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Favorite H&A era?

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The H&A era poll!  

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Home and Away has been running for years, and over those years, the show has changed with characters, credits, storylines, etc. At which time of H&A were you addicted the most?

For me, I had to go with 2000-2004. As some of my favorite characters were around at this time, and a lot of great couples that I will remeber fondly (Vinnie/Leah, Nick/Jade, Noah/Hayley, etc). I prefered the teenagers here (Nick, Seb, Jade, Dani, Hayley, Max) Also, growing up...I had a crush on Noah and Seb. :P This was probably the only time of the show that I never missed an episode! I also liked how everyone got the same ammount of screentime in the credits.

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2000~2004 for pretty obvious reasons i'd have thought :wink: .

Seriously though, I was the same age as Hayley,Noah and co so could relate.The stories were good,nowhere near as OTT as they have been the last 2 years or so.

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I was going to saw 2000-2004, but alot of those stories bored me to death. The only main thing which springs into my mind was Angie. There were other good things, but the main story through that time would of been Angie (which I loved) But i voted for 2004-2007. It's boring me at the moment, but the end of 2004 through the middle of 2006 had really kept me hooked after watching on and off during the end of 2003.

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