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  1. So i just finished watching todays episode like 2 seconds ago. My eyes are completely red and my face is wet from crying so much. I knew it was gonna be sad, but oh my freakin god. I cant describe how much i love this couple, and how much they mean to me. I've been watching this show for years, ever since i was a kid, but it wasnt until Adelle that i completely fell in love with a couple. It all just felt so real to me, and i've been laughing, crying and caring so much for them. Sally and Flynn were a brilliant couple. Matilda and Ric were a brilliant couple. Noah and Hayley were a brilliant couple. But i couldnt actually FEEL the spirit and epicness from them, as i can with Adelle. Im having a hard time to put words to how amazing these two are, and how much i actually liked them. I have loved them as a couple ever since the beginning, even when everyone else said they werent gonna happen, work out or become anything other than a short term thing. But i could see more. Jess and Todd have been so incredibly brilliant, and i love them both so much. Their chemistry is so pure and real, and it never seemed forced between them. I just feel so lucky that i've actually got to watch these two make this beautiful love story, and it sure has been a fantastic ride for me. Thank you Adelle for creating magic. It was a pleasure to watch. I'll miss you. The end
  2. They're gonna leave pretty soon? Has that been confirmed? And does that include all of them?
  3. I dont really have an opinion on him yet, as we havent really seen that much of him. He seems ok i guess, im thinking he's gonna end up as another dull character, like Brad or something. God, i hope not.
  4. Thats the impression im getting too, only she's already far more interesting than Nicole. It took a lot for me to like Nicole, i only started warming up to her recently actually, but i love Indi already. She reminds me so much of young Matilda, look and personality wise. Umm, really? Did u even watch Home and away when Matilda first arrived. She was a major pain, and acting like a total brat. I think this girl is awesome and oh so beautiful. Anyone know how old the actress is?
  5. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day. :D

  6. These are really nice, i love the coloring!
  7. Omg, so freakin cute, i loooove these!! I know im super weird because Charlotte is so young and everything, but her and Todd would make a beautiful couple!
  8. Whats up with Belle's hair?! I love her to bits, but she cant do blonde. At all. Its kinda like Peyton's awful redhair on One tree hill. Eww. Anyways. Jessica has been absolutely brilliant dealing with the drug storyline this year. She keeps surprising me, its amazing to watch.
  9. Trey is SO not annoying! Claudia on the other hand, god she's getting so annoying now. I cant even watch her scenes now. Get her off the show already! And I've never been a fan of Geoff, but now i just hate the hypocritical kid. At least i could stand him with Nicole.
  10. I've wanted him since the first episode he was in He's so fit, he's absolutely the hottest teen on the show at the moment. I also love the fact that he's not a cheesy good-guy like Geoff and Jai etc, he's more realistic. I bet the writers are gonna make him the new Ric or Aden, but i dont want them to make him soft like the rest of them. He's awsum as a bad guy (though he's not really that bad). God i hope they keep him. Is he a regular yet? Oh, and I'd love to see him paired up with a girl! Sexy Trey!! ....ok, i'll shut up now!
  11. Liam is my favorite guy at the moment, i absolutely love him! I have a thing for rockguys so i pretty much knew i'd like him from the start, but i love the fact that he's so flawed. His friendship with Belle is also great. They have such strong and natural chemistry, its great to watch them interact. I'm a big Adelle fan, but im not liking Aden very much at the moment so for now i want them to stay apart. I want to see more from the Belle/Liam relationship but it doesn't necessary have to be romantic. I want Liam to stay in the Bay, and if he gets with Belle its gonna be like his only reason for joining the cast if because of the Adelle-drama. I mean, we all know Adelle will get back together someday, so Liam and Belle wouldn't last. He'd be the "Sam" of the Jack and Martha drama. I dont want that. I wanna see Liam with someone like Martha. His supermodel-wifey seem like a total *****, so i want her gone!
  12. Im in love! Im saving it if thats okay, i'll credit if i use it!
  13. I dont like her at all, it just seems like the only reason she's on the show is to be a love interest for Geoff. Oh and that just makes their relationship doomed aswell.
  14. Hey, I LOVE your av! I added you as a friend, I hope that's okay!

  15. Man, your stuff is always so amazing! You wouldn't happen to take requests?
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