t take living in the house, he left on a fishing trip leaving Martha to pack up her stuff and move into the apartment over the Diner. One day she had a happy family the next they were gone, so she drinks and doesn’t let anyone in, I don’t blame her, but I just wish I knew what to do, I wish I knew how to help her." Tasha broke down and buried her head into Kyms chest.

“Oh god.” is all Jack could say, the reason Martha was so upset and drunk all the time was more complicated than he had thought, but he knew that he couldn’t back out now.

Preview: Jack now know’s Martha’s story but can he help her?

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