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  1. Andy

    All Saints

    All Saints facing legal action over incest slur http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/story...2-10388,00.html THE popular Channel 7 television show All Saints is facing legal action after insinuating children with Down syndrome stem from incest. Down syndrome families are outraged and demanding a public apology by Seven. The Daily Telegraph has learned the advocacy group, Down Syndrome Australia, is also lobbying major advertisers to boycott the show. In an episode which aired on May 27, a brother and sister who were having an incestuous relationship were told their unborn child
  2. Andy

    All Saints

    I couldn't stop thinking about Comedy Inc while watching it, remembering all the funny skits that woman was in. I kept forgetting it was All Saints and was waiting for every scene she was in to have some sort of punch line.
  3. Andy

    All Saints

    Ohhh Chris Bath doing the news on AS
  4. Jack is a character. Paul is the name of the actor who portrays him. Is All Saints on yet?
  5. She's banned? Wow I'm so not up to speed on anything going on around here anymore.
  6. When it comes to this thread the new members just can't compete with the old timers.
  7. Andy

    All Saints

    The new credits are shocking.
  8. Andy

    All Saints

    That patient Bart and Erica are helping... is she the actress who played Lilly's mum on H&A? Oh and Yay! Chris Bath made an appearance
  9. How random You know I don't think I've had the hiccups in years.
  10. Andy

    All Saints

    All Saints will be back next week, Tuesday May 8th, but if DWTS wasn't bad enough it will now be following the singing version It Takes Two. It's scheduled to finish at 9.30pm, but it's live so will probably run overtime. Here's a preview of the ep from the Daily Telegraph ALL SAINTS Seven, 9.30pm An athlete who ran on to train tracks to rescue a baby in a pram has his feet partially amputated and is raced into surgery by the team. Against everyone's better judgment Mike tries to re-attach the partially severed feet, rather than amputate. Amid the chaos Charlotte returns to work
  11. Andy

    All Saints

    It's not on next week because it's the Dancing with the Stars Grand Final, which goes all bloody night
  12. Andy

    All Saints

    All Saints a thriving, not just surviving, Aussie drama AAP, 19 April 2007 By Michael Gadd, National Entertainment Writer © 2007 Australian Associated Press Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved It wasn't long ago that All Saints was threatened with the same scalpel which has claimed so many quality dramas before it. But the move of its key characters from a regular hospital ward to a more exciting emergency room, the inspired casting of John Howard as the gruff boss Frank Campion and a top-rating show as its lead-in, has seen the show cement its place as Australia's top-rating homemade dr
  13. Sorry Drew, I'm actually just a figment of your imagination. Nawww, just kidding.
  14. This is how Drew got his huge post count
  15. Deano! Fancy seeing you here
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