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  1. Daniel Merriweather - Red Love this tune
  2. I have to agree that Lynnes acting has been of really high standard. She has shown every bit of emotion that you I would expect someone in her position in real life to show. I don't know too much about the Logie awards or whatever other awards Home and Away can come under in Australia, but I really hope there is a place for Lynne to at least get nominated for some sort of award. I think she deserves some recognition for the acting she has done so far with this new storyline.
  3. Saving Private Ryan - (Tom Hanks, Matt Damon) For a film that lasts 2hours and 42 minutes, it had me hooked every single second. A great film.
  4. Well done to Eastenders for coming out on top at the British Soap Awards this year, by far the best soap of the year. I am so happy that Robert Kazinsky (who played Sean Slater) got the Best Actor award, he deserved it. It is good to know that once a character has left a programme that they are not forgotten about and neither are their storylines. I hope that next year that the Ronnie and Danielle storyline get nominated for some awards, considering I didn't agree with the outcome I still think there was some superb acting going on there and the overall storyline was good. Back to recent episodes.... I loved Fridays episode when it just focused on Stacey, I know I am going to enjoy this storyline. Lacey is a very good actress and any story that is thrown at her she always gives her best. This new doctor Al, I am finding him very dodgy. I don't know why as there has been no indication from the media that he is a bad guy or anything like that, it's just a feeling I am getting. I will be keeping my eye on him for sure.
  5. Amazing avatars once again. I am loving the cartoon feel to each one. They are unique and perfect. The colouring on your latest set of avatars is yet again perfect. Well done Jen.
  6. I am loving these avatars. The split icon is fantastic; the two caps that you chose for the icon work well with eachother. My fave is the Charlie and Rachel avatar, the colouring is amazing. The blue sea really stands out and works well with the cropping of the two characters in the icon. Well done.
  7. Those Tammin avatars are wonderful. I like how you always attempt different styles of cropping and again you have pulled it off with this set. The colouring is amazing on all of the avatars. The two avatars with the text on are my favourites and your text placement always suits the avatars. Great work.
  8. Butterfly on a Wheel - Starring: Pierce Brosnan and Gerard Butler For a DVD that only cost me £2.99 it has got to be one of the best films I have watched. There were so many twists and turns that shocked me so much. Seriously, if you get a chance to purchase/watch this film, do so.
  9. Your work is just great. I love the two I have quoted, excellent colouring. I am loving the style of the Geoff and Claudia icon. I like how the text colour matches the greeny colour of the icon. It just all works well together. Keep up the great work.
  10. Gladiator - Russell Crowe An amazing film. I normally wouldn't watch these types of films but it was only 3 quid and it had rather good reviews. I am so glad I brought it and for a great price to.
  11. I made a few Lucas & Belle avatars also. They are nothing special, I have just attempted to play around with the colouring a little.
  12. I am fed up with Eastenders and the repeated storylines. I mean why do we need to see Phil drunk again, they have been there before, it just gets boring. They need to do something quickly to get it back to being good viewing for me, and I can't wait until Summer and the above spoiler, they need to act now. I don't think I can stand months of here and there storylines.
  13. How do you know this? I was hoping Diederick Santer would reveal this in or touch upon this in the recent questions and answers section on the main site but it doesn't seem to be mentioned.
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