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  1. I thought the "Can I change my earlier statement" was referring to her New Year speech - about her wanting it to be a happy New Year for everyone, and then she says to Brad she knows it'll be a good one. Maybe I just got confused, though? I'm disappointed with Five's handling of the episode, though. They went to all the trouble of doing promos (albeit slightly random ones, but for Five it's quite an achievement) and then they butcher the episode. And no montage. Nah, her earlier statement was just before she and Brad kissed in the empty classroom. It was cut, like I said And again, the montage would never have been shown. It was not part of the episode! It was a completely seperate thing done by Channel 7 in Australian that was shown after the episode. If you want to see it, about 3000 people have uploaded it to youtube
  2. The montage would never have been shown, it was not part of the episode.
  3. Five cut Brad and Sally's first kiss for time saving reasons, but it disrupted the flow of the episode as Sally said "Can I change my earlier statement..." We didn't get to hear her earlier statement because they cut it. On the bright side, the attack scene was left untouched.
  4. Having just checked all 11 of your posts and finding not one capital letter or punctuation mark, I'd say that's pretty evident.
  5. LOL, he's the oldest looking 23 year old I've ever seen.
  6. Does anyone know the name of the song that Channel Five are using in their Sunday Movies promo? They play it around Home and Away time a lot. It's the promo with Gremlins and Wizard of Oz in it.
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    The thought has crossed my mind too, only this week mind you, and seemingly from nowhere... Weird.
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    I agree with you. I posted about it in the "comparing UK soaps" thread.
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    I hate that Sharon keeps coming back and then leaving again. Maybe they should give her something decent to do other dennis this, dennis that, where's my father? And the actress might actually stick around. Sharon is a great character and she keeps getting wasted. I think the recent storyline with Demi has been pretty good, especially the great acting of the mother. She has a very "old eastenders" quality about her.
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