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Fair By Heart

Guest HeavenForbid

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Story Title: Fair by Heart

Type of story: Undecided

Main Characters: Martha/Jack

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: (SC) (L)

Summary: Jack and Martha are at school. But they hate each other. Will opposites attract?

Well, here is another fic. This is been written by me, Laineyloo and Zetti :)

I will do the first chapter and Zetti will do the next then it will be my turn.

Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Jack Holden walked into the doors of Summer Bay High. It was the first day back at school. He was totally not looking forward to it. He and his mate, Ric Dalby walked up to their lockers. Ric saw Martha Mackenzie walk towards them. He watched as she opened the locker right beside Jack. He couldn’t help but laugh. Jack and Martha hated each other. Martha looked up and Jack and then shut over her locker and walked off with her friend Matilda Hunter. Jack looked at Ric. He was still smirking. Jack hit in him in the arm;

“It is so not funny. I hate that b*tch” Jack said

“Come on mate! It is kind of” said Ric laughing

“No! No it is not! I don’t want to get a disease for her” Jack spat

“That is a little harsh, don’t you think?” asked Ric

“Nope. No at all. That girl repulses me!” Jack said

The school bell rang and Ric and Jack headed to their first class of the new school year. It was history. History was Jack’s favourite subject. Nothing could ever go wrong in history. He walked into the classroom and sat down. Two minutes later, Martha walked in. Martha walked past said and Jack made a face. He leaned into Ric and asked;

“What is she doing in this class? She wasn’t here last year” Jack said

Martha leaned in and said; “I decided to change my subject.”

“Great!” Jack said sarcastically

Ms Fletcher walked into the room and each person took out their books. Jack was still not happy that Martha now being in his class.

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Jack really hates Martha, doesn't he?? :(

Martha and Jack are the same age as Ric and Matilda- thats cool!

Great start, this will certainly be interesting! Looking forward to your update Zetti- my fellow United supporter! :D

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Wow, never thought id see the day where Jack hates her so much. Maybe he is just covering his undeniable love for her by pretending to hate her :P Martha doesnt seem to mind him :P Great start

More please

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Chapter 2 :) took me ages to do this chapter especially as I am so sad.

Ms Fletcher was covering for Mrs. Waddington and Jack was seriously pissed off with her because she had just given them a 5 page essay to do in 3 days.

“Why?! 3 days! “

“That’s Sally”

“I do have a life, maybe someone should tell her”

“Next lesson will be in groups as Mrs. Waddington said”

“those groups are ….” She read through the names till there was Ric, Mattie, Jack and Martha.

Jack was praying let me get Mattie or Ric! Unfortunately for him Martha and Jack were put together.

“She wants you to write a poem about someone you hate but as if you love them”

“One poem between the two of you”

The bell rang and they left the classroom.

Later that night

“I will do the first part then you do the second then we can part ways”

“Fine” as Martha began to write it.

“Here you go” after 15 minutes


Jack read it and wrote the next part and then they parted ways.

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