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Sharni Vinson

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(I know there's already a topic in the spoiler thread, but seeing as it's news aswell, I thought it'd be ok to post here too :D.



THE dwindling babe quota on Home and Away is almost enough to draw a "flamin' hell" from Summer Bay stalwart Alf Stewart, with word Sharni Vinson is the latest sort to sign off from the Seven soap.

Love and the allure of cracking the Hollywood big-time prompted Vinson to pack up the Summer Bay swag in order to make the well-trodden trek to Tinseltown.

Seven would not make an official comment yesterday as Vinson will still be seen on screens until mid-2008, but her departure will follow the farewells of popular colleagues Isabel Lucas and Kate Ritchie.

During a trip to LA earlier this year, Vinson fell head over heels for CSI NY star A.J. Buckley - with the pair forging a long-distance romance.

While Buckley has made the long-haul journey to Sydney several times, the lovebirds are keen to make a real go of their relationship by living in the same city.

As Buckley's small-screen career is rocketing, it's exit stage left for the spunky brunette, who has reportedly already fostered "great contacts" in the US.

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I'm not surprised, but I'm not sure if I like it. Cassie was never my favourite character because IMO they ruined what could have been a really great character with some bad storylines, but at the same time I'm a bit worried about all the people leaving. I mean only in 2007 we've had Peter, Amanda, Brad, Kim, Kit (yeah, I know she wasn't a regular) and Beth leave, and within another six months Lucas, Sally, Drew, Dan and now Cassie will leave as well. I'm just a bit worried they're gonna try building everything up from skratch with so many new characters, there's hardly room for any old still ongoing storylines. Except Jack/Martha of course. Oh joy.

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I guess everyone's realised that there's no point going on without Robbie, Kim and Tash. As well as

Lucas and Dan.

I'd say "at least there's Ric," but what is he supposed to do without Sally, Cassie et al? Stare at the walls? As pretty as he is, I'm not sure that would be particularly exciting to watch.

I just have this strong image of rats fleeing a sinking ship. I didn't think that Kate Ritchie would be there forever, but I also didn't think that EVERYONE would leave with her. They might as well call it a spin-off series, there'll be about as many recognisable permanent characters next year.

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