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  1. I've been desperately trying to get ahold of Jane (Roccoluver) via any means possible to find out whether we can, because reading it again has made me want to write it again if that makes sense? If I don't find her, I might write a last chapter and make a spin-off or something...
  2. ^ Feels good that you still remember! I miss the days when this was still relevant, haha... Who has a time machine?
  3. Aaaw... don't know what the real sad part is, me spending an entire night reading old abandoned fics or the fact that Jane and I abandoned this! Funny that I am a teacher now though...
  4. No... it was late 2005 because it aired early in last year here... And no it wasn't Beth.
  5. Poor Kate, she's so confused... When is it ever going to be the right time to move on? Yeah, he can kiss me instead, I'm willing!
  6. KYLE!!!!!!! Oh, Im so bashing you tomorrow until you update, come on! How can you just leave it there????? You won't kill Kate and the baby... will you? No, you won't... *Hopes*
  7. LOL at Nic telling Kate she looks like a baby elephant! Great updates Kyle.
  8. You read it all in one go? That must have taken ages!!! Thanks for your lovely review. This is almost certainly the last fanfic I'll write so it's nice to go out knowing people liked it. I'm a very fast reader. Why is it the last?
  9. He's confusing the flu with a Update now, Kyle!!! Jodi needs to tell Paul! Soon! And poor Kate! And yay for Amy and Nic!
  10. Yay, my turn. "A plan has a beginning, a middle and an end and I just don't want to think about the end right now, if that's all right."
  11. I just read the whole thing and it was beyond amazing! Wow... The way you described everyone, I just LOVED the whole Sally/Lance friendship, it was so sweet... You are a fantastic writer, you had me laughing out loud at times and crying at times (which is NOT good because I am at work.)
  12. Oh poor Kate she doesn't want the baby anymore! What does Kate want to tell Jodz? And poor Paul! Chris is being nice.
  13. Poor Jodi! It was a very good update though, fantastically written. (Am I sucking up enough???)
  14. Oh poor Jodi and sweetness for Callan, Kate and Baby Mulvey! LOL at Callan's the "cutest blob in the world" comment! And yay for the baby moving! So it's Bobby quitting? And Jess and Mark are sweeet!
  15. Why is it always me? I'll have an update soon guys!
  16. Lmao, I'm telling you, I will laugh non-stop if it's just someone like the director who quits! Don't kill Kate or Baby Mulvey! Update, update PLEASE I'm so curious!
  17. Ooh, yay! Kate's pregnant! Sweeet! And now, my take on the spoilers... *Summons phsycic powers* (Not really) Kate... pregnancy problems. Callan - he has to choose between the life of his wife and baby. You've got me... Chris because he wants to! Paul and Jodi and no they don't. Because you are evil like that...
  18. Freshen up... Right... Lol. Good chapter! I love Jessica's thinking... revenge...
  19. Because he's too hot to die. Although he is a wimp to let Sally and Pip go! Fantastically written!
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