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Nicholas Bishop swaps home for away

Guest Lilone

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LONDON is calling for Home and Away star Nicholas Bishop. He's auditioning for a number of roles in the UK

ONE-time Home & Away star Nicholas Bishop is about to follow the well-trod soapie actor route to London.

The actor, who was in Brisbane earlier this month filming a role in the thriller Punishment (it was lost in the hype surrounding Daybreakers and Nim's Island), says he has a few auditions lined up and is raring to go.

"Yeah, I have a passport – I was born there," he told one Brisbanite, saying he'll be flying out from Sydney tomorrow.

Fortunately, Nick already has the superstar look down pat, thanks to a new set of designer sunnies he picked up in Brissie's super cool specs shop Optiko, forking out $500 for a custom-made pair to guarantee his look was one-of-a-kind.

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Damn it Nic, you're supposed to be out of work! You're totally messing with my fic :P

Other than that, good for him. That picture gives him a certain James Bond look... I wonder if that could be on the cards some day :wink:?

He would make a great James Bond but I think Daniel Craig will have that part for a few more years to come. Whatever he does I hope it is something that airs on BBC 1 or 2 so that I can watch it too.

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I say put him in Spooks. I can definately see him fitting in there.

I like that idea alot actually! Nic has got the 'Spooks' look :P. It's great to hear that he is coming over here and i'm sure he will do great in whatever he decides to do :D.

(I'm sure the $500 sunnies will suit him too...)

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