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Christmas Is Here!

Guest ~Rosey~

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Story Title: Give it a name, any name we can edit it later

Story description: main characters

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Main Characters:

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Note: if this first chapter makes no sense whatsoever, don’t blame me. My brain is in la la land :]]

Christmas Is Here!

Chapter 1

It’s Christmas Eve. Matilda is sitting in her bed. She can’t sleep. Only a few more hours until Christmas. The year 2006 has gone very fast. She starts singing

"Oh! You better watch out,

You better not cry,

You better not pout,

I'm telling you why:

Santa Claus is coming to town!"

Beth yells out to her and tells her to be quiet and go to sleep. She starts humming the tune to Jingle Bells quietly. She looks at her clock. 11:30pm. She betters be off to bed. She doesn’t want to be tired tomorrow.

In other houses across Summer Bay, most people are asleep, except for Jack. He’s going on like a little boy and is getting too excited to sleep. Martha tells him to calm down because it’s late and she wants sleep. Finally Jack ran out of energy and went to sleep.

The next morning, Belle jumps out of her bed and runs downstairs to greet Irene. Their Christmas tree is huge.

"Merry Christmas Darl" Says Irene, as she kisses the top of Belles head.

"You to Irene. Can I open my presents now?" She asks.

Irene nods, and like a small child, Belle runs over to the tree. She finds one with her name, and all the rest. She also sees Irene has some for Rachel, Kim, Jack, Martha, Cassie (who was still sleeping) and practically the rest of the town. At lunch today, there was going to be a big town Christmas Lunch. Every well-known member of Summer Bay was going to be there

At Leah & Dans house, Ryan was very excited, as all 6 year old should be. He raced to the Christmas tree and opened the first present he saw with his name on it. He opened it up and found a new Car/Truck set. She yelled with delight, which woke Leah and Dan up. They ran out into the lounge room, thinking something was wrong, as they heard Ryan. But they halted to a stop when they saw him hugging his new present. They smiled at him and went to get VJ up.

At Rachel’s house, they had both just woken up. They had a small Christmas tree, in one of the corners of their lounge room. Underneath were presents for everyone else.

Kim had his present in his room, were Rachel wouldn’t find it. He told Rachel to go out and wait for him to come in the lounge room. Rachel went and sat in a chair and waited. Kim came out from his room, holding a small box and kneeled on one knee in front of Rachel. He opened the box.

"Rachel Armstrong, Will you do the honour in becoming my wife?"

Inside the box was a6 carrot diamond engagement ring. Rachel started crying - tears of joy. In-between her crying, she managed to say Yes. Kim got up, and slipped it on her ring finer. She got up, left the room for a minute and walked back out with another litte box

"Now I’ve said yes, what will you say?" She opened the box and inside was practically the same engagement ring that Kim had just given her, but it was a different colour.

Kim obviously said yes. They sat on the lounge and cuddled for a very long time.

-End Chapter 1-

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