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Fair By Heart

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Chapter 16

The next day, Martha woke up with a smile on her face. She was so happy with Jack. Nothing was going to ruin what they had. She got out of bed and got dressed. Martha looked around the living room for paper and a pen. She left a not to Jack saying that she was going for a walk and would be back in a little while. Martha headed out the front door and walked down along the beach. Ric was sitting there. She went over and sat beside him.

“You ok Ric?” Martha asked

“Not really, Martha” Ric answered back

“Why?” Martha asked

“Nothing, doesn’t matter.” Ric lied

“It is about Jack? And Mattie possibly?” Martha asked

“Well yes.” Ric replied. He wanted to find out if Martha knew that Mattie was pregnant but twisted the truth around “What have I done? I mean, Jack is my best friend”

“Em, Ric. Jack and I are together now. He is over Mattie” Martha smiled

“What?” Ric said stunned

“Yes, well, we knew that we had feeling for each other but couldn’t act upon them as Jack was with Mattie. But when he saw you with Mattie, everything became clearer.” Martha grinned

“Oh, well em . . . I don’t really know what to say, Martha” Ric said stuck for words

“I know. It is awkward with everyone at the moment but it all will be fine. You wait and see. I am with Jack now and you are with Mattie. Everyone can be happy and get on with their lives” Martha responded

“Yes, but you don’t know something that I do know” Ric muttered under his breathe

“What did you say? Sorry, I couldn’t hear you” Martha said

“I said, I have to go and talk to Mattie now. So I will talk to you later” Ric said and stood up

“Ok, see you later” Martha smiled and made her way back to Jack’s house.


When she got back, Jack was wake and in the kitchen.

“Something smells nice” Martha smiled.

“Hey, you are back” Jack smiled and walked over to kiss her

“Yum, I could get used to that” Martha smirked

“Ha, I know what you mean” Jack laughed and kissed her again

“So, what is cooking?” Martha asked

“Well, a Sunday fry” Jack laughed “Sausages, rashers, pudding – you know the drill”

“Yep, I sure do” Martha laughed “Oh, I ran into Ric down at the beach”

“Yeah? What was he saying?” Jack said getting annoying

“He is really annoyed with himself and his actions. Maybe you should talk to him” Martha suggested

“What? Why the hell should I!” Jack replied raising his voice

“Sorry, Jack. But, this will never be sorted out if you don’t talk to him. Come on, Jack. I mean, me and you are together and why should we stand in the way of Mattie and Ric being happy? I know you are upset, but it is all over now” Martha said

“Maybe you are right. I may go over and see him later on” Jack smiled

Martha walked over to Jack and hugged him.

“Maybe!” Jack repeated

Martha smiled. She and Jack sat down and had a something to eat.


Ric walked over to Mattie’s house. She was in her bedroom

“Heya” Ric said and kissed her on the cheek

“Hi” Mattie smiled

“What have you been doing today?” Ric asked

“Oh, just wondering how to tell my mum that I am pregnant” Mattie said worried

“Don’t worry, Mattie. Everything will be alright. I am here for you” Ric smiled

“Thanks so much” Mattie replied

There was silence for a few minutes. Ric sat staring at the wall thinking about how a baby, that wasn’t even his, would affect his life. Mattie on the other hand, was wondering if she would tell Jack or not. He was the father after all. He had a right to know.

“I don’t think I can do it” Mattie said breaking the silence.

“Do what?” Ric asked

“Tell Jack. About the baby. About our baby” Mattie said

“Well, it is your choice to tell him. But, I think it would be the best for everyone if you did. I mean, Jack and Martha are happy now - ”

“What?” Mattie said and jumped up

“Oh, em. . . Jack and Martha are well . . . together now” Ric said

“Oh, right.” Mattie said sadly “Well, this is just great now! How the hell will I be able to tell Jack now?”

Mattie started to cry. Ric held her in his arms

“It is ok. Everything will work out the way it is meant to. I promise” Ric said

“Thanks Ric. Thanks you so much” Mattie replied

Ric didn’t know what to say. Mattie was pregnant with Jack’s baby and he had moved on. This was going to make everything even more difficult for everyone. Would things work out for everyone the way it was meant to happen? Or, will Mattie being pregnant, make or break Jack and Martha’s relationship?

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