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Dance In My Blood

Guest Drew

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Story Title: Dance in my Blood

Type of story: short fiction - 8 part series

Main Characters: Ric, Matilda, Belle, Drew, Lucas, Cassie and Dean (original)

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Teeange Romance/Tragedy/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: When the new kid in town is dumped into a foster home and walks into the gates of Summer Bay High, he comes to the conclusion that this isn’t your average normal High School. Falling in love with the Football Caption’s girlfriend, he finds out he’s on the highway to hell. Dance In My Blood follows the teenage dramas of the teenage lives. Also thrown into the mix are Student/Teacher relationships, Rapes, Drug Overdoses, the two-timing-boyfriend, Catfights, Out-Of-Control Parties, Teenage Pregnancy’s, Stalkers and the classic nerd-loves-cheerleader story. One thing is for sure, by the time this story comes to an end, Summer Bay High will never be the same again.


The heat of the summer night made the small tight room turn into a furnace. The slimy concrete walls began to lose their dust as a punching bag rebounded off it, over and over. The sweat dripped down a young teen’s face as frustration and anger built up within him, combined with the killer heat. Ric Dalby punched the bag harder each time, letting out all of his frustration over the past few months. The loud cheers and the loud music in the room next door made him even more motivated to release his anger and end his revenge over the death of the only girl he had ever loved. Thinking of her, watching her die in his arms, it was a site no child should go through. Ripping off the boxing gloves and staring at the grazes on his knuckles, he slowly walked over to the dirty rusted sink, where he began to wash the blood off his hands.

Amanda Vale took a sigh of desperation as she stared at herself in the mirror for endless seconds. Feeling sorry for herself, for her actions over the past few weeks. She drove herself away from the mirror and reached for her diamond earrings. Slowly doing them up, Amanda witnessed herself again in the mirror. A gloomy face looked back at her, it felt like her conscience was watching her in her reflections. She felt scared when she looked at herself. She turned away one last time and picked up her mobile which laid on top of her bed.

Downstairs of the Vale mansion, Belle Taylor sat on the lounge, sliding a black plain top over her body. She stared at herself in the mirror, beginning to admire herself. She felt happy, even though she was going through the worst period in her life. Belle took a long deep blink, blackening out everything in her view. As she opened her eyes, she jumped in fright, seeing her best friend staring back at her. Chills ran up and down Belle’s spine as reality charged into her mind again. She may of found love, but it was at the cost of her best friend’s life. She blamed herself for the death and she hated herself for it.

Amanda walked slowly down the stairs, with not a smile in sight. She stiffly stared towards Belle and gave her a warm, embracing hug.

“I’m going out for a few hours. Would you be ok?†Amanda asked as she stared into Belle’s eyes.

“Too see him?†Belle coldly said. Amanda gave Belle a look which gave her the answer Belle was desiring. Amanda softly kissed Belle on the cheek as she made her way out of the front doors and entered the heat of the summer night.

Drew Curtis dragged himself out of bed when he heard a missed call from his phone. He picked up his phone and witnessed a missed call was listed on his screen. Listening to the voice message, Drew’s saddened face lit up with a small smile as he felt safe, listening to the voice on the other side. He grabbed his jacket as he slid it over his singlet, running out of his bedroom, and entering the dark streets of Summer Bay.

Sitting alone in the dark, alone on the beach, depressed and confused by the recent events within hers and her friend’s lives, Cassie wept as bad memories swept threw her mind. Each terrifying memory she had, her weeping became louder. Cassie couldn’t handle the pain no longer, and she did what she thought was right. Slowly, as the hot air breezed through her hair, she took a heavy object out of her pocket and stared at it, an object which had appeared to be a gun. Her cries grew louder as she stared at it. It was the only way to end this madness…

Ric sat on a ripped up lounge which sat in a corner as a dark orange light lit up the room which appeared to look very much like a prison cell. As he sat back, hearing the cheers in the background gradually got louder, he took a small jump when he heard his name being called out over the audience. Slowly, he got up and slid on a silky gown, and opened the large metal door, which seemed too heavy to open, even for Ric. Entering the dark hallway, fear ran through the veins of Ric’s arms. As he entered the large room, he slowly looked around the room where he noticed an outrageous crowd, and in the middle, was a boxing ring. Staring at it for long hard seconds, he made his way to the boxing ring, ready to take out his revenge…

Drew approached the door of a caravan. Taking a deep sigh, he built up the courage to knock on the door. Waiting anxiously for minutes, the door finally opened.

“You better come inâ€. A young woman said as Drew stared at her, long and hard.

“Why did you call me for?†Drew whispered.

“Shh…†The young woman spoke as she kissed Drew on the cheek, inviting him into the caravan. The young blonde woman took a look around the caravan park, she took a long sigh, and then Amanda Vale closed the door of the caravan, hoping no one had caught them.

The night slowly moved on as a car drove past a sign, which read “You are now leaving Summer Bayâ€. In the passenger seat sat Dean Miller, staring out into the ocean, he took a sigh, feeling sad and unwanted as he stared at Sally Fletcher, who was driving the car.

“Are you sure about this?†Sally asked softly, she too, feeling upset.

“I haven’t been more sure of anything in my life… I ruined their lives, what good am I by staying here?†Dean slowly spoke, as he rested again the seat, feeling guilt and depression, crawling into the veins of his blood.

Hope you guys take a liking to it! Please leave your thoughts! Good and bad! :P

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Amazing introduction Drew, can't wait for the first chapter. I'm going to try and keep on top of this this time and I will get round to finishing D&D when I get a sec. I swear I'm the worst reviewer of stories ever!

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