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I'll Never Give Up!

Guest Channy!!!

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I hate Aden right now! :angry:

But I love Jack :wub: Even though seeing Martha in hospital reminded him of his mother, he still sat by her side. And he punched Aden :D

Hoping Aden stays out of it <_<

YAY! Jack and Martha’s first kiss! :wub: I have to read the next chapter!

More very soon please!

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Heres the updater I promised.


Jack opened the door for Martha; he carried her hospital bags into her apartment. Clearing a spot on the couch for her to sit on, he looked her over, she was still pale.

“Do you want me to make you some dinner?” Jack asked it was about six o’clock.

“I’m alright Jack. Perhaps we could get some dinner from the Diner.” Martha was honoured that Jack cared so much, but felt bad that he was going out of his way for her.

“Sure, what do you want?” Jack asked

“Anything, just get whatever you feel like.” Martha replied she really didn’t feel like eating that much but wanted to make Jack happy.

“OK, I’ll be back soon.” Jack walked out of the apartment.

Martha buried her head in her hands she was still really tired.

Jack had sat by her bedside for practically her whole hospital stay and Martha had not once got sick of their meaningless conversation. He’d only been gone a few minutes and she already missed him. She decided she’d find a DVD for them to watch; she looked through her collection and picked out Titanic as it was a classic.

She soon heard the door open and smiled as Jack walked in carrying boxes of food from the Diner.

“I got us some Pasta. Is that ok?” He asked

“That’s great let me grab us some forks.” Martha went to stand.

“Oh no you stay sitting I’ll get them” Jack jumped in before Martha got to her feet.

He carried the food over to Martha who cleared a spot for him next to her on the couch.

“Are you sure your dad is ok with you staying here with me?” She asked she looked up at Jack who sat so close next to her that they were touching.

“Yea, he’s fine with it.” Jack reassured Martha who didn’t want Jack to get in trouble on her account.

“Ok, so do you want to watch Titanic?” Martha asked

“OH you’ve brought out a romance movie.” Jack joked

“It’s not, it’s a action movie.” Martha replied

“Ohh I’m pretty sure it’s romance.” Jack teased again.

“Whatever.” Martha sulked before pressing the play button and eating some of her food, she soon got sick of eating and she placed the container of pasta on the coffee table. She couldn’t sulk for too long though because Jack started to poke her lightly.

“I’m sorry... you can think it’s action if you want” He apologised. Martha smiled up at him.

“I wasn’t really upset.” Martha answered

“OH rite.” Jack put his arm around Martha and the two of them sat together, if anyone had looked through the window they would have thought they were a happy couple, but Jack and Martha hadn’t even kissed yet.

‘Come back! Come back!’ Rose from titanic yelled as her true love disappeared into the freezing cold ocean.

Jack teared up a little but kept himself together. He looked down at Martha’s sleeping doll like face, she was snuggled into his chest.

“Let’s get you to bed” he whispered. He picked her up in his strong arms and carried her to her bedroom; he placed her softly on her bed. He leant over and gave her a good night kiss on the forehead before heading towards the door to sleep on the couch. Martha stirred

“Jack stay with me in here.” She whispered drowsily

“You sure?” Jack asked

“Yea I’m sure.” Martha replied.

Jack walked towards the bed taking his shirt off, he slid beneath the covers and lay on his back next to Martha. Martha shuffled her way across the bed towards Jack and snuggled into his chest. Jack wrapped his arm around her, she felt so great laying against his body, like she belonged there.

“Goodnight Jack thanks for looking after me.” Martha whispered

“I always will, night beautiful.” He replied.

Martha smiled as Jack called her beautiful and fell asleep, with her head lying on Jack’s chest.


Martha awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs drifting in her doorway, she rolled over reaching out and found a freshly slept on other side of the bed, but no Jack. She got up wrapping her white robe around herself and she walked out into the kitchen.

“Mhm that smells good.” She said to the handsome back of Jack who was cooking.

“Bacon and Eggs my lady.” He turned around and smiled at her. “Good morning”

“Morning” Martha walked towards Jack in the kitchen to look at the cooking Bacon and Eggs. Jack leant in and gave Martha a greeting hug.

“Now go take a seat at the Dining room table please and I’ll dish up the breakfast” Jack directed

Martha flashed Jack an appreciative smile and walked towards the table, she stopped on the spot, her whole apartment was spotless.

“You cleaned my apartment” she said you could notice the surprise in her voice.

“Yea, decided it needed a change.” Jack said casually.

“Oh thank you!” Martha walked briskly to Jack and gave him another hug.

“It’s ok.” Jack smiled at Martha who seemed to be in a happy mood today.

“You’re like a housewife.” Martha joked

“You don’t go saying that to a guy that cooks and cleans for you, they just might change their mind next time.” Jack replied sternly

“Ohh, I’m sorry. You’re a handsome masculine man who knows his way around the kitchen.” Martha corrected herself.

“eowww you think I’m handsome.” Jack cooed

“Shut up.” Martha snapped back.

Jack brought the breakfast to the table and they sat opposite each other eating up the freshly cooked bacon and eggs.


Jack and Martha sat on the couch watching re-runs of One Tree Hill, Jack looked at the clock; 3:30pm.

“Hey I have to go” Jack said

“Really, where?” Martha queried.

“Footy practise we have a game tonight.” Jack answered

“OH ok.” Martha sounded slightly disappointed

“You should come to the game” Jack replied noticing that Martha’s mood had changed.

“Yea ok Tash always goes and watch’s Kym play so I’ll go with her and look hot and cheer you on” Martha said with a smile

“Ok.” Jack smiled back at Martha, as he stood up to leave he leant in and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “I’ll see you there, you look after yourself.”

“I will!” She answered and she sank into the couch and went back to watching One Tree Hill, Nathan and Haley on the show were the perfect couple and for a moment there she felt like maybe she and Jack could be too.


Martha and Tasha sat in the crowd, Martha was biting her nails.

“You never told me how nerve racking football is!” Martha exclaimed to her friend.

“Sorry” Tasha apologised

“There’s only 2 minutes to go and they are four points behind, I can’t believe that.”

The opposing team kicked off to Summer Bay’s team, the ball flew through the air and was caught by Rick who was the full back. Rick passed the ball to Jack who dodged two on coming players and made a break, he passed the ball to Kym who was running next to him. The opposing full back ran towards Kym who chucked the ball back to Jack before getting tackled to the ground. Jack dodged another defender before taking two long strides and placing the ball on the ground over the white try line, the referee blew his whistle signalling a try, the crowd along with Martha and Tasha went wild.

Now all that was left was for Jack to make the conversion and they will have won the game and be heading for the Grand Final. Jack put the ball on the ground he took two steps back and two steps to the side, he lined himself up, he ran the two steps and made the kick. The crowd held its breath as the ball flew through the air and in between the two posts, THEY HAD WON! The crowd went wild the rest of Summer Bays team ran towards Jack and lifted him onto their shoulders, they carried him around for a bit showing everyone their captain who had won the game for them.

The crowd including Tasha and Martha ran onto the field, the guys put Jack down who walked briskly towards Martha. Martha leapt on Jack giving him a huge hug.

“YOU WON!” she exclaimed

“Yea, it’s one of the best nights of my life” Jack answered.

Martha stopped hugging Jack and pulled back, she looked up into Jack’s chocolate brown eyes that were sparkling with joy. They both stared into each other’s eyes, Martha leant up and Jack leant down, their lips met and sent tingles through both of them, they kissed softly and gently, neither were worried about the onlookers watching they were lost in the moment. They both drew back and stared into each other’s eyes once more.

“Now it’s the best night of your life” Martha whispered to Jack. Jack smiled and nodded at Martha and leant in for another kiss.


Preview: Jack’s enemy attacks.

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