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What game(s) are you playing at the moment?

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It sounds like we have a similar taste in games, Reo :P. I don't have any plans for getting a PS3 or a Wii (I'm sorry but why did Nintendo call it that?!) either. I'm very happy with my silver slimline PS2 for now :P.

I just found this Need for Speed Prostreet website. I thought you might want to have a look, Reo :D.

Is anybody on here a Rayman fan? I am and I think he is adorable :wub:. I've got the first one and Rayman 2: The Great Escpape for PS1.

Also on my list is Rayman Raving Rabbids...I thought it looked great the minute I saw the cover:


:lol: Rayman sucking up Rabbits with toilet plungers = the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!

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ProStreet is looking great..I am not sure what I will get it for though..Like I said my computer really took is hard with Carbon,so I am not sure how well it will handle ProStreet,but then again I dont want the Wii controls with this game,you have to hold the Wii control like any normal control and tilt it side to side to turn,I imagine that is what it will be like with ProStreet..So I am hoping my computer will handle it.

My PS2 sucks,my brother got it the day or near then it came out and it is so bad..It wont be on 5 minutes before the picture has gone dark and jumping about..May need alittle cleaning inside or something..So I dont really play games on it anymore.

Project 8 was good,but overall just the same as the others,the whole thing with the analogue controls was alittle hard,but new and in away good..Just abit hard..That is on thing that is stopping me from finishing the game,I am on the last part in the game and I just cant do it.

I have only played a demo of Rayman,but I am thinking of getting it for the Wii..The Wii is lacking in games and that is one that I am thinking of getting,but right now I have no money(Havent even fully paid off the Wii yet :P)

I also have a DS,but only 3 games from it.. Nintendogs,Mario Kart and Bomberman..But today I saw a Settlers game that look good..I love that game :P

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Sounds like you know what you are talking about when it comes to games, Reo! :P It's a shame that your PS2 is a bit of a pain...you could try cleaning it, that might work. It's good that you've got the DS and Wii, though. The games look really expensive for the Wii at the moment, though :rolleyes:. PS2 games have come down a lot in price recently. Amazon is one of the best sites I know for reasonably priced games, and Dvd.co.uk and Play.com are good too.

I've just finished playing Flight Simulator on my PC (I was on it for about five minutes before I got fed up of it!). It's such an old game but it's addictive! Thank goodness for the 'ignore crash' option though :lol:.

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I LOVE that Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 video..That was awesome..I cant wait to get that one.

Very funny,loved it when they made the rabbit nude and it reacted to it lol and then during the football one the video before it with them jumping onto each other lol.

Should be a very fun Wii game.

Yeah,I should try cleaning the PS2 but never get round to it..I think that is probably the problem with it,it is very dusty :P

My friend told me last night that there was going to be a game based on the tv series Heroes..I love Heroes..But not sure about a game,alot of tv/movies to games just dont go right..I hope they don't spoil it.

He also showed me a trailer to Lost the game..Which just looks odd,what can you do in a Lost game?

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:lol: There are loads of funny videos which you can find here and at the Rayman Zone :D.

I also love Mario! I haven't been on many of the Mario games, but the ones I have been on have been very fun to play!

Has anyone played Ape Escape before? I've been on Ape Escape 2 as I've got it on a demo disk that came with the PS2. It's another one of those addictive games!

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