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World Come Undone

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World Come Undone

Type of story: Long Fic

Rating: T >> A

Main Characters: My awesome eightsome aka. Matilda, Lucas, Henry, Cassie, Drew, Belle, Ric & Anna

Genre: Angst/Drama/Fluff

Warnings: Minor Coarse Language

Is Story being proof read: It sure is.

Summary: Forced by their mother to leave their past behind, Henry and Matilda Hunter are far from pleased to be taking up residence in Summer Bay. That is, until, they spot the local talent, and unwittingly become involved in the most teen angst Summer Bay has seen in years.

While Henry has his eyes [and other body parts] set on Cassie, she can’t help but be intrigued by shy, quiet, book wormish Luke. Luke, however, has his heart set on proud, loud Belle, who just happens to have a thing for bad boy Ric. But Ric likes the look of new girl in town Matilda, who has taken a shining to the sizzling hot Drew. Drew is captivated by Anna, the strangest of the three best friends, while Anna, well, she sees a different side to womanising Henry – but will everything end in angsty heartbreak?

While new friendships form and other are tested, alliances grow during the heat of summer, where finally, an all out Summer Bash will change their lives forever.

Come and watch their World Come Undone...

Authors Notes: Thanks so much to Skykat for proof reading this for me. You're a star. I'd also like to mention that while posting this here, for LiveJournal readers it can be found here, and for FanFiction readers it can be found here. It also does not follow any current storylines, nor is it going to.


World Come Undone

Chapter One – Welcome World, We have arrived.

“Welcome to Summer Bay.” Robbie read out loudly from the front seat, as Henry and I shared a look with one another.

“Welcome to our new home.” Mum replied happily, glancing around our new place of residence with excitement.

“Welcome to hell.” I muttered under my breath, causing Henry to stifle a snort.

“Welcome to my own personal playground.” He grinned evilly as I threw him a look of utter disgust, despite the fact I felt strangely reassured by his statement. At least some things in this world never change.

Unlike say, my mothers promise to allow my brother and I to stay in boarding school, or my brother’s love for the farm we’d grown up on, or especially my friends promise to stay in touch over the summer.

At least my brother’s love for conquering all things female remained the same. Unlike just about every other aspect of my life

Oh no, my older brother had found this stupid little sea-side town and its quirky residents to fall in love with. And then my mother, clearly insane, showed an insatiable desire to move away from our family home to the stupid little sea-side town and it’s quirky residents, instantly shattering my perfect world.

Do you really need a back story?

So what if Dad spent years cheating on Mum. She was the one who put up with it. She was the one who didn’t do anything about it, until his death. So why has she suddenly decided she needs to escape his presence, when, in actual fact, he’s ten feet under and no harm to anyone any more?

More so, why does she feel the need to pull me out of boarding school, the one place I truly loved, truly belonged, to dump me in the smallest of small towns, which doesn’t even have a local shopping complex. I mean, East Bondi Private practically had its own!

And why, in the name of all things civilised, would she believe we could actually benefit from the fresh air here in Summer – Hellhole – Bay? We lived on a farm, for god’s sake. A farm, with animals and livestock and bush… and plenty of fresh air. Why sell off my childhood home to buy a rundown caravan park? With however many small, creepy, crawly, unwelcome residents to share a room with me?

The one simple answer.

To ruin my life.

Mine and Henry’s, that is. We’d stuck together ever since birth. It was the unwritten rule between the Hunter twins. Always together, never apart. That’s how Henry and I had dealt with life, with the comings and goings of our parents, our family. How we’d dealt with boarding school. How we’d come to be so close. I knew in his heart that he hated this place just as much as I did, but he was too excited by the potential of women here to let himself get down too much.

I’d tried endlessly to make him believe that there would be as much potential here as there would be in a nursing home, because everyone Scott had mentioned was about fifty or over, but do you know what he’d said in reply?

“Where there are old people, there are nurses.”

That was Henry. Always thinking with his, uh, mind.

Scott, on the other hand, the eldest of the Hunter offspring, adored this place more than life itself. Adored the sun and the beach, and the friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Well, good for him. I’m glad that at least one Hunter is more than content in this place. Two, if you count Mum, three, if you include Robbie, but he’d be happy anywhere, as long as Dad was no longer around. And Kit? She was happy anywhere there could possibly be a liquor store, and frankly, I was almost tempted to join her there. What else could Summer Bay possibly have to offer me, other than some good Tequila and a night getting pissed on the beach?


“You’ve got to be joking?” I stated sharply, as I stumbled into the run down living room of the old, possibly derelict house.

“I know, isn’t it just breathtaking?” Mum said as she breezed on past Henry and I to unload more boxes from the car.

“Stole Tilly’s breath away at least,” Henry snorted as he joined me in the living room. I shot him a look of annoyance before sighing, “I guess we’re upstairs then,” I looked at him, before not so subtly looking towards my large suitcase full of shoes. He groaned and glared, but all the same dropped his own bag and lifted up my own, following be up the stairs slowly.

“We better not be sharing a room Tilly,” He muttered under the weight, “You have too many shoes to speak of.”

“Hush now,” I replied mockingly “Who would you rather share with, me or Robbie?” I raised an eyebrow at him, and laughed at his expression, before pushing a door open to reveal a decent sized room. “How’s this one for you?”

Henry dropped the suitcase and stood up, arching his back before nodding. “Looks decent enough, nice size, you’ll have to camp out if I bring a girl home,”

Already unpacking my precious shoes, I turned to laugh at him. “Why on earth would you want to bring a girl to this dump?” I shuddered a little as I looked up to see mould growing a little on the walls.

His hand tapped his chin thoughtfully as he looked around. “Maybe I’ll just bring the uglier ones back here,” He trailed off, ignoring my look of repulsion as he flew back downstairs to carry some more stuff up. Sometimes I wondered if we really had been born from the same womb. But then I remembered how cruel I was to everyone, not just people I slept with – which compared to Henry were few and far between – so I could see where the similarities lay.

Three hours later, with clothing strewn across the room, because I’d run out of wardrobe space, I decided that we needed to escape. Thankfully, Henry had the same idea.

However it was not the sound of the waves crashing on the shore that had tempted Henry to walk along the beach our first afternoon in Summer Bay, no Henry had been tempted by something entirely different, the dream of half naked women lying lazily along the beach. And somehow, I’d been persuaded into joining him for what he had made out to be a short walk towards the only place decent in this hellhole, the Summer Bay Diner, equipped with everything, from ancient town gossip to old man cranky pants. At least, that’s what I’d envisioned from Scott’s tales of Colleen and Alf.

But honestly, anything was better than being stuck in that god-forsaken house.

Angry as I was at Henry for misleading and tricking me into joining him, I had to smirk, as eventually, about ten minutes into our trip down the endless coast line, he came up fruitless with his search for his first lover… first victim. He turned and glared at me, before sitting himself down on the sand.

“Oh no.” I said to him, shaking my head. “I do not sit. We do not sit. We’re going home.”

“Aww, come on Tubby,” Henry said, ignoring my little gasp of annoyance as he used his childhood nickname for me. “Just for a little while. To see if any babes come.”

Huffing, I shook my head, but still took a seat next to him, crossing my arms across my chest in frustration. “The only babe’s you’ll see are the likes of her,” I said, pointing towards an elderly woman who had just arrived on the beach, decked out in a hideous, fluro coloured jumpsuit, complete with head and wristbands in matching colours that burned my eyes.

“Oh god.” Henry covered his eyes, as she and a taller man jogged past us. “I’m going to be scarred for life from that.” He said, as if he needed to wash his mouth out. “All those jiggly bits,” He shuddered, closing his eyes once more, trying to wipe the vision from his mind.

“He, on the other hand” I said, as I watched his tight backside disappear in the distance “was very fine.” I said, smiling to myself as I reminded myself of the dark curls that had framed his tanned face, of how his grey wife beater had clung to his body, tight enough for me to glimpse the muscles that were hidden underneath it.

“Not fair.” Henry pouted next to be, like the baby he was, interrupting my lustful thoughts. “Five minutes and already you’ve found the guy of your dreams… I’m the one who was excited to come here,” He continued his little sob story “I was the one who was going to find…” He began, before spluttering and pausing completely, before smirking to himself. Following his gaze, I turned to see three teenage girls walking down the beach, laughing to themselves.

“Three Henry?” I had to ask, as he shook his head, laughing a little. “Just her.” He said, motioning to the tall, tanned on in the centre. Her arms were wrapped around her two friends, as the red haired one leant up to whisper in her ear, causing all three to laugh hysterically once more. It almost made me miss my friends, but I caught myself before I began a self-pity party… I was not going to fall apart on a public beach in the middle of this crazed town.

“A week, max.” Henry stated simply, as he pushed himself off the ground, intent on following the trio to their destination, before making his moves.

“You forget, dear brother.” I said, standing up next to him, “That we’re not in Kansas any more. And no matter how many times I click my red shoes together and cry ‘There’s no place like home’ we’re not going to get back there.”

“You’re point being?” Henry replied, as he looked in the direction of the girls, making sure he didn’t lose sight of them.

“They breed them differently here.” I said, ignoring his eye roll. “I’m serious,” I said, punching him. “They are small town girls Henry, with high morals. You don’t want to go there.”

“A woman is a woman is a woman.” He stated plainly, beginning to follow them.

“Yeah, right.” I muttered under my breath, as I jogged a little, trying to catch up to him.

“And the women of Summer Bay are never going to know what hit them.” He continued cockily, as I only shook my head at him.

Yeah, when it was all said and done, some things never did change.


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I had to post and say just how wonderful this was.

Bitchy Matilda is a joy to read, I thought she was really fun when she first came to the Bay and the idea of Henry as a man whore is amusing too.

I loved how it had bitchy undertones from the outset. The sarkiness at everything was really fun to read. I liked seeing things from her viewpoint and I wanted to dislike her but I couldn't because I saw where she was coming from and I almost found myself agreeing with her. Another thing I really enjoyed was how Matilda had formed negative views on people from no doubt positive reviews from Scott, it just emphasised her negative attitude.

I really got the bond between Matilda and Henry too. How she was actually reassured by him being completely girl obsessed.

I think somehow that the Bay is going to change them. Theres already a hint of Henry falling for Cassie and also a vulnerability in Matilda as she watched the three girls. Somehow I think she's going to find herself fitting in whether she wants to or not. Just don't make her fit the nice mode too soon right? I want lots of bitchiness first! :P

What I most liked about this fic was that you didn't go down the usual fanfic route of trying to recreate the home and away characters, instead you took them down your own route and in doing so made them your own characters. The unpredictability makes it so much more interesting to read. I'm expecting lots more bitchiness and angst as this plays out.

Can't wait for the next chapter. :)

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that was a really great first chapter :D

I really felt sorry for mattie and the way you descibed her feelings were really great. I also love how Henry is girl-crazy :P

Drew and Mattie now that is interesting, something i never imagined but now that i think about it, it could really work. But by the sounds of your summary your not going to let them live happily ever after :P

loved it and i can't wait to see where you take this

update soon :)

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Loved it!

Henry made me laugh, he's such a man whore! His cockyness will be fun to read. And I love the relationship with him and Matilda.

I also like that its written as Matilda. Usually I'm not keen on stories which do this, but I think it really works. :)

Oh, and your writing is fab. More soon.

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Great chapter. :)

I love that it's written as Matilda, it's different which is good. I really like the fact that they have only just arrived in the bay, and Henry's confidence it's really good to read. I think this is going to be a really good fic for the summer to read, and i'm hooked already i want more NOW. :P

From the summary i can imagine Ric and Lucas fighting over Belle, which will be good. :P

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LOVED it just as I would expect to with ANY of your stories!!! They are all amazing cause you are a truelly amazing writer!!!

I have been waiting ever so patiently for this story ever since I saw you advertise it and it truelly was everything I expected it to be and more!!!

Enjoying the description of Drew well who I imagine was Drew you were talking about cause really its true Drew is devine to look at!!!

I can't wait to see how the stories and relationships evolve!!!

Love to read about Henry I really miss him on the show, he sorta just left with no big fuss and I want him back!!!

Love the TWIN BOND that they have it is ever so realistic and a joy to read about!!!

I can't wait for the next chapter as I am sure it will do nothing less than impress us all!!!

Keep it up!!! xxx Sasha

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