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What game(s) are you playing at the moment?

Guest bttb-rox!

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:lol:Crazy Taxi is great.

I was playing quite a few games on my PS2 this morning...

Rollercoaster World: It's a good game but it can be soooo annoying sometimes! I managed to complete all the criteria for the first stage fairly quickly and then the second stage was about a billion times harder and a billion times more annoying too!

MotorCross Mania (PS1): A fantastic game, but the graphics are a bit past it.

Tony Hawks Skateboarding (PS1): I was so pleased when I played today because I managed to get to the 5th level in about an hour, which isn't too bad considering how long it took me last time :P.

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lol I dunno,I am just able to do them..I do have breaks with it but do play for quite a few hours..Its what happens with me and a new game.

Afew of the games I got at christmas,so thats when I did it..Stopping to eat and watch the christmas films and programmes..

The one I havent completed yet though is 'Downhill Jam' for the wii..Because the controls are different and doing the same thing is alittle boring,so I needed longer breaks and then one time I just didn't switch it back on.

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In Crazy Taxi, have you tried changing th car into a bike! If you think the car is a nightmare sometimes, you want to try the bike! It's so funny trying to do crazy jumps and drifts.

In the crazy box, can anyone do the bowling 1? I'm finding it totally impossible at the minute!

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The taxi can change into a bike?! I didn't know that that was even possible :lol:. I also didn't know there was a bowling level in the Craxy Box, so I've learnt two new things about Craxy Taxi today!

I have had the best day - Rayman Raving Rabbids arrived this morning!!! I've been on it for about 2 hours (with breaks in between) and I love it! It's VERY different from the other two Rayman games I have got (the first one and Great Escape). The controls are quite different and he also seems less controllable. Wherever the camera goes you go too because you have to do about 100 things at once to move the camera and Rayman at the same time. That's only a small niggly feature, but it is a bit annoying at times <_<.

Onto the best bits...

Graphics: The graphics are a lot better than I thought they would be. Rayman actually 'feels' like a 3-D character instead of a 3-D character which still moves like a 2-D character :P.

Gameplay - Really great gameplay. Though some of the levels that I have been on so far have been a bit frustating to the extent of me nearly wreaking the analouge sticks on my controller! But it feels as though you are in Rayman's world and it also has loads of great surroundings which you can explore.

Fun features - Rayman Raving Rabbids is extremly fun and very funny!!! One of my favourite fun features is that when you complete all 4 of the challenges in Story mode you get to choose a new costume from your wardrobe. One of them is 'granny' and I'm sure that the hair is based on an old version of Marge Simpson :lol:.

There is A LOT of toilet plunging involved, which is extremly fun and also quite stressful too!...especially when all the Rabbids are coming towards you with their plungers! You get awarded one plunger when you complete 3 (I think) of the 4 challenges in Story mode, which must have something to do with the ending...

Well, from my 2 hours of gameplay today, I can honestly say that it is a fantastic game and would make a great edition to any platform lovers' game collection :D.

My rating:


Oh and the game I got came with a 'Rabbid postcard' too!

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When you've cleared the 1-1,1-2,1-3. Another box will appear, thats the bowling one! The crazy jump, make sure you as far back as you can, then do what it say's in the advice bit, it took me a while but I did it. As for the bike but it put the driver you want, then press L1,2+ R1,2 at the same time twice them on the thrid time hold the buttoms and press the triangle the the cross. After doing all this you should have a bike.

Hope that helps!

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