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What game(s) are you playing at the moment?

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At the moment I am counting down to the last 3 blacklists in Need for Speed: Most Wanted..One of my favourite games and The sims 2 both on the PC.

I have a couple of games for the Wii I havent finished playing yet, Tony Hawk and Resident Evil 4,which I have barely even started..Also Zelda which I am near the end of but got alittle tired of it.

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I've got Crazy Taxi too :D. I'm trying to expand my PS2 game collection and have been making lists of games I'd like to get. I quite like racing games like Gran Turismo and Need for speed and and I'm thinking of getting NFS Most Wanted...is it any good? Maybe you can help with that, Reo :P.

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I looooooove Most Wanted.

I only have Underground 2 for the PS2 and Most Wanted and Carbon for the PC.

By far Most Wanted is the best..You got the fact that it is going from day to night, a big city to go around in with 2 places to unlock,nice cars(My 3 at the moment are a Aston Martin DB9,Dodge Viper and a Mazda RX7 or 8,my starting car) and you have to go into races,


Sprints(from one place to another)


Knockout Laps(same as circuits but the last place being knocked out after each lap)

Tollbooth Races(going through toll booths in a certain amount of time around the city)

Speedtrap Races(like sprints but certain points around the sprint recording your speed at that moment,highest together wins)

and then you have pursuits,my favorite and the highlight of the game.

Being chased by the cops..There are 6 levels of wanted..ness.

1 is just basic cop cars.

2 are undercover cop cars.

3 are faster cop cars and roadblocks plus SUVs that ram into you from time to time..Those are annoying.

4 fast cops,road blocks,spike traps,helicopter and SUVs

5 even faster cars and the above,but they work together more to try and box you in

6 everything and everycop against you

Its really fun being chased by them,I go around a big main road around the city.

And different things you need to do.

Avoid the cops in under 2/3mins,string the police along for at least 7/8 or so minutes and then lose them..String up a amount of damage,avoid 4 or more spiketraps,dodge any number of roadblocks and get a high bounty.

Then you have to tackle the blacklist to get to number 1 and get your car back which was basically stolen from you at the start,you have to do a certain amount of races and bounty stuff before you can race a blacklister and you have to do that with the requirements being higher each time until you get to number 1.

They also unlock cars and car parts.

I didnt like Carbon,it all took place at night,cop chases were low,it was hard on my computer the carbon races got old after a few of them..The only thing I liked was that you had a team member racing with you to help you in one of 3 ways..Most Wanted is the one to get. :D

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Wow, thank you so much for all that info, Reo :D. I'd like to get all the NFS series over time actually, but it's nice to know which ones are thought to be the best :P.

I'm playing Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell on my PC at the moment, but I've given up on one level and I'm now cheating :P. What I like about it is that Sam Fisher is really controllable and then there are little touches like being able to pick up a beer glass and smash it against anything :lol:.

Has anyone got The Italian Job? I've got both versions - the original and L.A Heist, and personally I prefer the original version - it just seems better in different ways. L.A Heist is good and I enjoy playing it, but if I had to choose between the first and second versions I would always choose the first.

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I cant wait to get NFS:ProStreet out in November.

I wanted to get the splinter cell games,but never got round to actually getting them :P

But I like stealth games aswell.

I also love Grand Theft Auto..I got the first game by selling my SNES,which I now regret..and I dont know what happened to my Mega Drive,but I wish I still had that..But anyway..I loved the GTA series,started with the first and then got all the others when they came out..Havent got the latest though,but I dont have or plan to get a XBOX 360 or PS3..Well I am thinking of getting a XBOX 360 one day..Just one day in the future..

And Final Fantasy,I love 8 and 10..Blitzball is great.

And the Tony Hawk series,great game now they have storylines to them and free roam..Took awhile to get used to it on the Wii,but it was a different game and different way of controlling it.

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