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Jules Munroe

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I hope not. I really like him. He's better thena lot of the teens of the past few years. He's in love with himself, full of confidence and unique. Why can't they get rid of the bland ones?

ETA: He's sticking around for a few more weeks from what I've read. Maybe this week he plans to leave, yet stays. Like alot of characters do. But he's here for the next few weeks which is good.

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I think he'll stick around,I hope so anyway.He's a great character with a lot of layers.He's a lot different to the other teens which is really good.I think he and Cassie would be good together,they have great chemistry.

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Jules is a very interesting character isn't he!? As has been mentioned before, his got lots of layers...e.g a caring attitude (sometimes :P), a cheeky side...everything! Apart from the HotDad who shall never be replaced, Jules is definately up there with my favourite characters :D.

I had a feeling he would return, well I hoped he would anyway :wub:.

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Ah, thank god for this thread, I was starting to think I was the only one who likes him!

Seriously, Jules is one of the best things to happen to the Bay since Ric.

I like how he keeps screwing up, sometimes even though he's trying to do the right thing. I really hope he makes it to the new credits.

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Your not the only one Eli. Don't worry

Yeah I should really leave my major appreciation here than Spamming it on the other Forums :P

Well a) Whats not to love about him? He is a great Character - and Joel is a great Actor. Jules is much more structured than the other teens, yeah um... I'm pretty much obsessed :D

He should make the Credits... I mean, I really really hope he does. He should stay on the show and come back <_< Jazz sucks. So what if he 'crawled into bed with her'? Be happy that he wanted you Jazz - I wouldnt complain :ph34r:

:wub: Yeah Jules is Awesome

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