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What game(s) are you playing at the moment?

Guest bttb-rox!

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I'm planning on getting The Sims 2: Pets for PS2 because I've seen a few trailers and it looks excellent! :D

I've just been playing Trackmania Sunrise on my laptop. It's only a demo version, but it's actually got quite a few levels, so I'm thinking of getting the full version.

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I just completed Need for Speed after by accident I exited and lost the 3 races I had completed instead of reseting the current race,but after starting the last 5 again and trying about 8 or so times on the last race I did it :D

But I am only at 83% so I am going back on it with my new car :D

Then I will probably get bored,see how high I can get my wanted level,it goes to 6 auto at the end and then you have one last cop chase,I want to see if I can get it back to 6 after I have 100% it.. and I will stop :P

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Yay! Well done for getting that far *dances around the room with Reo*!

I was watching loads of trailers for NFS: Most Wanted yesterday, and it looks great, so I'm definitely getting it.

I've just been playing Rayman M on my laptop, and I beat my highest score on one of the levels which I'm quite pleased about!

Does anyone else find this picture of Globox really sweet? I love it! :wub:

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I'm currently playing a few games, mainly one called rFactor, you can only buy it via a download and credit card payment but its so worth it if you are into car racing. We race NZ stockcars, and Porsches mainly. It's great on the PC with a steering wheel and all.

On Xbox360 I'm playing Transformers: The Game and its fairly decent although I haven't really been getting into it too much. Also playing Lego Stars Wars 2: The Original Trilogy with Mez83 in Co-op mode and its great fun. Forza 2 is also there to be played when time allows.

The PS2 basically is redundant unless I go and buy Rugby 08 which has just been released, currently in a world cup playing cricket 07 and a career mode in Smackdown VS Raw 07.

I play far too many games but its great fun. Call of Duty 3 on Xbox360 comes highly recommended for online play too.

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I went completely bonkers with buying PS2 games today. Here's a list of what I ordered -

* Rayman Raving Rabbids

* Splinter Cell

* Need for Speed: Most Wanted

* Spider Man 2: The Movie

* Midnight Club 3: DUB edition

* 8MB memory card

As I said, I went a little bonkers :lol:.

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Was just playing Crazy Taxi. Aha. Its so fun..espcially when you cant control your driving :)

I love that game! Well, except for when I have to take the pregnant woman to the hospital. I never make it there in time and she says "Look at the time. You suck!" I just want to run her over! :lol:

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