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Jules Munroe

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I usually take a while to warm to new characters..but I like Jules. He is different from the norm, not bland, he has depth...those scenes last week where he was crying, where he was being the cheeky chappy and when he was bearing his soul to Drew, were very good...HE CAN ACT....which is always a plus :P ...and he interacts well with the others. I think he is going to be a good addition.

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I agree with Frankie. It usually takes me a while to like a new teen but I like Jules. He is a funny and layered character and is played by a good actor!

Don't care if he's hot or not.

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I like him because he's interesting and acts pretty much like a normal teen, joking around, whilst being a bit rebellious, unlike Lucas who's just one layered and boring.

Also I don't get all this 'Jules is a crap actor' rubbish coming from other forums, he's really good.

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I really like Jules. I like the fact that he acts his age. He's great fun to watch. I hope he stays around for a while because I'm becoming rather attached. And being cute is just a bonus! :P

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