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  1. So sorry hope you found peace

  2. Terribly sorry I didn't visit your profile earlier. RIP Frankie. Thanks for all the hard work you've done for the site. Always thinking of you1 Reilly xoxoxoxo

  3. Di

    Still think abt you all the time. Tom and Di x x

    God bless x x

  4. Sorry to hear of your passing. RIP.

  5. You were such a good moderator and a good friend to many on the site, there will never be a more missed moderator than you, give them hell up on the big forum on the sky, we will miss you. R.I.P

  6. Di

    Bye hun,

    Thanks for been here for Me, I still miss you loads. So does Tom.

    he's growing into a fine young man. Not that I need to tell you this!! Do I hun.

    Hope your still cracking that whip of your's up there.

    Di x x

  7. Still miss you. Hope your new profile suits you and isn't too much fuss but you knew full well I'd have had to do something. :P

  8. RIP Frankie. :( Fly away with the angels.

  9. Di

    Night hun, god bless. x x

    Thank you for been here for me. Di x x

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